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  • Name: Preity Zinta ( Preity Zinta )
  • Date of birth: 31 January 1975.
  • Age: 41
  • Place of birth: Shimla, Himachal Pradesh, India
  • Height: 163
  • Activities: actress
  • Marital status: married

    Preity Zinta: biography

    Famous Indian actress preity Zinta was born in the city Rohru 31 January 1975. Her father was military, mother is a housewife. But at the age of 13 her parents got in a car accident in which the girl lost his father, and then her mother fell ill in bed for two long years. These circumstances have caused the early maturation of Preeti.

    Preity Zinta
    Preity Zinta | Instagram

    Teaching in a Catholic College instilled the girl love of literature and Shakespeare. There, Preity started to play basketball. At age 18 she enrolled in College for an English course, graduating with honors. Additionally studied criminal psychology. However, educated, beautiful and glamorous woman did not work according to their diplomas.

    Preity Zinta childhood
    Preity Zinta childhood

    It was more interested in model career in the advertising industry she has quickly become one of the most popular. But Preity had other dreams, which pretty soon became a reality. In this she was helped by Mr. Case. In 1997, a successful model was accompanied by his friend at the acting audition, where she saw the famous Director Shekhar Kapur.

    Preity Zinta
    Preity Zinta | Facebook

    He told about a beautiful girl colleague, the Director Mani Ratnam and advised to invite to Come to casting in a new film. In the same year, Zinta made her debut in bollywood starring in the film «Love at first sight». And then the movies with her participation began to appear regularly in the box. In 1998, she received the lead role in the Thriller «Good name».

    Preity Zinta
    Preity Zinta

    In this picture the young actress Since helped the famous Indian actor Shahrukh Khan. Deb thanked the bollywood star for his great patience towards her on the set. Because he shared her acting experience and was forgiving aspiring actress.


    1999 also brought a Preeti to fame thanks to starring in the Thriller «Crime novel». The next film was released in 2000. Drama «a Giddy girl» was quite successful. This film brought Preeti first award — the Filmfare Award in the prestigious category «Best debut actress». And next year, critics noted the game Preity in the movie «Loving heart».

    Preity Zinta in the film
    Preity Zinta in the film «a Giddy girl» | Kinozon

    And the role of a prostitute in the movie «Alien child» brings Preity second prize Filmfare Award, this time in the category «Best female role of the 2nd plan». Critics said its most likely the game and the ability to reincarnation. Family drama «only love» (2002) did not receive commercial success, but were warmly welcomed by the critics.

    2003 brought Preeti main female roles in three of the highest-grossing Indian films: the Patriotic drama «From memories», the fantastic «You are not alone» and the melodrama «will Come tomorrow or not?». The role in the last picture brought Preity Filmfare Award in the category «Best female role», unique in its collection of awards.

    Preity Zinta in the film
    Preity Zinta in the film «there will Come tomorrow or not?» | Kinozon

    2004 saw the release of the war drama «the Purpose of life» and the romantic Saga «Veer and Zara», gathered a collection of awards of the Indian cinema, as well as a Grand cash register. However, the film 2005 «We will love» became almost a failure. But in the same year Shinty star shone even brighter — «Salaam Namaste» became the highest grossing film produced by bollywood abroad.

    Success marked the romantic Comedy «My favorite» in 2007. But the Comedy «Meeting, presented love» became a failure, in terms of creativity and commercial. But this fiasco has caused Preeti in Indian parallel cinema. Debut English-language film «Last Lear» was well received in India and abroad.

    Preity Zinta in the film
    Preity Zinta in the film «Heaven on earth» | Film

    The year 2008 was marked by roles in the road movie «Heroes» and the mystical drama «Heaven on earth». This work brought the actress prize «Silver Hugo» at the Chicago film festival. Then there was a two-year break, after which Zinta founded his own production company. However, the producer’s debut product — the romantic Comedy «Love in Paris» (2013) — was marked by failure and negativity from the critics.

    2014 was the year of the release of the Comedy melodrama «Happy ending». And 2015 action movie «Bhaiyyaji Superhitt». This same date is the release of the last picture in the filmography of the actress — «an arranged Marriage». Renowned actress, model, producer, TV presenter and singer is one of the twenty best Indian Actresses.

    Personal life

    The owner of the seductive appearance preity Zinta was never known for his modesty. The actress was attributed to many novels, the greatest outrage from the public has caused the relationship to Come with the famous film Director Shekhar Kapur.

    Preity Zinta and Yuvraj Singh
    Preity Zinta and Yuvraj Singh | cricket World events

    All excited Sinti relationship with the captain of the cricket team of Yuvraja Singh. Their relationship began after Preity was co-owner of the team. The actress made her chosen captain of the team and openly declared about flirting with him. Paparazzi took a photo where she’s hugging athlete. He even bought a luxurious mansion next to the country house sponsor, but they soon broke up.

    Preity Zinta and ness Wadia
    Preity Zinta and ness Wadia | CatchNews

    For five years she had a relationship with ness Wadia, a successful businessman. It is believed that at this same time she became a home wrecker Shekhar Kapoor, though the actress herself called these allegations just sick fantasies of the wife of the Director. On Vudu Zinta even submitted a statement to the police because of his harassment and threats in a public place.

    Another scandal has become common in media audio, which Salman Khan claims to have intimate relationship with Preeti during the filming of the film «Alien child». While the actor himself never commented on the event. He has not confirmed the authenticity of the facts disclosed, but also has not denied them, but said nothing.

    Preity Zinta and her husband
    Preity Zinta and her husband, gene Goodenow | Circle Of Bollywood

    In 2016, her husband was gene Goodenow, American financial Advisor. The wedding was held in a suburb of Los Angeles. Guests at the wedding were relatives and close friends. After that, the actress ended his career.

    Interesting facts

    Preity Zinta played the role in different languages: Hindi, Punjabi, Telugu and English. In 2003, the young actress testified against the Indian mafia. Preeti for years to donate blood as a donor.


    Preity Zinta

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