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  • Name: Raisa Ryazanov ( Raisa Ryazanova )
  • Date of birth: 31 October 1944.
  • Age: 72 years
  • Place of birth: Petropavlovsk, Kazakhstan
  • Height: 175
  • Activities: actress, people’s artist of the Russian Federation
  • Marital status: divorced

    Raisa Ryazanova biography

    Honored artist of Russia Raisa Ryazanov was born on 31 October 1944. Her first years were spent in Petropavlovsk in Kazakhstan, and then mother and Raisa moved to the suburban Ramenskoye. Childhood was difficult. Mother gave birth to a daughter out of wedlock from a driver’s license. He was married and raised six children. The woman did not want to destroy the family.

    Mother of Raisa Ryazanova was a simple village woman, or to the cinema, to the theater, she nothing had, but wanted her daughter educated. After school, the girl enrolled in the musical-pedagogical College in Ryazan. After a year she taught children to play the accordion at a music school, and in his spare time went on the performances of the city theatre. There, she manifested a passion for the stage. Once Raisa came to the play «Romeo and Juliet» and fell in love with Shakespeare’s character. She often imagined myself on the stage in varying roles. Dreamed that one day I will play Juliet.

    Then Raisa and I decided to enter the theater Institute in Moscow. Admission to GITIS was a serious step, because acting training and influential family have Ryazanova in the capital was not.

    The actress recalls how he came to the exam and submitted to the Commission: «Paradise Ryazanov from Ryazan, 20 years.» She cannot explain why she was accepted into a prestigious University. In the second qualifying round she forgot her monologue had to improvise. Apparently, luck was accompanied by the girl.

    In 1969, Raisa received the diploma of GITIS and tried to get a job in the Theater. Mayakovsky. The administration told her that this year actors are gaining. More Ryazanov in theaters did not go, and devoted his life movie.


    Raisa Ryazanova broke in the lead role. She played goulue Queen in the eponymous film. The Directors noticed the talented girl and offered her the role.

    In the first years after graduation, the actress was busy shooting schedule. Main and cameo alternated, and her character was similar – a simple Russian girl. She played Kate in the Comedy «passing In Moscow», the young man in the fairy tale «the Golden horn», Zina Suranova in «Contraband,» the mother of Alyosha in the film «White BIM, Black Ear». All of her character carried the love and kindness to the audience, and the audience paid her the same.

    In 1978 Ryazanov adopted the role of Tony in the film «Moscow does not believe in tears». The film’s Director, Vladimir Menshov settled on two candidates – Nina Ruslanova and Raisa Ryazanova. Approved Ryazanov, because her heroine came out interesting. Ruslanova was offended by the Director and the crew. The success of the film exceeded all expectations — she received an Oscar and many other prizes. But film festivals went girlfriend Ryazanova in movie, and she remained in the shadows. Sometimes Rais approached people on the streets, saying that somewhere I saw it, but couldn’t remember where exactly: all too typical was her character.

    Raisa Ryazanova not jealous of Vera Alentova Irina Muravyova – to calmly accept what is happening. Oscar-winning film, nothing has changed her life. She then starred in comedies and melodramas. Was among her roles more and less successful.

    A difficult period in his career began in the era of perestroika. Actress her character was unclaimed. The lull lasted until the 2000s – era series. It is not strange, for Raisa Ryazanova this period was salvation. She started acting in serials films. The audience saw her in the TV series «Not born beautiful», «Firefighters», «another life», «Next-3», «rush Hour», «still I love» and many others. Today the actress continues to play and gets great pleasure from work.

    Personal life

    The heroines of Raisa Ryazanova private life was more successful than her own. It is a big part of his life alone, alone raising a son.

    With her husband, the actress he met in College, sophomore year I married him, soon had a son, Daniel. With her husband they were all fine until she fell in love with another man. The actress did not deceive her husband confessed his feelings for another and left. The second relationship lasted ten years, but they never resulted in marriage.

    Son Daniel followed in the footsteps of mother graduated from the school-Studio of the Moscow art theatre and works in theatre. The actress has learned not to give in to difficulties. In dashing 90 it had taksovat to feed themselves and a child. Fortunately, this dark period in her life ended.

    Raisa Ryazanova is an adult grandson Andrew. He studied at the Institute of contemporary arts and dreams of becoming an actor as a grandmother.


    • «The Golden horn»
    • «Moscow does not believe in tears»
    • «Russian Amazons»
    • «Under The Big Dipper»
    • «The groom»
    • «Believe not believe»
    • «Department for control of crimes»
    • «Not born beautiful»
    • «Brilliants for Juliette»
    • «Russian women»


    Raisa Ryazanova

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