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  • Name: Rachel Weisz ( Rachel Weisz )
  • Date of birth: 7 March 1970
  • Age: 46 years
  • Place of birth: Westminster, United Kingdom
  • Height: 170
  • Activities: actress
  • Marital status: married

    Rachel Weisz: biography

    Actress Rachel Weisz was born March 7, 1970 into a Jewish family. Her parents fled to Britain to escape from Nazi persecution. Rachel was born and raised in London. About the childhood she left behind only fond memories in their house had always felt a friendly atmosphere, to visit their parents often came interesting people. The girl soaked up the atmosphere and happy in school.

    In 14 years, Rachel tried myself as a model, but a profession, this hobby did not become. After high school she went to Cambridge University, where he studied English literature. Probably, Weiss would be a good teacher if not a student theatre.

    She participated in all performances of the Amateur theatre and quickly became its star. In one of the performances on the talented student drew the attention of critics and praised her. At that moment Rachel Weiss realized that her vocation – acting.


    She was 25 years old when Bernardo Bertolucci invited her to a role in the film «stealing beauty». The role was small, but sufficient to Rachel noticed by Directors and producers. The film was nominated for the prestigious prize — «Gold palm branch».

    Following the successful operation Weiss was the picture «the Mummy,» which tells about exciting adventures of Rick, an employee of the library Willow and her brother. The film was a success at the box office, but the actress gained popularity.

    Her talent was revealed crepe, and with each new role. It is equally brilliantly played the detective in the Thriller «Constantine: Lord of darkness,» Russian girl Tatiana in the film «enemy at the gates» and many other roles. Then there was shooting the political drama «the gardener» – for this role Rachel Weisz won a coveted statuette «Oscar».

    Then there was shooting the film «Oz the great and powerful», where the actress appeared in a new image of a seductive sorceress Manory. In the drama «Deep blue sea» it is perfectly managed the way of a successful woman who is thrown into the maelstrom with his head, forgetting about family and propriety.

    Personal life

    Many viewers are interested in how Rachel Weisz manages so believable to convey the passion of a woman in love on the screen. It turns out that such passion was in her life.

    The first big love actress was directed by Sam Mendes. They were beautiful and very harmonious couple, but Sam’s wife was Kate Winslet. They had a child, however, family life did not work.

    The second passion of the actress was Darren Aronofsky. Gradually, their relationship moved into a family unit, however, without official registration. In 2006, Weiss had a son Henry. Fans of the actor couple was waiting for their wedding — did not happen.

    In the film «House of dreams» Rachel met Daniel Craig. Their romance developed rapidly, but from colleagues and friends they hid the relationship. Both were proprietary. Sense prevailed: in the end of 2010 Rachel Weisz and Darren Aronofsky has officially announced that break up. Darren was very upset by the breakup, but gradually getting used to the idea. He now takes an active part in the upbringing of his son.

    In June 2011, Rachel married Craig. Looks like she finally found her man.


    • «Fellow travelers»
    • «The mummy»
    • «Scam»
    • «Black envy»
    • «My blueberry nights»
    • «If a rat»
    • «House of dreams»
    • «Kaleidoscope love»
    • «The burial»
    • «Running from reality»


    Rachel Weisz

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