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  • Name: Peter Romanov ( Romanov Petr )
  • Date of birth: 16 March 1989
  • Age: 27 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Growth: 183
  • Activities: actor, TV presenter, fashion model
  • Marital status: married

    Pyotr Romanov: biography

    Pyotr Romanov is a Russian actor and TV presenter, known to fans of cinema as one of the participants in fantasies tape «He is a dragon», and fans of travel – as a leading popular show «heads and tails». Peter was born on 16 March 1989 in Moscow. Not to say that he always wanted to be famous, to be an actor or something like that.

    Just the boy grew curious and interested in everything that surrounds it. And how could it be otherwise, if the father of Peter, Boris Romanov, was an example of what we have to live I wonder? Dad got a medical degree, trained as a boxer, wrote and played music. And now Boris Romanov takes part in the International scientific expedition «Kon-Tiki 2», making the trip across the ocean on two makeshift rafts. So the love of travel of Peter Romanov in the blood.

    After school a guy graduated from the economic faculty of the Moscow city Government University of management Moscow, but in the senior years understand that business and Finance is not quite the case, which he wanted to devote his life. Peter comes to us acting class «New York Film Academy», and started cooperation with the Roman Viktyuk Theatre, which is until 2011.

    Later Novels had a complementary course by Igor Voloshin at the Academy of communication «Wordshop», where has received a speciality of the Director of the music video. Recently, before going on television on a regular basis, the actor cooperated with the Polish theatre in Moscow», headed by Eugene Lavrenchuk. Also, Peter has participated in various photo shoots as a model.


    For the first time on the set of the film Pyotr Romanov hit in 2013. He starred in the role of Philip in the film «Gossip girl», which in some circumstances still did not come out into the world. He then participated in episodes of fantastic Comedy «Complete conversion» and the comic series «Fugitive family».

    The most famous role of the actor at this stage of his career is the character of Igor, the groom of the main heroine in the domestic fantasy, «He’s a dragon.» Also, Peter had the experience in the biographical drama about the legendary tamer of tigers «Margarita Nazarova» and family Comedy «Classmates».

    Now Pyotr Romanov is included in the cast of two new paintings that are still in the process of production – the «City of lovers» and «Cappadocia».


    In 2016, it became known that gay TV presenter Les nikitiuk leaves an incredibly popular program about travel «heads and tails», but instead the company permanent Regina todorenko will be actor Peter Romanov. The first country that the new season of the show «heads and tails. Around the world» went Peter, became a great and contrast Canada, more specifically Vancouver.

    Crew transfer very happy with the new host, as the Novels made for more the life stream of this show. As said about him is Regina, Peter is incredibly a lot of enthusiasm, energy and desire to work. And most importantly – it is interesting to study and learn something new. And without this, this program is nothing to do. After all, the host of «heads and tails» must be not just a scholar. He needs to know in detail about such little things as the history of French Polynesia or the semantic function of tattoos Maori.

    Personal life

    About my personal life Pyotr Romanov is not in her interviews, although it doesn’t seem to be too carefully concealed their romantic relationship. It is known that on August 28, 2015, he married his girlfriend Anna Pavlova, who after marriage, took her husband’s name and became Anna Romanova.

    Before the official ceremony of marriage the couple spent a lot of time together. By the way, Peter’s wife to show business is irrelevant. She graduated from the faculty of customs Affairs ihei, and now has partnered with one of the charities.

    It is also worth noting that even before the appearance in the show travel «heads and tails» Pyotr Romanov visited several beautiful countries such as Greece and Turkey. So to get acquainted with the sights and learn interesting corners of foreign cities for him, nothing new.


    • 2013 — Gossip girl
    • 2015 — Complete transformation
    • 2015 He is a dragon
    • 2016 — Runaway relatives
    • 2016 — Margarita Nazarova
    • 2016 — Classmates
    • 2016 — the City of lovers
    • 2016 — Cappadocia


    Pyotr Romanov

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