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  • Name: Ravshana Kurkova ( Ravshana Kurkova )
  • Date of birth: 22 August 1980
  • Age: 36 years
  • Place of birth: Tashkent, Uzbekistan
  • Height: 180
  • Activities: actress
  • Marital status: not married

    Ravshana Kurkova: biography

    Ravshana Kurkova Bahramova was born in a family where intertwined different nationalities: Arab, Tatar and Uzbek. Parents of the future celebrities met at University. At the end of VGIK, Bakhram Matchanov went to the theater, and her mother, Early kubayeva, became an actress and a filmmaker. The lives of the actors pulled Ravshan in the backstage life and the film studios since childhood. Bahran had not wanted such a fate for her daughter, guiding them to a more serious profession.

    Ravshana Kurkova in childhood
    Baby photo

    The severity and mode of the old school, the girl felt in my grandmother’s upbringing when the young mother went to Moscow to finish his studies. Grandma Ravshan Kursovoy was a famous obstetrician-gynecologist. Taking care of the granddaughter, was an established routine of walks, and put a limit on telephone calls — 15 minutes a day.

    In high school a girl lived invariably in custody: home before I had to go to bed no later than 10pm. With such a routine was not left time to walk with friends and romance. Privacy had to be postponed in a long box and think only about studying.

    Consolation Ravshan became grandfather to the fifth grade took her by the hand to school, played chess, read her a book, telling interesting stories. Warm evenings they considered the starry sky and shared dreams. Courageous and gentle attitude of his grandfather formed the ideal image of a man. Now, her choice of husband, girl looking for the same image from my childhood.

    Ravshana Kurkova in childhood
    Actress in childhood | Personality

    In addition to the strict regime the girls got complexes. She didn’t put up with their short hair and cattle. This continued all through my childhood, but the girl did not know that will grow graceful slim brunette with long hair and is 180 cm tall

    With the move to Moscow ravshana Kurkova went to music school, where classes last training was held in English. Training was on the occasion of entering the University of London. She decided to stay in Russia. Higher education received at the Philology Department of pedagogical University. In addition to his primary profession Kurkova attended a course of lectures directing and studied acting with Tatiana Passovoy.


    For the first time the actress took part in the filming of the movie «the Secret of the ferns» Rashid Malikov in 12 years. After graduating from University, he worked as an assistant make-up artist, an assistant Director, where it is often prepared tea and coffee for the actors. As the casting Director organized the viewing Actresses. Despite the active participation in the life of the artists, he was drawn to the stage. After the editor, talk-show desire to return to a natural element overpowered the girl.

    Ravshana Kurkova
    Early in his career | Personality

    The skills acquired during the course of acting experience in stage plays, Oriental appearance not left without attention young talent. Kurkova were noted in several projects. Next was the fluidity of secondary roles. In 1998, he starred in the film «happy birthday!», where also played her mother Early kubayeva. Main role was in 2004 in the short film «Medusa».

    Real popularity came after the role of Maya in the film «Three girls». For this role, ravshana Kurkova received an award for best female performance at the International festival «New cinema XXI century».

    Captive cinema was marked in several films. Occurred with success in the horror film «Dead daughters». The recognition of colleagues and fans heralded new interesting offers. In 2008 on the screens out two films: «On the edge of standing» and «One night of love».

    Ravshana Kurkova in the film
    In the film «Three girls» | Agop.Gee

    Popularity came after the role of Angela in the TV series «Barvikha». In 2011, the actress has continued her career in the second part of cult history – «Golden». Followed a series of films, series and music videos with her participation.

    Ravshan singing and starring in music videos. Worked together on songs with Caste, and Black Russian. In the movie «Machete — Tenderness» played a girl with a very gentle temperament. The heroine likes to relax, sit back and behave like a child. Kurkova is accustomed to the role of the weak girl who with all her heart loves her husband.

    Motley filmography Kurkovas, says the actress, due to diverse roles. Kurkovas don’t always like the roles that she performs. Talent and exceptional good looks did not stop to act in comedies and dramas, melodramas and horrors.

    In the film «Dead daughters» Paul Ruminov the actress played the role of Rita became a member of the mystical history.

    Ravshana Kurkova in the role of Alice
    In the role of Alice in the film «What men are doing» | Spletnik

    Among recent works actress — film «What men are doing». A modern Comedy the film is based on the quest of a sexual nature. Four friends took part in the competition «Sex is sport» and passed the qualifying round. The essence of the game is to seduce as many unapproachable girls for 5 days. The winner will receive a prize of half a million dollars. But in «Sex Lotto» interfere with love.

    Personal life

    Metropolitan actress – the standard of beauty according to modern criteria. However, as she says Kurkova, Tashkent girls appreciate a wide chest and large hips. Thanks to the education of the grandmothers and mothers of the nobility and modesty attracted crowds of fans. However, training and career stood in the first place, personal life Ravshan Kursovoy long time was postponed to «later».

    The first experience of family life, the actress knew, along with photographer Simon Trigger, which inherited the name (used to be Matchanov). The meeting occurred at the party. On the fifth month of pregnancy, the actress has lost a child, and that was the reason for the divorce.

    Ravshana Kurkova that Artem Tkachenko
    Artem Tkachenko | AskWoman.ru

    In 2004, he was married to Artem Tkachenko. The Union lasted only four years. The reason for the divorce became nocturnal husband and unwillingness to have children. After parting, the couple maintains friendly relations. In 2012 the painting «rain» old lovers played themselves – former spouses.

    Ravshana Kurkova and Ilya Bachurin
    With Ilia State Planning Committee Bachurin | tatler

    In 2012 at the closing of «Kinotavr», the girl met with Ilia state planning Committee Bachurin. Later they were called one of the most beautiful couples of Russia. Relationship lasted 4 years and ended in a familiar story. The couple broke up.

    In 2016 he met a young producer and Director Ivan Korneyev. Elect of the actress is only 22, but the heart wants what it wants. Now the actress busy schedule and time relations remains small. When you receive a couple of free hours — the lovers go for groceries and shopping.

    Filmography and awards

    • 2006 — Jail. Theodore Case Sechenov — Marina V. Gamayun
    • 2007 — Dead daughters — Rita
    • 2009 — Barvikha — Angela
    • 2010 — capercaillie in the movies — Faith, addict
    • 2012 — Mom — Christine (short story «Father and son»)
    • 2012 Ural Lacemaker — Gabriella Pasetti
    • 2012 — Officers — Kabi
    • 2012 — may rain — Arina
    • 2013 — What men are doing! — Alice
    • 2013 — Snowstorm — Anya
    • 2013 — still alive — Magi
    • 2014 — Fugitives — Nastya
    • 2014 — Unreal love — Olga
    • 2014, Fyodor — Pushpa, nanny Colic
    • 2016 — Crimea — Ala

    Ravshana Kurkova award International film festival for best actress in the film «Three girls». Just a long list, there are 40 films.


    Ravshana Kurkova is a beautiful girl and loves to share his instagram photos. She has almost 1.5 million loyal subscribers.

    Ravshana Kurkova

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