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  • Name: Raimonds Pauls ( Ojārs Raimonds Pauls )
  • Date of birth: 12 January 1936
  • Age: 81 years
  • Place of birth: Riga, Latvia
  • Activities: composer, film music composer, conductor, pianist
  • Marital status: married

    Raimonds Pauls: biography

    Raimonds Pauls was born 12 January 1936, the year in Riga. The family have a future Maestro was rather peculiar: his father, Waldemar Pauls worked as a glass blower, and mother, Alma Matilda, after his son’s birth became a housewife. However, her profession is also quite extraordinary: in the beginning of family life Alma Matilda for quite a long time worked as an embroiderer pearls.

    Raimonds Pauls
    Raimonds Pauls | People

    However the music vein parents Raimond was not deprived: the father of the future famous composer played drums in the orchestra «Mihovo», which was a result of several Amateur musicians are self-taught. Rumor has it that soon after the appearance of the son born Waldemar Pauls stumbled upon a book by Arthur Cuberta «Paganini». After reading it, he was so inspired by the example of a famous musician bought his son a violin and sent him to kindergarten at the Riga music Institute.

    Raimonds Pauls in childhood
    Raimonds Pauls childhood | MixNews

    It happened shortly before the Soviet invasion. Soon, Waldemar Pauls sent a family from Riga in a small village where his wife and son were more secure and professional music lessons has had some time to forget. But World war II ended, Pauley returned to Riga, and at the age of ten Raymond successfully enrolled in a music school. E. Darina, who worked at the Latvian state Conservatory.

    Raimonds Pauls youth
    Raimonds Pauls in youth | read more

    Pauls first ten years are not in school, but his natural talent, flair teachers ‘ Olga Borovsky, as well as delicious chocolates, which she generously treated gifted students, it quickly did the trick. The future composer has achieved great success in playing the piano and really fell in love with this versatile musical instrument. It is for piano, he later studied and the Latvian Conservatory. Joseph Vitola, and then in the same Conservatory, but for a composition class.

    The love of jazz

    Back in high school, music school, Raimonds Pauls felt an irresistible craving for music, is far from classic jazz. As later recognized as a composer himself, he plunged headlong into jazz, both in the pool». A young musician with great pleasure that played at dances, often improvising, and playing the piano with no memory and notes. Finally realizing that music has become his profession for life, Paul went back to the Conservatory Department of composition, as mentioned above.

    The first steps towards popularity

    In 1964, the year Raimonds Pauls, despite the rather young for that age, became artistic Director of the Riga variety orchestra. Moreover, his music acquired its special charm, has become recognized in professional circles. A few years ago in the Concert hall of the Latvian state Philharmonic society was presented the first author’s program of the composer, and the tickets, surprisingly the Raymond, was completely sold out.

    Raimonds Pauls youth
    Raimonds Pauls in youth | Photoshare

    In wider circles in the territory of Latvia, Pauls became famous by writing the music for the songs of Alfred Kruklis «Winter evening,» «the Old birch» and «We’ll meet in March.» His countrymen he is also well known as a diligent worker and Latvia, where Raymond for many years acted as conductor, and then – editor of music programs. The composer also scored the writing of the musical «Sister Carrie» and several other works that earned high awards in various festivals.

    Raimonds Pauls youth
    Raimonds Pauls in youth | MixNews

    In 1975, the year recorded a famous, and to this day the song «yellow Leaves over a city are circling…». The melody of the song you can hear literally all of the radios of the Soviet Union, and it can be considered the real starting-point of all-Union popularity of Raimond that continues to this day.


    «Finest hour», the composer called the time of his active creative cooperation with Alla Pugacheva in the second half of the twentieth century, when Alla was at the peak of its popularity. «Million scarlet roses», «Maestro», «Without me», «Antique watches» — these and many other songs were warmed by human love become symbols of the whole epoch in the history of the domestic variety.

