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  • Name: Happy Paradise ( Elena Gribkova )
  • Date of birth: 8 April 1979
  • Age: 37 years
  • Place of birth: Magadan
  • Activity: singer
  • Marital status: married

    Happy Paradise: a biography

    Rada Rai was born 8 April 1979 in the city of Magadan on the sea of Okhotsk. Her parents worked on a fishing boat and often went to sea, where they met. Father Happy, Gypsy by nationality, and later got a job at the fishery, where the daughter visited him frequently. In kindergarten, the girl was involved in the circles initiative, played a role of snow Maiden in new year. Paradise grew up artistic and dreamy girl, about her career dreamed of since childhood. Perhaps affected by the musical passion of his father, when he and his brothers created a musical group that performed in local Nightclubs. A little advice sang at every opportunity: when walking with her mother, at stops of public transport during the games in the yard. Parents strongly supported the passion for her daughter, and in six years she went to musical school on vocal Department.

    When the Parliament was fourteen years old, her mother decided to move to the mainland, so the daughter had the opportunity to develop their talents. Along with the mother is Happy he moved to Nizhny Novgorod, where he successfully passed the entrance exams in music school. Balakirev entered the vocal Department. Two years later, the singer moved to Moscow and was enrolled in the Gnessin school. Talents Happy so impressed the admissions office, which the girl immediately took on a second course. However, there is a Paradise, I studied for only six months, for all who studied at the school less than a year, has introduced paid training, which the young soloist was not afford. The girl entered a jazz College, but it was soon abandoned, because he could not combine evening classes with earnings. By the time the artist has actively performed various songs in the restaurants of Moscow. She met new people from the world of music and was looking for ways to get on the big stage:

    Rada Rai: music

    The debut Happy Paradise took place at the age of seventeen, when she found her first serious work in the capital — the girl sang in restaurants. Since enough time has passed before she was able to debut as a singer, performing his own repertoire. She worked as backing vocalist to many famous Russian artists, in particular the chanson singer

  • Vicki Tsiganova, making met a talented musician
  • Oleg Urakoff And Gods Tower. Oleg not only saw the talent and perspectives of girls, but also suggested that she take the stage name «Happy Paradise». On the advice Urakova Parliament began to sing in the style of «folk songs», and together they recorded the first demo CD of the performer. With the disc they went on the radio «Chanson», where the Director of the radio station advised them to contact the production center «Production Union», which singer as a result landed a contract. Then Oleg Urakov became a music producer, singer and one of the musicians in the band.

    The recording of the album started with a song «

  • Kalina», which production center learned about the talented singer. The song demanded a serious revision, and for the duration of the recording artist became a special guest in the program popular singer
  • Andrei Bandera. Performance styles of both artists were very similar, as it is the music of Andrei Bandera has inspired the producer of the Council on the creation of the musical project «Happy Paradise». Together they are about a year toured the cities of Russia, taking advantage of extraordinary success among the audience. The girl performed three songs from the upcoming album, and later performed the song-a duet with the Bandera.

    In 2008, on the radio «Chanson» for the first time began to spin in the singer’s debut album «

  • You my soul…». The album was released a very large circulation, which is uncharacteristic for the style of «chanson». However, the project has been quite successful, many of the songs for several weeks stayed in the top positions of the charts, and the song «Kalina» instantly became a hit. It turned out that in the Russian show business has long lacked performer like Rada Paradise. The following year the singer returned to collaborate with colleague across the stage Andrey Bandera, issuing the album «
  • The musical story about love.» The disk was presented to the eighteen songs on the theme of love, performed both the Council and Andrew. The final song was the song»
  • You fly, my soul», performed a duet. The first joint project was presented on the stage of the State Kremlin Palace. Album and concert program enjoyed a stunning success among the audience and were warmly received by the critics. In the same year the singer received a special award from the radio «Chanson», becoming the «Opening of year».

    In 2010, the Rada returned to solo work and released the second album «

  • Rejoice». More than half of the songs on this album were written by ordinary people who had the opportunity to send their compositions to the site of «national producer». Through this project, the singer has managed to quickly gather material for a new album. The eponymous song «Happy» became a hit and has long kept at the top of the domestic charts. Rada went on tour on cities of Russia, gathering full concert halls, and becoming a special guest on numerous corporate parties. In 2011, he released a joint album «
  • Songs sung in heart» are Happy and the young singer and composer
  • Arthur Rudenko. With Arthur the artist met through the center of the «Production Union» where Rudenko sent his demo tape to the contest. As in the case of the Council, the young musician first invited to go on tour with an already famous singer, to acquaint the listeners with his creativity.

    In 2012, Rada Rai released the album «

  • Released into the sky…», which included new songs of the singer and an old song»
  • Burns out the fire» in the new arrangement. Almost all songs were written by members of «popular producer», that allowed to reveal many talented composers and writers.

    18 February 2015 saw the release of their fourth album Happy Paradise «

  • Territory of love». The album mostly consists of songs that are so loved by fans of the singer. It also included some old songs that Supplement the main theme of the whole project. Immediately after the publication of the CD, the singer poisoned in the big tour on cities of Russia with his new concert program.

    Happy Paradise: love life

    With her civil husband

  • Oleg urakoff and gods tower Happy met through mutual friends-musicians. At that time Oleg was a drummer in one of the teams, although he is also a talented composer and plays many instruments. Between the singer and the musician struck up a friendship that eventually turned into a novel and strong love relationship. Together they created the project «Happy Paradise», where Parliament became the face and performer of songs, and Oleg has created melodies and played instruments. Husband at all supportive of the singer, the pair are virtually inseparable and spend a lot of time together. Although the Council admits that with her husband they have completely different personalities, they were able to find common ground and complement each other.

    Rada Rai: discography

    • You’re my soul…
    • The musical story about love (Andrey Bandera)
    • Happy
    • The song, sung by heart (Arthur Rudenko)
    • Released into the sky…
    • The territory of love

    Rada Rai: photo

    Rada Rai

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