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photo RJ MITT

  • Name: RJ MITT ( MITT Roy Frank III )
  • Date of birth: 21 August 1992
  • Age: 24 years
  • Place of birth: Lafayette, Louisiana, USA
  • Growth: 182
  • Activities: actor
  • Marital status: not married

    RJ MITT: biography

    Roy Frank MITT III, better known as RJ MITT, is an American actor, who became famous for a youthful disabled person role of Walter white Jr. in the television series «breaking bad».

    Roy was born in Lafayette, Louisiana. During childbirth there were complications, the doctors had to conduct emergency surgery to extract the baby. As a result of a lack of oxygen in the newborn’s brain was damaged, which resulted in problems with the musculoskeletal system. Thus, RJ MITT is a disabled child with a diagnosis of «cerebral palsy».

    Learning that the boy was born unhealthy, the birth parents abandoned him. She adopted a baby, Roy Frank MITT II and his wife Dina MITT. After some time, this couple broke up, and RJ just brought my mother. That she began to teach that it does not exist such words as «can’t» or «won’t».

    Thanks to the efforts of the mother and the doctors who are «chained» MITT in a special brace to straighten leg, the child learned to walk. At first he used crutches, but through exercise managed to get rid of them. Now the uninitiated person can determine the disability of the actor only for the involuntary jerking of one hand.

    Later, the mother remarried and gave birth to Roy’s sister Lucianne Carrier that younger brother for 11 years. But just two years later the family misfortune befalls a new mother gets into an accident and within six years is paralyzed. 13-year-old RJ MITT took on responsibility for the family and started earning. He was taken for absolutely everything they could to bring at least some profit. And one of the options was the cinema.


    First, the young actor appeared in episodes of several teen movies of the Studio «Disney», the most famous of which is the sitcom «Hannah Montana». Most often in the credits the name RJ MITT is not indicated. And then the guy went to the casting for the new drama series «breaking bad». The role of the disabled person of Walter white, Jr. needed a teenager, capable of realistically walk on crutches. Strange, but at first the Director didn’t even realize that before him is the man who took years to learn to walk without them.

    However, RJ was able to demonstrate and problematic move, and difficulty in speech characteristic of patients with cerebral palsy, what was the need for more role. In the drama «breaking bad» actor played in for five years and was nominated for several prestigious awards. Then MITT was involved in the Western «Vegas», a short horror film «dead end» and the teen series «switched at birth».

    Following a starring role went to actor in the Thriller «House of forgotten things», and more recently, the screens out criminal history «Dixieland» and social drama «Need a driver», where RJ MITT is the main role of the student, hiring a chauffeur, who turns his life.

    Personal life

    RJ MITT is not yet married, and not too committed to a serious romantic relationship. He is still helping his mother and sister, although says that his income is still far from those standards that people attribute to the Hollywood stars.

    In addition to her acting career RJ in demand in the modeling business. For example, he in 2014, was the face of the company Gap, which has been producing fashionable men’s clothing, and even took to the catwalk at the shows of the new collection.

    In addition, MITT appeared on the cover of the monthly magazine «Neurology today», inside of which was a large article about the life of an actor and the ways in which he minimised the impact of a congenital disease.

    RJ MITT remembers how difficult it was outside the box-looking man to be in the movie. So he became the representative of a larger campaign of «Engaging in the arts and media of people with disabilities».


    • 2007 — Hannah Montana
    • 2008-2013 — breaking bad
    • 2011 — dead end
    • 2013 Vegas
    • 2013 — the House of forgotten things
    • 2014 — switched at birth
    • 2015 — Dixieland
    • 2016 — Need a driver



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