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  • Name: Princess Diana ( Diana Frances Spencer )
  • Date of birth: 1 July 1961.
  • Age: 55 years
  • Place of birth: Sandringham, United Kingdom
  • Activity: Princess Of Wales
  • Marital status: was married to Prince Charles

    Princess Diana: a biography

    Diana Frances Spencer, Her Royal Highness the Princess of Wales, was born on 1 July 1961 in Norfolk in the English aristocratic family. Her father John Spencer, a bearer of the title Viscount of Althorp, was descended from an ancient family of Spencer-Churchill, bearers of Royal blood that came from Charles II, who became famous as the «merry king». Carl was 14 recognized illegitimate sons, who received the title, a large number of unacknowledged children and no heir, born in wedlock. However, thanks to this king, a list of the aristocratic families of England considerably increased.

    Dynasty, which belonged to Princess Diana, can be proud of such eminent sons as sir Winston Churchill and the Duke of Marlborough. Ancestral possession of the family of Spencer is Spencer house, situated in the district of Westminster in Central London. Diana’s mother Frances Shand Kydd also comes from an aristocratic family. Diana’s grandmother on the maternal side was lady in waiting to Queen Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon.

    Primary education is the future Princess Diana got in Sandringham, where she spent her childhood. First teacher lady Di was Gertrude Allen, a governess, who informed the girl’s mother. Further, Diana was educated in a private school Silfield, and later studied at Realsword Hall. The nature of the future Princess wasn’t heavy, but she was always pretty stubborn. According to the memoirs of teachers, she was a good read and painted, devoting their pictures to mom and dad. Diana’s parents divorced when she was 8 years old that was a shock for the child. The result of the divorce Diana remained with his father and mother went to Scotland, where she lived with her new husband.

    The next place of learning for the future Princess of Wales becomes a privileged school for girls in West hill in Kent. Then Diana showed himself as a diligent pupil, and her hobby became music and dance.

    In 1977 Althorpe became acquainted Diana and Prince Charles, however, the future spouses do not pay each other attention. In the same year Diane in a short time studying in Switzerland, but returned home due to severe homesickness.

    Princess Diana: Prince Charles and wedding

    In 1980, Diane re-enters the social circle of Prince Charles. The idle life of the heir to the throne at that time was a serious cause for concern parents. Queen Elizabeth is particularly worried about son’s with Camilla Parker-Bowles, a married noble lady, with which the Prince didn’t even try to hide. In this situation, the candidacy of Diana Spencer to the role of the Princess was happily approved by the Royal family, Charles and, according to some rumors, even Camilla Parker-Bowles.

    The Prince invited Diana first Royal yacht, followed by an invitation to Balmoral castle to explore the Royal family. Charles made the proposal at Windsor castle, but the fact of the engagement for some time was kept secret. The official unveiling took place on 24 February 1981. A symbol of this event became the famous ring of Princess Diana — the precious sapphire surrounded by fourteen diamonds.

    The wedding of Prince Charles and Diana Spencer became the most expensive wedding ceremony in UK history. The celebration took place in the Cathedral. Paul in London on 29 July 1981. The ceremony was preceded by a parade travel through the streets of London in the coach with members of the Royal family, the March of regiments of the Commonwealth and «the Glass coach, in which Diana arrived and her father. Prince Charles was dressed in full uniform of the commander of Her Majesty’s Navy. Diane was wearing a dress that cost 9000 pounds was developed by designers Elizabeth and David Emanuel. The future of the Princess head decorated family heirloom — a tiara.

    The wedding of Diana and Charles was called the «fairy tale wedding» and «wedding of the century». According to experts, the audience, watched the stream the festivities live on the main world TV channels, amounted to more than 750 million people. After the ceremonial dinner at Buckingham Palace, the couple went on a Royal train in the estate of Broadlands, and then flew to Gibraltar, where Charles and Princess Diana began a Mediterranean cruise. After the end of the cruise was given another appointment in Scotland, where members of the press received permission to photograph the newlyweds. The wedding celebration cost the taxpayers almost three million pounds.

    Princess Diana divorce

    According to rumors, at the moment of a marriage proposal from Charles, Diana was known about his relationship with Camilla Parker-Bowles. Subsequently, the Princess became increasingly difficult to contain the jealousy and to protect the reputation of the family, as Prince Charles not only broke the extramarital relationship, but openly acknowledged it. The situation was complicated by the fact that in the person of Queen Elizabeth, which in this conflict the son, Princess Diana received a powerful opponent.

    In 1990, the Tickler it was impossible to hide, and this situation has received wide publicity. During this period, Princess Diana also admits to his ties with the coach riding James Hewitt. At the insistence of Queen Elizabeth, Charles and Diana officially divorced in 1996, four years after the actual collapse of the family. In the marriage with Prince Charles produced two sons: Prince William of Wales and Prince Harry of Wales.

    After the divorce, Diana starts a relationship with a movie producer, the son of Egyptian billionaire Dodi al fayeed. Formally, this relationship has not been confirmed by any of the close friends of the Princess, and in a book written by the Butler of Diana, the fact of their relationship right is denied.

    Princess Diana: death

    During a visit to Diana in the Paris car, in which compartment the Princess was Dodi al-Fayed, bodyguard Trevor Rhys Jones and driver Henri Paul, driving in the tunnel under the bridge Alma, faced with the concrete support. The driver and Dodi al-Fayed died instantly at the scene. Princess Diana died after two hours in the hospital Salpetriere. The guard of the Princess survived, but received a severe head injury, which does not remember anything about the time of the accident.

    Among the reasons for the accident call a lot of factors, starting with the version, according to which the car of the Princess was trying to get away from pursuing their car with the paparazzi, and ending with the version regarding the conspiracy against Diana. Published ten years report Scotland Yard confirmed that two-time Overspeed, it is permissible for traffic on the stretch of road under bridge of Alma, and also the presence of alcohol in driver’s blood exceeded the norm three times.

    Princess Diana: memory

    Princess Diana enjoyed a genuine love of the residents of the UK, affectionately called her lady Di. Princess did a lot of charity work, donating significant funds to the various funds, was an activist, sought a ban on landmines, provided material and moral assistance.

    Sir Elton John dedicated to her memory the song «candle in the wind», 10 years after the death of the film devoted the last hours of the life of a Princess. She dedicate the song Lady Gaga, «Depeche mode» and «Aquarium». In her honor issued postage stamps in many countries.

    According to the BBC, Princess Diana is one of the most popular persons in the history of Britain, ahead in the ranking of other English monarchs.

    Princess Diana: awards

    • Royal family order of Queen Elizabeth II
    • Grand cross of the order Crown
    • The order of Virtue of a special class

    Princess Diana: a photo

    Princess Diana with son, Prince William

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