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  • Name: Radu Poklitaru ( Radu Poklitaru )
  • Date of birth: 22 March 1972
  • Age: 44 years
  • Place of birth: Chisinau
  • Activities: choreographer
  • Marital status: not married

    Radu Poklitaru: biography

    Radu Poklitaru was born 22 March 1972 in Chisinau. The boy appeared in the family of ballet dancers, so his fate and career was predetermined. All my childhood of the Council held in his hometown. At a young age he began to learn the dance Studio at a local Palace of pioneers. Together with his father and mother he toured the countries of the Soviet Union and studied at various institutions in Moscow was engaged in a ballet school in Odessa ballet school, and in his native Chisinau music Academy.

    In 1986, after graduating from school, the Council has applied in Perm state choreographic school, where he was accepted without hesitation. He began to study in the direction of «ballet dancer» and four years later graduated.

    In 1994, while staying on the territory of Belarus, the artist entered Belarussian Academy of music choreography Department. In 1999 he received the diploma of the choreographer, art historian, and a teacher of the theory of choreography.

    Radu Poklitaru theater

    After graduating from the Perm school of Radu Poklitaru was arranged in national academic theatre of Republic of Belarus. There he became one of the leading ballet dancers. In 1996 he made his debut as a choreographer with the setting-thumbnail «Point of intersection» in the musical accompaniment of composer Arcangelo Corelli. Under his leadership, was staged dance numbers in productions of «Kiss of the fairy», which became a graduation work of the artist, and «the World does not end at the door of the house.»

    In 2001, the Rada returned home to Moldova, where he immediately took a leadership position at the National Opera. There the artist worked for about a year, and then resigned from the post in connection with the political changes in the country, in particular, due to the change of the Minister of culture.

    In the period from 2002 to 2006 Poklitaru actively engaged in the creation and development of ballet productions for various theatre companies and ballet dancers who perform at competitions. His talents and achievements in the field of choreography not remain unnoticed, choreographer invited to collaborate famous bands and respected theatres.

    Glad also worked with foreign leaders, in particular, worked with the English Director Declan Donnellan. The result of their Union was absolutely new from the point of view of choreography and staging version of the legendary play «Romeo and Juliet», which his innovative ideas fascinated the public of the Bolshoi theatre of Russia.

    Radu Poklitaru the «Kyiv modern-ballet»

    The most popular choreographer used on the territory of Ukraine, where in 2006 he proposed to establish his own theatre. Money for the project has allocated a well-known philanthropist Vladimir Lipov Phil. To gain company, was organized nationwide auditions for dancers, which could take part not only professional dancers, but Amateurs, for whom in the future provided the training. There were selected sixteen participants.

    «Kiev modern ballet» was officially opened on 25 October 2006 and immediately delighted the audience with an extraordinary production of «Carmen. TV» in two acts. The play was a great success. As artistic Director of the theatre, Poklitaru have recruited a team of excellent teachers of Ukrainian artists, which expanded the troupe to twenty-one participant.

    Thanks to the professionalism of Polichar together with artists Anna ipatieva and Andrei Zlobin in a relatively short time managed to create quite a large and unique repertoire that instantly made the «Kyiv modern-ballet» one of the leading theatres of modern choreography. Together with the theatre Council toured the countries of Europe, which also achieves considerable success.

    In 2014 Poklitaru acted as lead choreographer of the productions for the opening and closing of the Olympic Games in Sochi.

    Radu Poklitaru.

    The greatest popularity, the artist has achieved in Ukraine, where living in the moment. He is often invited to popular in recent dance projects on television. The first such show with the participation of the Council was the program «everybody Dance!» on TV channel «STB». Choreographer debuted on draft in the sixth season as a member of the jury, combining judicial duties with the preparation of rooms for participants.

    Poklitaru showed himself a strict but fair judge and professional choreographer: due to the tour he had a limited amount of time to prepare, but he had no time to prepare a party in less than two hours.

    In 2015 Poklitaru again became a member of the jury of the dance competition «

  • Dance!» on «the First channel». He was also entrusted with staging the rooms for the participants.

    Radu Poklitaru: personal life

    The choreographer Radu Poklitaru prefers to remain silent about his personal life. It is known that for some time he was married to a girl named

  • Irina, unrelated to the world of show business. After some time they broke up. In 2011, the media actively discussed the Roman Parliament and
  • Natalia Mogilev, who participated in the project «everybody Dance!». Actors often appeared together at festivals and shows. However, the star said that they are connected only friendship and joint creative plans for the future.

    Radu Poklitaru: projects

    • Everybody dance!
    • Dance!
    • Kiss fairies
    • The world does not end at the door
    • Romeo and Juliet
    • Carmen. TV

    Radu Poklitaru: photo

    Radu Poklitaru

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