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  • Name: Radu Volcano ( Radu Valcan )
  • Date of birth: 8 February 1977
  • Age: 39 years
  • Place of birth: Bucharest, Romania
  • Activities: actor, model, TV presenter
  • Marital status: married

    Radu Volcano: a biography

    Radu Volcano Romanian actor, model and television presenter. The Russian audience he is known primarily as the star of a romantic TV series «My Oriental night», although this is not his only work in the cinema. In Romania, he is even more famous as the host of the popular show «True history», which several times was recognized as the sex symbol of the country.

    Radu Volcano (the emphasis should be put on the first syllable) was born and raised in the Romanian capital, Bucharest. None of his relatives had nothing to show business, and the boy never thought about such a path. Moreover, the Council grew quite modest and insecure. Not too added to the self-evaluation and school the nickname «Raccoon.» The fact that in Romanian the guy’s name and the name of this animal is very similar.

    In adolescence, the future star of the television became interested in the sport primarily in bodybuilding. At the time of admission at the Bucharest University of economic his body was quite muscular and spectacular. By the way, the University, the Volcano managed to finish and got qualification of economist-financier. But during the study it was noticed by the scouts for a modeling Agency, and the Board began acting for advertising.

    He often remembers one of the first shots when he had to advertise a new brand of ice cream. Until the Director was satisfied with the quality of the brace, Radu Volcano ate more than a dozen servings and since this dessert can’t look without disgust. The appearance on the pages of glossy magazines looking guy opened him the way to the TV. Again, he wasn’t looking for this job, and the job found him. The Council was invited to try yourself as a VJ on the Romanian MTV channel. He then led a sports broadcast on Central television and, finally, the most famous talk show «the True history».


    As the business model has resulted in Happy Volcano on the TV and the talk shows led him into feature films. He made his debut in the romantic melodrama «My Oriental night», and immediately the main role of an Arab Prince Amir bin Hussein El-Isra. His partner was another rising star of the Romanian Madalina Draghici.

    Then, in 2011, had a job in the musical Comedy «arguing with life», and a year later, the actor starred in the series romantic novel «New life», which also can easily be considered a musical.

    Radu Volcano care that in all these paintings, like in the new movie 2016 «Selfie 69» Directors see him as a romantic, handsome man who falls for the main character. The actor wants to try himself in a very different role, as he has said repeatedly in interviews.

    Personal life

    The first time Parliament the Volcano got married in 2003, long before becoming a star. This relationship was short-lived, but the actor kept on them good memory and said first marriage a wonderful experience. Then he married with great love, but in 26 years, as it turned out, was not ready to be husband 100%.

    Later his name was associated with some famous women, including Maria melodrama «My Oriental nights» Madalina Draghici. But if these novels were, they were not very serious. But it was on the set of their debut film Radu met his current wife. Adela Popescu who was younger than her husband for 9 years, first became interested in the Volcano as terrific. Then, long-term dialogue he saw in it the interesting interlocutor, honest man and a wonderful girl who met all the requirements of the eligible bachelor.

    In 2015, Radu Volcano and Adela Popescu was married, and in may or June of 2016 their family should increase, as the couple are expecting a baby. By the way, the actor always wanted to have a little daughter that he is going to be not only a responsible father, but a best friend.

    In his spare time Board enjoys football and fishing and loves spending time in the gym. The actor on the body of seven tattoos, but it’s not just beautiful pictures. Each of these tattoo symbolizes an important period in his life. By the way, to its popularity the Volcano is more than cool, the star does not consider himself seriously and thinks later return to economic activity.


    • 2010-2011 — My Oriental night
    • 2011-2012 — On the dispute with life
    • 2013-2014 — New life
    • 2016 — Selfie 69


    Radu Volcano

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