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  • Name: Muratov, Radner ( Radner Muratov )
  • Date of birth: 21 Oct 1928.
  • Age: 76 years
  • Date of death: December 10, 2004
  • Place of birth: Leningrad
  • Activities: actor, honored artist of the RSFSR
  • Marital status: divorced was

    Radner Muratov: biography

    Radner Muratov Simatovic – honored artist of the RSFSR, actor of the Soviet cinema, starred in 82 films.

    Radner was born Simatovic in St Petersburg, then Leningrad, October 21, 1928. At that time the senior Muratov studied in the 3rd year of the Polytechnic Institute, and two years later, in early 1930, was sent to the Tatar ASSR on the party line. Thus, the childhood of the future actor was held in Tatarstan.

    Radner Muratov in his youth
    Radner Muratov in his youth

    There he took the first steps to obtaining the profession he entered the School of the air force. Despite the fact that at this time the war went on, successfully graduated from it in 1946. After Radner repeatedly lamented the fact that it didn’t make a single flight, although I dreamed about it.


    In 1947, fresh-baked pilot went on vacation to Moscow. There, he saw the announcement about admission to VGIK, unexpectedly for myself decided to try. And luck smiled at him – the first attempt was successful.

    Not just then, evil tongues say that the reason for an easy entry into the profession was the nationality (the distribution of quotas between the republics). However, the cinematography was finished Radik with honors in 1951.

    First job for Muratova became a State theatre actor, where were played the first role in the ensemble. And in the late 50s Radner began to perform a cameo role in Soviet films. One of such roles was the minor character of the film «Maxim Perepelitsa». It was after her, the young actor began to learn on the streets after he got a prominent role in the film «Time, forward!».

    Radner Muratov in his youth
    Radner Muratov in his youth

    Long-awaited good luck overtook Radner Muratova in 1971, is, of course, charming Vasily Alibabaevich of «Gentlemen of fortune». They say that casting an actor came with the application for another cameo role. But Director Alexander Gray decided to try artist with such a characteristic appearance as one of the main characters. And I was right. The role was a success, and Radner struck an incredible popularity.

    In addition to the appearance on the screen Muratov worked extensively in voice acting. On account of his more than 10 works. The actor gave his voice to Leon in the movie «Fantomas» and «Fantomas has raged», rahimu in the film «Escape from darkness», Janis Dalda in the movie «In the shadow of death.»

    Radner Muratov in the film
    Radner Muratov in the movie «Gentlemen of fortune» | Movie-theater

    Ongoing collaboration with leading Directors of the country, as well as participation in the majority of popular movies have borne fruit — Simatovic Radner Muratov was awarded the title of Honored artist. It happened in 1986, when the age of the actor was approaching the age of 60.

    Unfortunately, getting such an important award was the culmination of his creative career Muratov. After 86 years, he played a discreet role of the steward in the motion picture «Seven screams in the ocean» and met the conductor in «the Kreutzer Sonata». Later he never appeared neither on the stage nor on the blue screens of the country.

    Close to the actor told people that the reason was addiction to horse racing, where the former star of the Soviet cinema left a fortune. Friends argued that the decline of creative activity coincided with a significant deterioration of health.

    Personal life

    The experience of the first serious relationship Radner received by actress Isolde V. Zwickau. With her Muratov met at VGIK, he was a graduate student, and she enrolled in the famed smithy theatrical personnel. Young people lived together for three years, but strong family and did not: She soon started Dating actor Edward Bradunas. The children they have never appeared, and the couple broke up.

    Isolde Izvitskaya
    Isolde Izvitskaya first wife Muratova | Movie-theater

    A second attempt was made after two years. This time the object of attention was Davlatbekova Elena Petrovna – the graduate of VGIK, along with Muratov served in the theater actor. To this marriage was born a son, Leonid, later successfully continued acting dynasty.

    Leonid Muratov
    The son of Leonid Muratov | Movie-theater

    The reason for the divorce at this time was the passion of Radner of Zinnatovich to gambling. According to the recollections of friends, he rarely visited the house. All free time was devoted to jumping racetrack on a Treadmill has become a second home for the actor. There was rushing all the money and things. Moreover, because of the harmful Hobbies family quickly found himself in debt.

    Some time Elena was trying to save for son’s father and your husband back to the family. But in the end was forced to admit the futility of their efforts.

    Last years and death

    In the nineties the state of health of Radner of Zinnatovich gradually deteriorated. Harder was given regular meetings with the audience are increasingly denied memory. According to eyewitnesses, the fans, never missed these meetings, he often lost orientation in space, confused photos of loved ones, could not remember the most important dates of his life.

    By early 2000, the world Muratova became his small Studio apartment. There he spent all his time in it he was regularly visited by ex-wife and son. Not wanting their help, and probably just not recognising loved ones, Radner refused to help, behaved aggressively.

    Radner Muratov
    Radner Muratov | Star life

    The first disturbing «a call» was the disappearance of the actor in early October 2004. Then it was picked up on Preobrazhenskaya square police patrol. Seeing that an elderly person is behaving inappropriately (he couldn’t name any personal data or address), law enforcement officers took him to a psychiatric hospital.

    In the emergency room medical personnel have learned in the crazy old famous actor and wanting to save his reputation, redirected the patient to clinical hospital No. 68. To Dec doctors 68th hospital fought for the life Muratov. But the condition was critical – 10 December he died. The cause of death was a stroke, multiple hemorrhages in the brain.

    Radner Muratov
    Radner Muratov | Cinemania

    The funeral was held at Moscow, as in the native land of Radner Muratov, Tatarstan, almost gone people close to him. While in Moscow, were few willing to follow to the path to the cemetery barely accumulated to 15. And among them there was no fans or colleagues to the scene. Today the grave of a famous actor can be found on the Nikolo-Arkhangelsk cemetery of the capital.

    Interesting facts

    • Name Radner is composed of three words – happy-new-era. And although the father Muratova always told my son that he can be proud of his name, the owner considered him homely. And more often presented as Radik.
    • Brothers actor has achieved a lot in life. One of them achieved success in military service, having risen from private to Lieutenant General. Another, suffered from absolute deafness, became the world chess champion for the disabled.
    • In recent years, when he was still able to move independently, it is often fed to local Diners. Learning idol, compassionate staff catering were given free food artist, and even collecting the bags home. This was the people’s love, appreciation ordinary viewers.


    Although rich filmography, and a significant role in the world was no more. The most significant episodic experts attribute the work in the films:

    • «Duel»;
    • «The Golden calf»;
    • «The lost expedition»;
    • «Afonya»;
    • «Eternal call»;
    • «Wild honey»;
    • «Zastava in the mountains»;
    • «Business trip»;
    • «The lady with the dog»;
    • «The Kreutzer Sonata».


    Radner Muratov

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