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  • Name: Reese Witherspoon ( Laura Jean Reese Witherspoon )
  • Date of birth: 22 March 1976
  • Age: 40 years
  • Place of birth: New Orleans, USA
  • Height: 156
  • Activities: actress, producer
  • Marital status: Married

    Reese Witherspoon: the biography

    Reese Witherspoon was born in 1976 in the American city of New Orleans, in the family of medical workers. Her mother, Betty Reese Witherspoon received the degree of candidate of medical Sciences in the field of nursing, taught nursing at the Vanderbilt University students who wish to become doctors. Father John Witherspoon for a long time was a soldier, Colonel. As a military doctor, he specializiruetsya in otorhinolaryngology. As a doctor working so far.

    Early years Reese was spent with his parents in Germany, located in Wiesbaden, where John was stationed. When the family returned to the United States, they settled in Tennessee, where she began to attend school at Harding Academy and have managed to finish a very prestigious women’s school Kharpert Hall.

    Like many children at an early age, little Reese imitated their parents and wanted to become a doctor. But he changed the course of her thoughts, an unexpected debut on TV. His first experience in front of television cameras Rhys was seven years old when she was invited to take part in the filming of a commercial for flower shop. After that, the girl began to visit the lessons of the art of acting.

    Reese was very good in school, was a straight a student, and her main passion was English literature. So after high school, Reese Witherspoon entered the philological faculty at Stanford University. But after studying there for no more than one course, then left the literature and decided to try to succeed in becoming an actress.


    First professional work as actress Reese Witherspoon was the role of a village girl Danny Trent in Robert Mulligan’s «Man on the moon». Reviews about the game a young actress was laudable, her dramatic play called touching and unforgettable. The debut brought Reese the first nomination «Young artist», which was quite prestigious for an unknown young actress. Wins this award it two years later, after the filming of the movie «Jack the bear» as best supporting actress.

    The movie had some television work in such projects as «an impossible choice: Save the child» and «Return lonesome dove».

    Very successful was for Reese Witherspoon subsequent dramatic roles in the films «Cruel intentions» the famous book by Choderlos de Laclos, «the Best plans», where she played in partnership with a popular actor Alessandro Nivola and «Pleasantville,» in which she starred with Tome Maguire.

    Consolidated opinion on the talent of Reese such famous films as «American psycho», «Nicky Jr.» and the TV series «Friends», which was released in 2000. But the real popularity and the huge popularity of the actress brought the role of the blonde the intellectual Elle woods in the romantic Comedy «legally Blonde», which was released in 2001. The success was huge, we can safely say that Reese Witherspoon woke up really famous.

    On the wave of popularity, Rhys was in several good movies, such as «the importance of being earnest» play by Oscar Wilde, the Comedy «Stylish», the sequel «legally Blonde 2», the film adaptation of the classic novel by William Thackeray’s «vanity Fair» and the film adaptation of the novel by the French writer Mark Levi «Between heaven and earth» where she plays a girl who is in a coma, but as a spirit visiting her apartment. These films only secured the success came.

    In 2006, Reese Witherspoon received the coveted statuette «Oscar» for best actress in the film «walk the line» in which she plays June Carter Cache, the wife of famous country singer and composer johnny cash. For this role she received such awards as Golden globe award, British Academy of film and television arts and screen actors Guild award nomination the United States. Other major awards Reese does not yet have, except for a star on the walk of fame in Hollywood, which was presented on 1 December 2010.

    Personal life

    With her first husband Ryan Phillipe Reese met at his own birthday when marked the coming of age. Subsequently, the pair starred together in the acclaimed film «Cruel intentions». Officially formalized their relationship Reese and Ryan June 9, 1999, and in September they had their first child – a daughter named Ava Elizabeth Phillippe.

    In my first marriage Reese was born another child, this time a son deacon Reese Phillippe. But the family did not last long. Due to the fact that the career wife went to the mountain, and it was Vice versa, Ryan began to abuse alcohol and drugs. This affected the relations of the spouses and, eventually, led to the divorce, which was officially registered in 2007. The children were left to live with her mother.

    New serious relationship Reese was able to build only three years when she began Dating Jim Toth, who represented her business as an agent. The wedding of the couple played in March 2011 and a year and a half Reese gave birth to her third child – a boy called Tennessee James One.

    Jim That is great with children of his first wife, their family looks almost exemplary.


    • 1991 — the Man in the moon
    • 1999 — Cruel intentions
    • 2000 — American psycho
    • 2001 — legally Blonde
    • 2002 — the importance of being earnest
    • 2003 — legally Blonde 2
    • 2005 — walk the line
    • 2005 — Between heaven and earth
    • 2008 — Four Christmases
    • 2011 — Water for elephants!


    Reese Witherspoon

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