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  • Name: Prince ( Prince Rogers Nelson )
  • Date of birth: 7 June 1958.
  • Age: 57 years
  • Date of death: 21 APR 2016.
  • Place of birth: Minneapolis, mn
  • Growth: 158
  • Activity: singer, musician, poet, composer
  • Marital status: divorced was

    Prince: biography

    Prince Rogers Nelson, better known by his stage name Prince, is an American singer in the style of rhythm-and-Blues, owner of a large number of awards «Grammy», «Oscar» and «Golden globe». In the late 80’s and early 90-ies of the Prince, together with Madonna and Michael Jackson was considered a leader in the world of pop music. Interestingly, all three were born in 1958.

    Prince was born and raised in Minneapolis, Minnesota, into a family of musicians. His father, John Lewis Nelson, was a pianist, and mother Mattie Della Shaw a jazz singer. By the way, your name the boy received from the alias of his father, who acted as Prince Rogers. From early childhood he and his sister TIKA showed great interest in the work of parents. His first tune «Funk Machine» future pop star wrote and played the piano at 7 years.

    After the divorce of his father and mother Prince alternately lived in their new families, and then settled in the house of the parents of his best friend andré Simon, who would later be the bassist in his band. In adolescence, the youngster began performing in clubs and bars in the various groups. He played keyboards and guitar, sometimes sat at the drum set and took his first steps in singing.

    It is interesting that, despite his small stature, is only 158 centimeters, the Prince in high school was a school basketball team.


    A professional musician Prince was 19 years old when he joined the group of his relative «94 East». A year later the world saw the first solo album of the singer «For You» to which the young man wrote, arranged and sang all the songs. It is important to note the sound of the debut songs of the musician. He made a revolution in rhythm and Blues, replacing the standard brass samples unusual synth sections. In the late 70-ies through Prince styles such as soul and funk shifted together.

    On the second album «Prince» was the first super hit of the singer — «I Wanna Be Your Lover». Great excitement arose around the third album «Dirty Mind,» which shocked listeners more than explicit lyrics. No less than his songs, was surprised and the image of the artist: he came on stage in bright boots with huge heels, a bikini and a military greatcoat.

    In 1982, the Prince issues a dystopian album «1999» that allowed the global community to call him second after Michael Jackson pop musician on the planet. Two songs of this album, the title song, as well as erotic «Little Red Corvette», was included in the list of the greatest hits of all time. Even bigger success, if it is possible to assume, expected of the singer after the release of «Purple Rain». This album is 24 weeks led by the chief of the US charts Billboard, and two songs, «When Doves Cry» and «let’s Go Crazy» competed for the right to be called the best hit of the year.

    In the second half of 80-ies of the Prince completely stops to think about the commercial benefits and embarks on a open musical experiments. He creates psychedelic theme of «Batdance» for the film «Batman», discouraging the album «Sign o’ the Times» and the first album of his songs where he sings, and the horn Gains. Also Prince does some duet recordings, the most famous of which is the duet with Madonna «Love Song».

    In 1993, the artist again shocking the audience. He changes his stage name to an icon

    that is a combination of masculine and feminine. This move was not just a fancy idea. The fact that in this way the artist showed internal changes: if earlier it was aggressive and shocking, now became soft and lyrical. Under this «icon» Prince has released several different style plates, and the biggest hit of that time was the sensual song «Gold».

    To his original alias Prince back in the early 2000s. The album «Musicology» returned the singer to the musical Olympus. The next disc «3121» is notable for the fact that some boxes were hidden free tickets to the concert of the future world tour. This idea Prince borrowed from the fairy tale «Charlie and the chocolate factory». In recent years, the artist released two albums a year. In 2014 he released «lectrumelectrum» and «Art Official Age», and in 2015 the two parts of the disc «HITnRUN».

    Personal life

    During the life of the Prince tied a romantic relationship with many stars of show business, for example, with Madonna, Kim Basinger, Carmen Electra, Susan Munsi, Anna fantastic, Suzanne, hops and many others. In 1985, he was engaged to singer Suzanne Mellon, but then this marriage did not take place.

    He married at the age of 37 on his back-up singer and dancer Keep Garcia. The wedding took place on Valentine’s day in 1996. Soon the family was born the son of Gregory, but the boy was born ill and died a week later. The couple tried for some time to support each other, but then broke up.

    In 2001, Prince married Manuela on again, Testolini, but after five years his wife left him for singer Eric Benito. Probable cause of rupture of relations is called the fact that the star came under the influence of Jehovah’s Witnesses. He not only attended religious meetings, but sometimes he went to the homes of neighbors to discuss the issues of the Christian faith.

    Since 2007 he is Dating his protege Bria Valente. In 2016 was supposed to go the memoirs of the musician called «The Beautiful Ones».


    April 15, 2016 Prince was on a plane, and he needed emergency medical care. The pilot had to make an emergency landing. Doctors found in the body of the singer complex form of the flu virus and began treatment, which the artist had to cancel several concerts is tour.

    Unknown was the flu the main cause, but on April 21, 2016 Prince died. His lifeless body was discovered in the estate of a musician «Paisly Park.»


    • 1979 — Prince
    • 1982 — 1999
    • 1984 — Purple Rain
    • 1985 — Around the World in a Day
    • 1987 — Sign o’ the Times
    • 1991 — Diamonds and Pearls
    • 1992 — Love Symbol Album
    • 2004 — Musicology
    • 2014 — Art Official Age
    • 2015 — HITnRUN



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