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  • Name: Rachel Hurd-Wood ( Rachel Hurd-Wood )
  • Date of birth: 17 August 1990
  • Age: 26 years
  • Place of birth: London, UK
  • Height: 170
  • Activity: actress, model
  • Marital status: not married

    Rachel Hurd-wood: biography

    Rachel Clare Hurd-wood British actress and model who became famous in childhood due to the role of Wendy in the fairy tale «Peter pan». Also had great success of such films as «perfume: the Story of a murderer», «Dorian gray» and «invasion: the Battle for Paradise.»

    She was born in South London, in the district of Stratham. Her father, Philip Hurd-wood wrote scripts for plays and television films, as well as a little went on the stage as an actor. The mother, whose name is Sarah, engaged in farming and raising children – Rachel and her younger brother Patrick.

    In the capital of England, the future actress lived up to 8 years, after which the family moved into was built in the Victorian era cottage, located in Surrey. There’s a girl I went to school at College of Technology «, Rodbro». Her favorite subjects were literature, philosophy and the history of art.

    16 Hurd-wood began to specialize in the natural Sciences. Despite the fact that she has already had several roles in movies that have received recognition from the audience and mentioned the praise of specialists, the girl dreamed about the profession of a marine biologist because I wanted to study dolphins. However, at the time of maturity Rachel realized that knowledge for a successful career in science it is not enough, so went to higher education at London University, where he enrolled in the faculty of linguistics.

    But in the end the path of the actor Rachel Hurd-wood did not let go: after the first course she had to choose: either to continue studying or to go to Australia for filming a major project where she was offered the main role. And the girl decides to do filmmaking professionally, throws the University and since then regularly in films.


    Rachel Hurd-wood was just 12 years old when she was invited to audition for the first time. As a result, the girl was interested in producers of the new film adaptation of the family fairy tale «Peter pan» and got the role of Wendy darling, «mother» little boys-lost and found. This work immediately brought the young Rachel popularity, she even was nominated to receive the prestigious award «Saturn».

    In childhood, the actress managed to play the victim of evil forces named Betsy in the Thriller «the haunting» and the little Imogen Helguson of the detective «Sherlock Holmes and the case of the silk stocking». In 16 years, Rachel’s back bathed in the rays of glory she gave on the Laura Rishi in the psychological film «perfume: the Story of a murderer». Surprisingly, in the role of a third consecutive Hurd-wood portrayed the murder victim.

    Continued to «die» in front of the audience Rachel and the acclaimed Thriller «Dorian gray», by getting rid of this sad role only in the fantasy action movie «Solomon Kane». The film, which finally made the young actress a professional artist, was action-Packed war drama Australian production of «Invasion: the Battle for Paradise.»

    After that Hurd-wood would accept only starring roles, and starred in the Thriller «Shelter», the melodrama «the Road to Campus» and the fantasy horror film «Second origin».

    Personal life

    Rachel Clare Hurd-wood is not one of those Actresses who falls into the lenses of the paparazzi and tabloids for their romantic adventure. Private side of life, the girl carefully hides from the public. But it is completely open in the questions of public life.

    Rachel a lot of effort and money is spent on charity. It supports children’s welfare center to help the London hospital «Great Ormond Street Hospital». In 2009, the auction featured a poster with the autograph of the actress, and the girl herself declared that the proceeds from the sale will go to the hospital. Still a lot of the actress is considered the most profitable in the history of this charity center.

    At Christmas, she often goes to Surrey and together with other movie stars arranges for terminally ill children a wonderful fairy-tale performance in the style of Lewis Carroll Wonderland. Moreover, children are not only spectators but also take part in the show.


    • 2003 — Peter Pan
    • 2003 — Sherlock Holmes and the case of the silk stocking
    • 2005 — Ghost of the red river
    • 2006 — perfume: the Story of a murderer
    • 2009 — Solomon Kane
    • 2009 — Dorian Gray
    • 2010 — invasion: the Battle for Paradise
    • 2011 — Shelter
    • 2014 — the Road to Campus
    • 2015 — the Second origin


    Rachel Hurd-Wood

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