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  • Name: Rami Malek ( Malek Rami Said )
  • Date of birth: 12 may 1981
  • Age: 35 years
  • Place of birth: Los Angeles
  • Height: 175
  • Activities: American film and television actor of Egyptian origin
  • Marital status: not married

    Rami Malek biography

    Hollywood actor Rami said Malek, who was famous for the stellar role in the film «Mr. robot», was born in California. In Los Angeles his parents moved from Cairo. Father worked there as a tour guide and mother, a Greek by birth, an accountant.

    Already in California the couple had two children. First a daughter, then two sons-twins – you and Frames. The children attended Catholic school Notre Dame, where he also studied, and Kirsten dunst. Once Rami Malek admitted that in school was in love with a beautiful age.

    Parents saw their children respectable people with serious professions. They wanted the daughter and the son became lawyers or doctors. Two of them had met the expectations of mother and father: daughter has received a medical education, and the son became a teacher in one of the Los Angeles schools. But Frame still in school said that to be an artist, what really upset parents.

    In 1999, Rami Malek went to College at the University, from which he graduated after 4 years with a bachelor’s degree. Here the guy first came on the scene. The premiere performance came the parents. Seeing my son play, they are reconciled with the desire to become an actor Frame.


    But the path to success in the film were for Rami Malek long. First, he was preparing shawarmas and delivered a pizza. Worked as a waiter at a Hollywood café. And to begin career of the artist had as a guest on various popular shows.

    A cinematic biography of Rami Malek began with a small role in the popular serial project «the Gilmore Girls». Soon after, in 2005 he published a Comedy series «House of war», where the newbie actor entrusted with the work more.

    Popularity to the Frame came after the broadcast of the film «night at the Museum», where he embodied the image of the Pharaoh. This project received high ratings. The main character is played by Hollywood actor Ben Stiller.

    Added awareness sensational tape «24», where Malek played suicide bomber, and the drama of Stephen Spielberg’s «the Pacific». Last job liking Tom Hanks. The Director has invited fry to his new project is «Larry Crowne,» where Rami played a student. The role of the teacher went to Julia Roberts. The young artist is a wonderful game Hollywood star made a lasting impression. In the same year came another picture, which the audience received with enthusiasm: the Saga «Twilight». Malek it was entrusted with the image of a vampire named Benjamin.

    But the huge success, which Rami Malek dreamed of almost since childhood, lashed out at the actor after the release of the techno-Thriller «Mr. Robot», where his character Elliot, a young and brilliant specialist in IT-sphere – easily hacking into the servers of the national security service. However, he is on drugs and is not sustainable mental health.

    Today the Hollywood star continues to star in new projects that fans of Rami Malek to look forward to. Know that soon it will appear in the remake of the popular film «Butterfly», where his partner on the set to be Charlie Hunnam.

    Personal life

    Today Hollywood celebrity living in Los Angeles, has a place capital within $ 7 million. The actor is very sociable, emotional, and loves to give interviews. In this privacy Rami Malek is fairly closed. There are rumors of homosexual actor. However, they are in no way confirmed.

    Not confirmed and alleged existing novels with colleagues Angela Sarafyan which the Frame was shot in «Twilight», and Portia Dalda, with which he played «Mr. Robot». Fans have not seen the fry and Dabida together at various events. But none of them confirmed the existence of the novel.


    • «Gilmore Girls»
    • «Home war»
    • «Night at the Museum»
    • «24»
    • «The Pacific ocean»
    • «Larry Crowne»
    • «Twilight»
    • «Mr. robot»
    • «Night at the Museum: Secret of the tomb»
    • «Sweet blood of Jesus»


    Rami Malek

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