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  • Name: Rafael Nadal ( Rafael Nadal Parera )
  • Date of birth: 3 June 1986
  • Age: 30 years
  • Place of birth: Manacor, Spain
  • Activity: tennis player
  • Marital status: civil marriage with Maria Francisca Perelló

    Rafael Nadal: the biography

    Rafael Nadal Parera was born 3 June 1986 in the Spanish town of Manacor on the island of Mallorca. His family was quite wealthy: his father Sebastian was a private entrepreneur, the owner of the insurance company and the tourist restaurant, mother Anna Maria was first sold perfume, and later engaged in the raising of children. Among the relatives of Raphael, too, had their celebrity, both his uncles were associated with the world of sports: Miguel angel was a famous football player, who played for clubs Mallorca and Barcelona, and Antonio Nadal, the brother of the father of Raphael, worked as a coach in tennis.

    In his childhood Raphael was seriously into soccer, which was quite a popular sport among children and young people in Spain. His idol was his uncle, and the favorite clubs — home «Mallorca» and «real Madrid». No one had any doubt that Nadal will make a career of the athlete. At the age of four uncle Antonio, better known as Tony, gave his nephew his first tennis racket. New sport so fascinated the boy that he began to combine playing football and tennis. His coach was uncle Tony, who then worked in a children’s tennis club.

    In his childhood Raphael is not particularly athletic. He was missing twenty minutes of intense training with the racket to fall down from exhaustion. To bring your body in order, the boy had a daily run about five hundred meters (and later the whole five miles) barefoot to the sandy beach. Tony did not spare his ward, so he soon acquired a perfect shape and could easily run on the tennis court.

    Despite the enthusiasm for the sport, the parents of Raphael did not see him as a future tennis player. They didn’t buy the boy rackets and balls, and when he lost a friendly match of his own age, he offered his son fishing. But the lack of support of relatives did not stop the guy aggressively go for his dream.

    Numerous training classes and two sports took away almost all the time of Raphael, which negatively affected his grades in school. Then Sebastian had given him a condition: he had to choose between football and tennis, to have time to finish the education. Nadal chose tennis and never regretted my decision.

    Being a tennis player, Rafael became interested in another sport — Golf. When the guy injured his leg, doctors advised him to quit tennis because the game demanded constant displacement, and a significant burden on feet. Then Nadal started thinking to start your career in Golf, but his coach found a way out: a lot of times an athlete practiced sitting on a chair, practicing the required hand movements.

    In 2010, Nadal has bought a ten percent stake in their favourite football club «Mallorca». He was offered to become Vice-President of the club, but the athlete refused.

    In 2011, together with the British writer and journalist John Carling Raphael wrote and published his autobiography «Rafa — my story».

    Rafael Nadal: sport

    To twelve years Rafael Nadal with equal success, played football and tennis. At the age of eight he won the regional tennis championship, and to twelve years won the title of champion in all Spanish and European competitions. Guy also actively participated in all the football games youth football team. But due to the decline in performance at school, from football career, Rafael had to be abandoned.

    The talented athlete noticed public tennis Federation, which invited Nadal to move to Barcelona, where they had a training base. However, relatives of the future star resisted his move, believing that in the hometown of Rafael will be able to train and get an education.

    In fifteen years, Nadal moved into the professional League, where in the first year have achieved considerable success. At sixteen he became a semi-finalist of the Junior Wimbledon tournament, and two years ago won it for Spain in the Davis Cup.

    In subsequent years, Nadal’s career developed rapidly. The guy took part in all major world tournaments, winning prizes. Not without trouble: during one of the games Rafael injured leg and was forced to withdraw from participation in the clay season.

    The 2005 season brought the young tennis player many victories in matches on clay thanks to Nadal earned the nickname «King of clay». He won twenty-four games in a row, beating such well-known and powerful opponents like Guillermo Corio, Juan Carlos Ferrero and legendary Roger Federer, who was the undisputed leader of most of the tournaments for many years. A phenomenal victory in the championship of France gave Raphael in third place in the world ranking of tennis players. And the next sixteen victories in the same season made it number two. At the end of the season, the athlete injured his leg, which was forced to miss the Australian Open in 2006. Through the fracture guy was thinking of leaving tennis career, but his coach Toni Nadal was able to put an athlete on his feet and regain his confidence.

    The next two years, Rafael held the second place in the ranking of tennis players in the world, second only to his eternal rival Roger Federer.

    2008 was the peak career of a young tennis player. Despite a rather bad start to the season, where athletes beat Mikhail Youzhny, Jo-Wilfried Tsonga and other tennis players, in a dirt part of the season the «King of clay» managed to catch up. He easily won the Open championship of France. Later he faced Roger Federer for the most anticipated tournament of Wimbledon this year. The players met in the final, which lasted almost the whole day. In a tough fight to Rafael still managed to defeat his longtime rival to take first place in the tournament, but in the list of the best tennis players this year. The Olympic games in Beijing brought Nadal another major victory and a first gold in this tournament. At the end of the year due to a knee injury Rafael refused to participate in several competitions.

    Next year the athlete was quite heavy. Despite numerous victories in tournaments this year, he had and the defeat in the finals of the Championships. Rafael have also had pain in the damaged knee through which he had to refuse participation in tournaments, particularly in the famous Wimbledon. However trouble has not prevented the player to finish the season in second place of the rating.

    In 2010, Nadal was again number one in the world having lost this title a year. In 2011, he lost his championship Serbian tennis player Novak Djokovic. After a year, Raphael spared his opponent in the annual Open Championship of France, becoming the seven-time champion of the games. At the end of the year again manifested itself in a knee injury, which the player refused to participate in the summer Olympics and several other tournaments.

    In 2013, he again became the first racket of the world, several times defeating his main opponent Novak Djokovic.

    In 2014 Rafael won the Open Championship of France, having become a nine-time champion of the tournament. He lost Wimbledon, losing first place to the young tennis player nick Kyrios. At the end of the year he hurt his wrist, and later because of problems with appendicitis lost the tournament «Shanghai Rolex Masters». In the same year the tennis player abandoned the game late in the season, in connection with appendectomy.

    In 2015, Nadal became the winner of two tournaments: «Argentina Open» and «Mercedes Cup», but he lost the championship in the Open Championship of France to his eternal rival Novak Djokovic. And although the season is not over, Rafael is currently at the tenth position of the ranking.

    Rafael Nadal: personal life

    In his personal life Rafael Nadal differs an enviable constancy. In 2005 he started Dating a girl

  • Francesco Maria Perelló, whom he met through his sister Alice. Young people long to conceal the affair from reporters, but eventually the press began to notice the mother of the athlete, accompanied by Mary. The girl works for an insurance company and rarely accompanies his chosen at the Championships. In 2015, in an interview, the couple said that dreams to create family and have children.

    Rafael Nadal: photo

    Rafael Nadal

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