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  • Name: Raj Kapoor ( Kapoor Ranbirraj )
  • Date of birth: 14 Dec 1924.
  • Age: 63 years
  • Date of death: 2 Jun 1988
  • Place of birth: Peshawar, India
  • Height: 178
  • Activities: actor, film Director, screenwriter, film producer
  • Marital status: married

    Raj Kapoor: biography

    Ranbir Raj Kapoor, the legendary Indian actor and film Director of the 20th century. The role played in cinema Kapoor will help to better reveal its national titles. Critics and fans called him the «Indian Charlie Chaplin» and «the king of Indian cinema».

    Raj Kapoor in his youth
    Raj Kapoor in his youth

    Born Raj Kapoor 14 December 1924 Peshawar, the former in those years a British colony (now a province of Pakistan). Acting fate was used to it by birth – his father was producer and Director of Prithviraj Kapoor, who owned his own theatre «PrithviTheatre». Grandfather of Devan Basheswarnath Kapoor was also an actor.

    The beginning of a theatrical career

    Together with his brothers Raj often spent time in her father and since childhood has known all the mysteries of the theatrical backstage. At the age of six he was already performing on stage and helping all employees of the theater illuminators, painters, cleaners. His father is not only not prevented, but strongly disapproved of such activity of their children.

    Raj Kapoor
    Raj Kapoor in the theatre | Vkurse

    For fourteen years he had a fair experience of a professional actor, standing out among the others for its expression, temperament and talent of the improvisator.

    Activity movie

    But dreams Raja was associated not with world of Melpomene, a talented young man Manila amazing magic movie. He first starred in the age of 11 in the film «Revolution».

    Raj Kapoor
    Raj Kapoor | Movie-Theater

    Their activities in the profession he began as an assistant Director at the Studio «Bombay Talkies», refusing to go to school. Here from his own experience, he has mastered the major cinematic specialty, at the same time learning the technical capabilities of cinema of the West, far ahead of colonial India.

    The beginning of the film industry Kapoor

    A turning point film career Raj Kapoor began 1947 the year of India’s independence. Starring in several films, the entire fee he had invested in his directorial debut — a picture «the Fire», where at the same time was starring.

    Raj Kapoor in flim
    Raj Kapoor in the film «the Vagabond» | Movie-Theater

    Subsequently, it becomes a signature mark of the artist. As a rule, he plays the main characters in his own paintings. In the first sample, directing the pen to replace drama techniques comes many typical cinematic finds:

    • black-and-white filming, with emphasis on the contrast of light and shade;
    • autobiographical details;
    • philosophy of nature true beauty of a person;
    • the search for the true mission of the artist.
    Raj Kapoor in flim
    Raj Kapoor in the film «Breath of love» | Movie-Theater

    With this fateful picture of the era of the creative Union with the charming actress Nargis, who was his longtime partner in sixteen films.

    In 1948 Kapoor made another landmark step in his career – founded the production company «R. K. Films». At 26 years of age he became the youngest Indian Director at the time.

    Raj Kapoor in flim
    Raj Kapoor in the film «Mr. 420» | Movie-Theater

    First, Kapur and his team had to work on pure enthusiasm for lack of funds. But soon, largely due to her talent maker «R. K. Films» became one of the most lucrative film industry in India. The wonderful gift of the Director’s foresight allowed him to find for his works on topics that cared about, and found a sincere echo in the soul of the audience.

    Early movies Kapoor poetic and romantic, they’re coming straight from the heart, at the same time affect the pressing social issues – poverty and caste stratification in India.


    Truly grandiose success has brought him painting «the Vagabond» was released in 1951. For several decades, the film was included in top ratings of rental worldwide.

    In this cult film Raj Kapoor for the first time appeared before the audience in the image of the cheerful tramp, which was developed in the Comedy «Mr. 420». The songs of these pictures are recognized as classics of romantic songs Indian dream factory.

    Raj Kapoor in flim
    Raj Kapoor in «Sangam» | full Movie

    In 1964, viewers saw the first colour film «Sangam» which was the last work of the actor as the main contractor.

    In the future, Kapoor focused more on directing and production work, rarely appearing on the silver screen. In total, the filmography of the great actor of over 80 films.

    Raj Kapoor in flim
    Raj Kapoor in the film «the most high…» | Movie-Theater

    Like a true artist, Raj Kapoor died, not stopping to create. During a ceremony in new Delhi, where the best national film-maker he was welcomed by the President of India, Kapoor suddenly lost consciousness. The actor was immediately hospitalized, but died a month later at 63 years of age. The cause of death was complications caused by asthma.

    His departure was perceived in his own country as a national tragedy. With his death ended a whole era of Indian cinema.

    Personal life

    From Raj Kapoor was the only wife Krishna Kapoor. She was the mother of his five children – two girls (Rima and Rita) and three boys (Rajiv, Rishi and Randhir). He became the successor and the founder of the famous continutiy all his sons and brothers are actors. Family Kapoors and today is considered one of the most influential clans of bollywood.

    Raj Kapoor with his wife
    Raj and Krishna Kapoor | Storypick

    Relationship with his most loyal partner Nargis began filming «rainy Season», however, despite the long creative Union, their feelings did not continue. At that time Raj Kapoor was already married and did not want to break relations.

    Raj Kapoor and Nargis
    Raj Kapoor and Nargis | Movie News

    Nargis hoped to return for almost ten years, but then decided to continue his career with another Director. Their cinematic Union collapsed in 1957.


    Raj Kapoor was one of the first producers who was able to provide a huge global potential of Indian films. At home, he won all possible titles and awards that do not cease to give him in our day. Among them such, as «the Best showman of the Millennium» (2002)

    Raj Kapoor
    Raj Kapoor | Bio

    Along with such pop icons as Marilyn Monroe, in 50-e years of the last century in the USSR and many countries around the world Raj Kapoor found an incredible celebrity. Well-known illustrative case, when Moscow idols was carrying his car on his hands all the way from the cinema «Drummer» to the hotel. The solution for this popularity is simple – his heroes – ordinary people, not supermen. He taught his audience not to give up and believe in a better future.


    Raj Kapoor

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