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  • Name: Pyotr Leshchenko ( Petr Leschenko )
  • Date of birth: 2 June 1898
  • Age: 56 years
  • Date of death: 16 Jul 1954
  • Place of birth: page Isayevo, Odessa oblast
  • Height: 172
  • Activity: singer, dancer
  • Marital status: married

    Peter Leshchenko: biography

    Pyotr Leshchenko was born in the village of Isayevo, which is located in Odessa region. Mother — Maria Kalinova Lesenkova gave birth to a son out of wedlock and his biological father he never knew. As the illegitimate Peter was not given a metric, and the first document was a certificate of baptism, which took place on 3 July 1898. Peter was the youngest stepsisters, Valentina and Catherine.

    9 months after the birth of first child Maria Kalinova goes with his parents to Chisinau. To 8 years the boy was on a home education, which has a mother, grandmother and stepfather Alexei V. Alfimov, who was a dental technician. Maria had perfect pitch, loved and could sing, knew many folk songs. These abilities are inherited and Peter, who in 1906 for their abilities in the areas of vocal and dance taking in the soldiers ‘ choir, and after a few months it is referred to the 7th people’s parochial school in Chisinau. Thus, at the age of 17 Peter Leshchenko graduated from secondary and music schools.

    Then take the guy to the front. First he served in the 7th don Cossack regiment, and then after graduating from the Kiev school of ensigns infantry in Odessa 40th reserve regiment in the position of warrant officer, later platoon commander of Podolsk infantry regiment. In the late summer of 1917, was wounded, received a severe wound and was sent for treatment at a Chisinau hospital. Recovery was delayed, and was released from the hospital Leshchenko after the October revolution. And as Bessarabia was annexed by Romania, the future singer was a Romanian citizen.

    After the army he worked in different directions — was a Turner, he held various positions in the Church, sang in the vocal Quartet, danced in theater and sang in Kishinevka Opera house.

    At the end of 1919 Pyotr Leshchenko switches exclusively at the pop operation. A lot of tours as part of the dance group «Elizarov» balalaika ensemble «Guslar», performs as a solo singer and guitar Duo. Once in Paris, goes to famous ballet school Trefilovoy, after which working in the prestigious restaurant «Normandie» with dance and vocal numbers.

    Musical career

    In 1926, for two years toured Europe and the Middle East. After the tour, Peter returned to Romania and worked in the theatre «Teatrul Nostra», but soon went to the Baltic States, then in Ukraine, where he performs in various restaurants. His voice becomes recognizable.

    At the end of 1931, the singer met with the famous composer Oskar String, who wrote popular tunes in the style of tango and Foxtrot, as well as pop songs and soulful ballads. At the suggestion of the Line of Peter Leshchenko first records your voice. Issued phonograph records with songs «Black eyes», «Blue Rhapsody», «Tell me why» and later «tat», «Miranda» and «Anastasia-berry».

    The success of these songs leads to the fact that the contractor offers a contract to the Romanian branch of the English record company «Columbia», which he recorded over 80 records. Also his records were issued by other record companies — German «Parlophone Records», Romanian «Electrecord» and Latvian «Bellaccord». Only Peter Leschenko for his life and managed to put about 180 records.

    The recorder raises the popularity of Peter Leshchenko, and he tours a lot not only in Bessarabia, but also acts in the best concert halls of Vienna, Bucharest and London.

    At the end of 1941, the singer gave several concerts by Romanian troops occupied Odessa in the Central hall of the hotel «Bristol».

    Personal life

    While training at the ballet school in France, Peter Leshchenko met with Latvian Sakit Jenny, who came to study in the same school from Riga. In the same year, they officially registered their marriage. The couple on all tours went together and performed as a duet. In this Union with them in January 1931 was born the son of Ricky Leshchenko.

    During the second world war, while on tour in Odessa, Peter K. meets 19-year-old student, Vera Belousova. In one of the first evenings he makes a girl a proposal and went to Bucharest for registration of divorce with Sakitt, which was still officially painted. Because of the war and threats to mobilize the wedding for a long time was postponed. Only in 1944 Leshchenko and Belousov were able to register their marriage.

    Peter Leschenko was fluent in Russian, Ukrainian, Romanian, French and German.


    Cooperation with the German label and tours in Western countries has not gone unnoticed by the Soviet authorities. The socialist system, which after the second world war and joined Romania, considered the singer’s unreliable, unacceptably vulgar, and even anti-Communist. Also, he is charged that he was forced to move to Romania Soviet citizen Belousov, who after marriage to a woman became officially considered the USSR a traitor of the Motherland.

    On direct orders from Moscow, the public security organs of Romania arrested Pyotr Leshchenko directly in the intermission of the concert, which took place in Brasov at the end of March 1951.

    For three years he was transferred from one prison to another. Leshchenko was Wiry, Caps, Midia, Borgese, and in 1954 was transferred to the prison hospital tîrgu Ocna, as he opened an old stomach ulcer. The surgery was performed, but from the hospital he was discharged. New aggravation and weakened by imprisonment, the body caused the death of Pyotr Konstantinovich Leshchenko July 16, 1954.

    Famous songs

    • Black eyes
    • My last tango
    • Tell me why
    • The samovar
    • Nastya-berry
    • Sing Gypsy, cry Gypsy
    • Tatiana
    • Miranda
    • Glasses faceted
    • Blue Rhapsody


    Petro Leshchenko

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