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  • Name: Pyotr Zaychenko ( Petr Zaychenko )
  • Date of birth: 1 April 1943
  • Age: 73 years
  • Place of birth: village of Kaisak, Volgograd oblast
  • Height: 172
  • Activity: the Soviet and Russian film and theater actor, Honored artist of Russia
  • Marital status: married

    Pyotr Zaychenko: biography

    A talented and original actor Petr Zaichenko proud of his origin: he is a hereditary Cossack, and in the tenth generation. And he’s the same age as the battle of Stalingrad that came to light will the happy occasion. His father, a hero at the front, was allowed to go home on leave in 1942. After 9 months, April 1, 1943, a son was born, called the mother of Anatoly. But this day combines joy and sorrow: from the front came the death notice for the father of a newborn boy. And then the grandfather has ordered change to the name Peter. So on the light appeared Pyotr Zaychenko.

    Pyotr Zaychenko
    In the beginning |

    Boy grew up without a father, but male education received: father Panteleimon Ivanovich replaced the grandson of the father. He was a real example. He was respected throughout the district as an intelligent Builder and the shoemaker, the master of all trades. And education grandfather Pantelei was not alien in their house with a radio and a gramophone, appeared when on the farm Kaisak many have not even heard about them. Books in their house, it was too much, and Pyotr Zaychenko – with the full approval of his grandfather, became interested in their reading at an early age.

    Pyotr Zaychenko
    Actor |

    Panteleimon Ivanovich wanted to see my grandson’s teacher. But here Peter showed the same iron will, possessed by the grandfather. The guy decided to become an artist and became him. He first entered the kultprosvetuchilische in Volgograd, and after his graduation went to Saratov. Here he is with the first attempt passed the exams in the famous theatre school named. Elephant that have released in the world of theatre and cinema stars like Oleg Yankovsky, Boris Andreyev, Vladimir Konkin and Yevgeny Mironov. Now some of these famous names added yet another Petr Zaichenko.


    In 1971, the young actor left the walls of the University with the red diploma. He was immediately accepted in the Volgograd theatre, where he worked for 3 years. Then I was transferred to the Philharmonic, where his talent was and sparkle with new faces. Zaichenko even from Saratov proved himself a fine reciter. It is often used in programs of the «Rosconcert», where he read excerpts of the works of Vladimir Mayakovsky, Fazil Iskander and Leo Tolstoy. Some of the performances were on Leningrad television that the provincial young actors was considered an incredible success.

    In the 1990s, the artist of the Volgograd Philharmonic society was accepted into the troupe of Cossack theatre, but was soon lured into the Youth theatre stanitsa Cossack society.

    Pyotr Zaychenko
    Cossack in the tenth generation |

    A cinematic biography of Peter Zaychenko started quite late – the artist at that time was 40. But it appears, has turned a talented but little-known artist into a real star.

    According to Peter Zaychenko, the doors to the cinema was opened by Vasily Shukshin. Once the actor has read the famous novel writer «I came to give you freedom». And such a huge desire to play read on stage or film set that Zaichenko sent a letter to Shukshin to make the staging of the work.

    Pyotr Zaychenko in the picture
    In the painting «Parade of planets» |

    The writer has read the letter and immediately responded. He was just about to make a film «Rasin». Colorful young artist was so pleased with Vasily Shukshin, he immediately made it to the base «Mosfilm». But the call for the shooting of Peter Zaichenko did not wait: in 10 days after the meeting, the writer did not.

    After 8 years it still called to act. In 1983 came the picture of Vadim Abdrashitov’s «Parade of planets». On the work in this tape the actor, and today recalls with sincere awe, because he was lucky to play on one platform with such stars as Oleg Borisov, Sergey Shakurov, Sergey Nikonenko and Alexei Zharkov.

    Pyotr Zaychenko in the film
    In the film «Free floating» |

    The appearance on the screen talented artist has not gone unnoticed. Soon came two more high-profile picture abdrashitova: «Plumbum, or Dangerous game» and «Armavir». Zaichenko becomes a famous actor.

