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  • Name: Regina Burd ( Burd Regina )
  • Date of birth: 8 October 1985
  • Age: 31 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Activity: singer, the former soloist of group «VIA Slivki»
  • Marital status: married Sergei Zhukov

    Regina Burd: biography

    Regina V. Burd, the former lead singer of the popular youth group «Cream» was born in the capital in the autumn of 1985. Her parents – Mr Repulic Burd and Taisiya F. Tatarovskaya – no relation to music or any other art form had. The head of the family worked in the sports Committee, and Regina’s mom was an employee of the health insurance Fund.

    Regina Burd in his youth
    In his youth |

    Where did the fragile girl with exotic appearance has a dream about the scene is unknown. But to the dream she was hard starting in the earliest years. Regina Burd danced well and sang well. Their talents, the young singer and dancer has developed numerous clubs and studios. In the dance school «Duncan» learned ballroom, folk, and Georgian dances. And learned to play the guitar and developed a vocal. Happy to run classes at the Moscow School of arts.

    Regina Burd
    Dancer and singer |

    After maturity she became a student at the University of physical education and sport, which chose the Department of theory and methods of aerobics and fitness gymnastics. To practice the knowledge and skills it is entirely different Metropolitan clubs, where I worked as a dancer. Some time she performed at the club «infiniti» Alexander Tolmatskogo, where he was accepted into the ballet.


    During one of the performances of Regina Burd, elegant, very plastic and bright, noticed the famous musical producer Evgeny Orlov, with a «light hand» of which there are such popular groups as «dirty rotten scoundrels» and «Guests from the future». He just picked up the participating in your team. A girl equally loved to sing and dance, immediately agreed on the offer to join the team.

    Regina Burd and group
    Michelle and the group «Cream» |

    So began his artistic career in Regina become a new youth group «Cream». New vocalist, joined the team in 2006, and chose a romantic stage name Michelle.

    But her work in the collective was short-lived. The girl took part in recording two albums — «Troubles» and «don’t tell.» In 2007, she left the stage and left show business.

    Personal life

    Famous singer Sergei Zhukov from the popular group «Hands up», the Muscovite met at the club. At the time she was 20 years old. Broke novel with each passing day it only got hotter. Behind Zhukov was then ruined the first marriage. It seems that Regina not only healed his emotional wound, but was forced again to believe in the existence of true love.

    Regina Burd and Sergei Zhukov
    With Sergei Zhukov | VK

    Regina Burd and Sergei Zhukov were married in 2007. Their luxury wedding in the style of the XIX century had a long talk in the media. After a year the couple was born a girl, whom they called nick.

    Regina Burd and Sergei Zhukov
    Wedding |

    Personal life Regina Burd has developed well. 2 years after the birth of her daughter the woman gave birth to a happy wife second child – the son of Angela.

    Regina Burd son Angie
    Son Angie |

    Soon in the life of Zhukov began a new period: they decided to go into business. First, they were firm, which is engaged in cultivation and sale of decorative breeds of dog bred in America. The company was called «Friends for sale».

    But in December 2014, a woman shared the news that she and her husband opened a home bakery the CupCake Story», which has been baking delicious cupcakes.

    Regina Burd
    Business-woman |

    Sergey Zhukov has told fans that in their life together began an amazing period when he took another look at his wife and fell in love with her with renewed vigor. Burd showed excellent ability to conduct business. She carefully went into all the processes and technology have acquired a lot of literature, attended training sessions and courses. But at some point the man noticed that his soft, docile wife became tougher and more pragmatic.

    Regina Burd with her husband and children
    With her husband and children |

    The appearance of a third child – a boy of Myron – had turned the woman in a gentle and sweet, as in the first days of their acquaintance. Moreover, Sergei Zhukov does not exclude that in their family there would be a fourth child, another girl. The singer shared that when he and his wife visit the children’s clothing stores, buying a baby «boy» clothes, barely break away from the tiny dresses and pink sliders. Therefore, the appearance of the daughter — only a matter of time.


    Regina Burd

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