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  • Name: Pyotr Mamonov ( Pyotr Mamonov )
  • Date of birth: 14 April 1951
  • Age: 65 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Growth: 183
  • Activity: the Russian rock-musician, actor, poet
  • Marital status: married

    Peter Mamonov : biography

    Pyotr Nikolayevich Mamonov, well-known to a wide circle of fans of rock music in the work of the cult group «Sounds of Mu», was born in April 1951 in intelligent Moscow family. Mamonov’s childhood was rough. From a young age Peter has proven himself a notorious rebel. He was expelled from two schools because he «feigned». For example, for one University he was sent when arranged in the chemistry of the explosion.

    Craving for creativity in Mamonova was observed from a young age. It is known that in high school he organized a domestic ensemble that has sung the hits of «the Beatles», «rolling stones» and other religious groups. He perfectly danced the twist and rock-n-roll. Thanks to a relative who was a translator of Leonid Brezhnev, Mamonov had the opportunity to get acquainted with Western music.

    Closest to him was the work of the representatives of black America, such as ray Charles, IKE Turner and miles Davis. As later said one of the friends of the musician, that black music was the Foundation for the animal, impassable Russian barbarism», which emerged in the work of a rock musician.

    At the end of the school Pyotr Mamonov has continued her studies at Metropolitan College of printing. And in 1979, after graduating, enrolled at the Moscow polygraphic Institute. Mamonov speaks English and Norwegian. It is known that his translations were published in various publications.

    After graduation he was working in the printing, but then places of work were changed one after another. Loader, lifter and even the attendant. Mamonov has experienced everything.

    «Sounds Of Mu»

    Somewhere in the 1980 Pyotr Mamonov started to write songs. The poems he was writing long before that. In 1983 Mamonov has created his own musical group. This was the famous rock band called «Sounds of Mu».

    At first the band performed just for housing concerts. The musicians got acquainted with other artists, subsequently became the cult Russian rock-groups. «Bravo», «Aquarium», «Cinema» and others played and sang on the same wavelength». These «solo» increasing in popularity and began to generate income performers. «Sounds of Mu» with their extravagant lead singer, Peter Mamonov has rapidly gained popularity among certain categories of students.

    The first performance of the team in front of a large audience took place in 1984. Pyotr Mamonov with the ensemble gave a concert in the big hall of one of Moscow schools. We had many representatives of the capital’s underground.

    A close friend Mamonov, Artem Troitsky later wrote that the musician was represented in his speeches himself, but in a very giperplazirovannom. Turned out the «explosive mix of street jester, gallant jerk and forgetful-bitter drunks».

    In 1988 in London debut album «Zvuki Mu». His publisher became a British producer Brian Eno. Pyotr Mamonov and his team «brought a wave of success. The band went on a big tour in Europe. Twice went to America. But after returning from touring musicians, recording an album called «transnadezhnost» failed to demonstrate the same quality and dispersed.

    At home, the team was given almost 2 dozen records. After the band ceased to exist, the self-biography of Peter Mamonova.

    In 1995, the musician went to the village and there creates one of the most complicated albums called «Life of amphibians as it is.»


    In the early 1990s, Peter Mamonov has pleased fans with his appearance in a new incarnation. He began to put on plays. On a scene of Theatre of a name of Konstantin Stanislavsky, the audience saw his play «the Bald brunette», «If life on Mars», «nobody writes to the Colonel». These performances were presented at international festivals in USA and Europe.

    In 2003 Peter Mamonov presented fans another work – play «Chocolate Pushkin». A year later, was «Mice Boy Kai and the snow Queen» and «Ballet».

    Made by the artist and his contribution to cinema. A cinematic biography of Peter Mamonova is a few pictures. The first, «Needle», released in 1988. Here the actor got the role of the second plan. And after 2 years, the screens out the film «Taxi Blues» about the fate of taxi driver and musician. Last played Mamonov. The film received considerable acclaim and the prize «Golden palm» in Cannes.

    Films that came later, such as «Anna Karamazoff», «Legs», «Terra Incognita», «the Time of sorrow has not come,» the resounding success received, but was spotted by fans of Peter Mamonova.

    In 2005, viewers saw a new project called «Dust» by Sergey Loban. Here Pyotr Mamonov doesn’t resemble its former self. The film is permeated with deep philosophical meaning. He shot with a digital camera, with virtually no budget.

    Again talking about Mamonovo in 2006, when the screens out the picture «the Island». The actor played elder Anatoly, who takes away sin. At the time when the movie was made, Peter Mamonov became a hermit. He distanced himself from civilization, settling in the village of G in the suburbs. To this way of life, it has led the search for the meaning of life. As he admitted, «the Buzz didn’t help, I’ve drunk herself to death and was stoned, but the emptiness remained».

    To appear in «Island» Mamonov asked for permission from his spiritual father. Started to work only after the blessing. This low-budget picture grossed more than $ 2 million. The ratings of the film were sky-high. The project «the Island» won 6 awards Nika, breaking all previous records. Peter Mamonov in 2007 became the winner of film festival in the category «Best male role».

    In the 2010-14 years the actor starred in the projects «King», «Ashes» and «Priest-San». In the first he played a crime boss grandfather Lev, in the second character, nicknamed the connecting Rod.

    Personal life

    Actor and musician is convinced that the family is a small Church. It needs to be a priest, the wife of the deacon and the children of the people of God. Family life should not be criticized – they decrease the love, and time for scandals.

    Personal life of Peter Mamonov and his wife Olga. She is the Manager of a musician for many years. The couple have three sons. Not so long ago there were grandchildren. The creative profession has chosen the youngest son of Ivan Mamonov. Together with his father, he worked as Director and cameraman on the film «Chapiteau show».


    • «Needle»
    • «Taxi Blues»
    • «Anna Karamazoff»
    • «Legs»
    • «Terra Incognita»
    • «The time of sorrow has not come»
    • «The island»
    • «King»
    • «Ashes»
    • «Priest-San»


    Peter Mamonov

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