    But the world fame came to him after the Soviet-French project of Pavel Lungin’s «Taxi Blues», which Zaichenko got the role of practical and easy grip of the taxi driver. In tandem with him, well played Peter Mamonov, who got the image of a limp and much drinking musician. Drama was released in 1990 and was shown in Cannes. Lungin was awarded the prize for best Director and all the actors gained fame abroad.

    Pyotr Zaychenko received proposals from masters of France, Belgium, Spain and Poland. Thus, the crisis of the 90s has not affected the actor: he starred a lot and without a break.

    Pyotr Zaychenko in the film
    In the film «Taxi Blues» |

    One of the most brilliant foreign paintings in which appeared the actor – a film by Spaniard Enrique Gabriel «Kravchuk». It’s a light Comedy, which the Russian artist was awarded the prize «best actor» at the Spanish film festival. Unfortunately, foreign work Zaichenko little known at home.

    Fortunately, there are many domestic films, which starred the actor. In a remarkable historical project «Storm over Russia» in the works of Alexei Saltykov «Silver Prince» Peter played Matthew Hamster, a favorite of the Oprichnik of Ivan the terrible. The most fearsome was played by Oleg Borisov, boyar Morozov — Sergei Bondarchuk.

    Pyotr Zaychenko in the film
    In the drama «thunder-Storm over Russia» |

    In the new century, the actor is not less popular. He appears on the screens in the rating project «Stalin’s Testament», «the Crusader,» «Muslim,» «Truckers» and «Dark horse».

    It is noteworthy that the creative biography of Peter Zaichenko in recent years are also saturated, as in the 1990s. Young Directors often invite this colorful artist in their projects, and he Zaichenko, unlike many colleagues of his age, scolds and praises the new Director’s tribe, saying that among the young artists are not less talented than 2-3 decades ago.

    Pyotr Zaychenko in the film
    In the movie «Taras Bulba» |

    At the end of the 2000s, the actor was seen in rating the projects, «Fart», «Wolfhound», «Shift», «Taras Bulba», «the Bay of missing divers» and «Plot». But perhaps the most striking was the film «Siberia. Monamur» Vyacheslav Rossa, which was released in 2008. This poignant drama was showered with prizes and awards not only domestic, but also in many foreign competitions and festivals. In this movie Zaichenko played an old believer, who in the forest raising her grandson. For this work he was nominated for the Nika award and received 7 prizes.

    Pyotr Zaychenko in the film
    In the film «Siberia. Monamur» |

    Of the most striking recent paintings, which starred this wonderful actor, can be called a «COP» Rustam urazayeva, «Marina grove» by Alexander Khvan, «Leningrad-46» Igor Kopylov and «Sophia» by Vyacheslav Ross. The last large-scale historical project about the reign of Ivan III and his wife Sophia Paleologue Zaichenko played the Metropolitan.

    Pyotr Zaychenko in the film
    In the film «Sofia» |

    Today in the collection of the artist more than 60 roles. Different genres, the main and second plan, but always brilliantly played.

    Personal life

    I seem to have this talented artist turns all strong, real, like with a quality mark. Personal life Peter Zaychenko is no exception. For many years the actor lives in a happy marriage with his wife Valeria Nikolaevna. In the past she’s a famous athlete, has found a vocation in teaching. Valery Zaichenko head of the Department of pedagogy and psychology Academy of physical education in Volgograd.

    Pyotr Zaychenko
    Happy man |

    To this marriage was born the only daughter, Elena, who is made happy parents two grandchildren Artem and Ksenia, whom the grandparents are incredibly proud of.


    • 1984 — «Parade of planets»
    • 1986 — «Plumbum, or Dangerous game»
    • 1990 — «Taxi Blues»
    • 1992 — «Storm over Russia»
    • 1993 — «Kropacek»
    • 2000 — «Russian revolt»
    • 2003 — «the station»
    • 2009 — «Taras Bulba»
    • 2011 — «Siberia. Monamur»
    • 2013 — «Marina grove»
    • 2016 — «Sofia»


    Pyotr Zaychenko

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