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  • Name: Rachel Nichols ( Rachel Emily Nichols )
  • Date of birth: 8 January 1980
  • Age: 37 years
  • Place of birth: Augusta, Maine, USA
  • Height: 178
  • Activities: American actress and model
  • Marital status: divorced

    Rachel Nichols: biography

    Rachel Nichols was born in the American town of Augusta, Maine in January 1980. In the family of the future actress nobody was associated with the world of theatre and cinema. Dad worked as a teacher in a local school.

    According to Rachel Nichols, she was a gangly teenager with long and thin legs and arms. In order to cope with its disproportionate body, the girl began to play sports. Chose athletics and long jump. In order to make the movement more plastic, Nichols visited the Studio of choreography.

    In 17 years, Rachel Nichols decided to try himself as a TV presenter. She successfully auditioned and she was entrusted to lead the entertainment program «the Revenge of the outcast», which was broadcast by MTV. The girl worked briefly in television, but managed to get a taste of working in the camera lens.

    Senior year Rachel Nichols went on an exchange program with students in France. There slender beauty was noticed by the representative of one of the modeling agencies. He invited her to take part in Paris fashion Week as a model. Rachel agreed. Soon she was shot in the advertising of such companies as l’oreal, Guess and Abercrombie & Fitch.

    Earned money Rachael spent on higher education. She went to new York and enrolled in Columbia University. Plans, Nichols was to become a financial analyst on wall street. In 2003 she received the diplomas in Economics and mathematics. Moreover, at University she studied psychology and dramatic art.


    A cinematic biography of Rachel Nichols began in 2000, when she was a University student. The film «Autumn in new York», which starred actress, today ranks among the best melodramas of Hollywood. Nichols was fortunate to observe the work of such stars as Richard Gere and Winona Ryder, who starred in the lead roles. Although most Rachel caught only an episode, but the start was successful. It was then that she began to think seriously about the film industry and began studying drama.

    After 2 years, Nichols again starred in the episode. This small role found her hired agent. «Sex in the city» where she played Alex, finally convinced the girl to move on acting the way.

    Intended to be the beginning of next year. The young actress was invited for the lead role in the Comedy «Dumb and dumber: when Harry met Lloyd». And let the critics have left from a film that was released in 2003, a stone was purchased Rachel Nichols, the experience was priceless.

    The resounding success came to the actress after the release of Thriller Park where Rachel throughout the film appeared in a revealing dress. The intent of the writer, the heroine had to play in a short nightgown, besides wet. Nichols insisted that this outfit was replaced with a more decent.

    After «Parking» lack of stellar roles, the actress is not observed. Every year 3-4 new project, in which Rachel Nichols starred in the key images. Among the most striking recent works critics and fans call the projects «Star trek», «Cobra», «Meskad» and «Conan the barbarian».

    Personal life

    A successful career in film – that’s all can be proud of the actress. Personal life Rachel Nichols cannot be called cloudless. The actress in the summer of 2008, she married the famous Director and producer Scott Staber. Their wedding took place in Colorado. The couple looked in love and happy. Rachel appeared in front of guests with hair dyed to her natural color – blonde.

    Immediately after the honeymoon the couple began the construction of a family nest in Cabo San Lucas. But the relationship of the spouses began to deteriorate rapidly. Soon they moved to different homes. In the winter of 2009, Rachel and Scott broke up.

    Nichols doesn’t like to talk about his personal life. It believed that until I met my real half. In his free time, Rachel certainly is staying with parents.


    • «Autumn in new York»
    • «The Amityville Horror»
    • «Line of fire»
    • «Special Department»
    • «Spy»
    • «The dark forest»
    • «War Charlie Wilson»
    • «Parking»
    • Cobra
    • «Continuum»


    Rachel Nichols

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