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  • Name: Prokhor Dubravin ( Vitaly Emashov )
  • Date of birth: 18 July 1976
  • Age: 40 years
  • Birth place: Naberezhnye Chelny
  • Height: 186
  • Activities: actor
  • Marital status: married Eugene Serebrennikov

    Prokhor Dubravin: biography

    Vitaly Mikhaylovich Amashov, better known under the pseudonym Prokhor Dubravin was born on 18 July 1976 in the city of Naberezhnye Chelny. In addition to his mother, whom Vitali likes it really cares about, the future actor was no one there. Victoria Pavlovna worked at the Foundry as a Secretary. The woman raised her son alone and copes with it.

    The school Vitaly was a good student, preferring science. His class is specialized in physics and mathematics, these Sciences Amashov and was going to devote his life. After graduating from high school, Vitalii enrolled at Kama Polytechnic Institute and was planning after graduation to work in the specialty of Industrial and civil construction.

    Family financial situation did not allow to realize our plans. Vitaly left the Institute after the first semester and got a job working for my mother at her factory. There he worked, stamping of refractory bricks. Six months later, Amasova came agenda in the army where he went with great pleasure. The future artist was assigned to airborne troops, where he served 2 years and returned home in 1996.


    After the army, Vitali a few years looking for his place in life. The young man tried many different classes, switched jobs. In 1999, Amosov decided he wanted to become an actor, filed the documents in the Yaroslavl state theatrical Institute, enrolling for a course by Vyacheslav Sergeyevich Shalimov. To more deeply grasp the essence of their chosen profession, Vitaly took part in the performances of the academic theatre named Volkov in Yaroslavl.

    In 2003, the actor graduated from the Academy and went to Moscow, where he almost immediately found work in the theatre Kinospektakl’, which worked for about two years. Simultaneously, he began to act in films.


    Vitaly Emashov debuted on television as a presenter of children’s program «the History of the old attic» on the channel «Star». Simultaneously, he was invited to the shooting of several TV series. The actor played characters and a cameo role in the television series «the Adjutant of love», «Not born beautiful», «Bachelors» and several films. On the wide screen has not got a short movie filmed on the poem by Alexander Tikhomirov, called «Winter holidays». The main role in the film played by Vitaly Emashov. At the festival «Kinotavr», the film won the Grand Prix in the category «Short meter».

    In 2008 Vitaly Emashov was invited to appear in the TV series «the circus Princess», where he was given two roles he played twin brothers Romanov. The actor coped with the work, despite the very different images and characters. The series brought him fame. After the release of «Princess of circus» Amasova were invited to appear in many movies and TV shows.

    Actor often talks about how he loves shooting in extreme conditions that bring him the adrenaline and a dose of adventure, which he lacks in real life. He does not resort to the help of stuntmen, if you know what you can do the stunt himself. A little there are actors who are shooting in the woods, on the water or in the basement bring as much fun as Amasova.

    The following roles, the audience enjoyed no less popularity. Charismatic actor has conquered his game and perfectly conveyed the mood of his characters to the viewer. TV series «General medicine», «Captain Gordeev» and «angel on Duty» were the last scenes where the actor appeared under the name of Vitaly Emashov.

    In the spring of 2011, the artist realized his dream and officially changed his name to Prokhor Dubravin. Vitaly from childhood liked the name Prokhor, and the name Dubravin just sounds great. So in the credits of the TV series has a new name. In the cult TV series «the Game» and «Closed school» actor was playing under a new name.

    In June 2016 the Russian television premiere of the second part of the series «Game 2», where Dubravin also appeared in the lead role along with Pavel Barshak.

    Personal life

    Married Prokhor Dubravin in 2003, the actress Evgenia Serebrennikova. The choice of the actor for 6 years his Junior. In Moscow the girl came to become a movie star. The year 2003 was momentous for Eugenia, she got a job working in one of the theaters of the capital and there met future husband. Young people are not delayed and was officially registered relationship.

    Over the years of marriage his wife became friends, complementing the strong friendship love. They spend almost all my free time in Hiking and traveling. Eugene loves to make husband different surprises and little holidays.


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    Prokhor Dubravin

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