    Raimonds Pauls and Alla Pugachova
    Raimonds Pauls and Alla Pugacheva | Mp3bom

    But not only Alla Pugacheva noticed the talent of the Latvian Director – among his creative partners were and are, for example, fine Laima Vaikule and temperamental Valery Leontiev. Contemporaries tell us that in 1980-e years Valery Leontiev was not too pleasing to the Soviet authorities, and only the fact that Raimonds Pauls calmly continued to invite him to their concerts, helped the artist to stay afloat.

    Raimonds Pauls
    Raimonds Pauls | Kleinburd

    Their masterpieces, the composer created not only for singers but also for motion picture films, and theatrical productions. Yes, his music in the films «How to become a star», «Servants of the devil», «Arrows of Robin hood», «Long road to dunes» and the other, in theatrical performances, «Green maiden», «brand», «the Count of Monte Cristo», «the Wild swans». It is noteworthy that each of these theatrical productions subsequently won a prize at the Yugoslav festival.

    Political activity

    In 1989, the year Raimonds Pauls was appointed Minister of culture of Latvia, and four years later he became an adviser to the President on matters of culture. Moreover, in 1999, the year the composer ran for President of his native country. But pretty soon, the musician realized that he was not ready for such responsibility. Winning in the first round and won the majority of votes in the Parliament, he withdrew his candidacy.

    Raimonds Pauls
    Raimonds Pauls | Today

    Now Raymond most of the time spends in Latvia, maintaining contacts with great performers, working in the theatres of Riga, and regularly presiding over the contest «New wave», which itself created in collaboration with Igor Krutoy.

    Personal life

    In the late 1950-ies Raimonds Pauls went on a long tour with the Riga variety orchestra. One of the cities where the composer had visited during his first tour was Odessa. It was there that he waited for his future wife: charming Lana captivated the young musician with its beauty. Despite the average height, pretty average looks and lack of overwhelming popularity that awaited Raymond in the future, Lana answered her admirer’s affection.

    Raimonds Pauls with wife and friends
    Raimonds Pauls with wife and friends | Russian Newspapers

    The lovers got married and a few years later they had a daughter, Aneta. Later himself admitted Pauls, all the time artistic career he has not once had problems with alcohol, and it is this side of life, like family and children, helped him to tie.

    Raimonds Pauls with wife
    Raymond and Lana Pauls | news

    Although in Soviet times, the press often spread rumors about the affair and the gifted Maestro Alla Pugacheva, Raymond this day loyal to his wife. This strange marriage lasted more than half a century, and even in the photo of 2016 you can see, the tenderness with which the spouses look at each other. The only daughter of Paulson became a Director of television and gave his parents two grandsons and one granddaughter.


    • 1966 — «Latvian pop music»
    • 1967 — «Latvian pop music»
    • 1970 — «Song of the City of Pauls on the words of Krylia»
    • 1971 — «Pop song of the City of Pauls Latvian folk texts»
    • 1976 — «Happy New Year»
    • 1979 — the Musical «Sister Carrie» by J. Peters
    • 1980 — «Sings The Aija Kukule»
    • 1980 — Songs from the play «Sherlock Holmes» by J. Peters
    • 1980 — «Melodies of French composer F. G. Furmie plays Pauls»
    • 1981 — Jaak Joala «Songs of the City of Pauls words Anatoly Kovalev»
    • 1982 — «our guest is the Maestro. The evening of Raimonds Pauls on 29 December 1981»
    • 1983 — «Dalderi» Song from the musical «Mysterious stealing»
    • 1984 — Andrei Mironov «Old friends»
    • 1984 — Valery Leontiev «Dialogue»
    • 1985 — «G. Pauls. Choir. So Kalnina sings songs to words by J. Peters»
    • 1986 — Aija Kukule «Song Raimonds Pauls»
    • 1986 — Music from the movie «Double trap»
    • 1987: Valery Leontiev «Velvet season»
    • 1987 — a Group CREDO of «the Scream»
    • 1987 — Rodrigo Fomin «Path to light»
    • 1988 — Laima Vaikule «City of Pauls Songs on poems by Ilya Reznik»
    • 1990 — the Musical play «Little shepherd boy»
    • 1991 Music from the movie «Depression»


    Raimonds Pauls

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