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  • Name: Potap ( Potapenko Oleksii )
  • Date of birth: 8 may 1981
  • Age: 35 years
  • Place of birth: Kiev
  • Activity: Ukrainian producer, author, singer, Director, writer, composer, TV presenter
  • Marital status: married to Irina Gorovoy

    Potap: biography

    Potap (the real name of the artist Alexey Potapenko) was born may 8, 1981 in the capital of Ukraine. Alexei’s mom — athlete, world champion in diving. Father was in the military. Parents have taught his son discipline and managed to form a solid character. Since the early childhood Alexey leads a very active life. From a young age he was involved in swimming and water Polo and attained the rank of master of sports.

    Despite being very busy, Alex wrote songs and poems. With 13 years he even attempted to record music. The parents thought their son’s hobby not a serious.

    After leaving school, Alex became a student of Kiev University of physical education, where he not only studied, but also had time to play in the University team of KVN. After high school Potapenko could become a coach or physical education teacher, the father insisted on further education, and his son listened. This time the guy entered the Kiev economic University and got her master’s degree in economic Sciences.

    Still, Alex Potapenko has not chosen for life, one of the acquired professions, decided to link their destiny with music.

    Potap: «Potap and Nastya»

    As a student, he all his free time devoted to the writing of the songs, participated in music projects. Long, this activity is not brought to the Farm income, but he decided to devote himself to show business. Soon a lot of perseverance, a genuine love for music, the pursuit of popularity provided the results.

    In the 1997th year, the captain organized his first group. He was not rapping, giving preference to the hardrock. In 2003, the year Potapenko presented his first solo album called «On the wave or ANO kaneshno potomucho the what».

    A turning point in the creative biography Potap came in 2006. The year of birth of the project «Potap and Nastya». Alex, being quite a famous artist, decided to record a new song with a girl and started looking for a vocalist that could sing the chorus of his new song. A friend recommended the Farm to record this song with Nastya Kamenskih. Then nobody thought a one-off duet will turn into a very successful musical project.

    It’s only been a year, and at the festival «New songs about the main» performers were awarded prizes. The Duo performed their hit «Not a couple», which instantly became the leader of the chat. Singing this song, you guys won the contest «5 stars».

    In 2008 they released their debut album «Not a couple», and in 2009 saw the release of the second album called «do Not love me brains». In the same 2009 real explosion of popularity caused the a fresh hit «chumachechaya spring». Song was playing literally everywhere. The team moved to new heights and won the award for the award. Through several years of collaboration and release of the latest hits Potap and Kamenskih collected all music awards in the post-Soviet space: «Golden gramophone», «song of the Year», «RU.TV», «Muz-TV».

    In 2013, fans saw the Duo’s third album, favorite artists «All beam». The same name the song received the award «Golden gramophone-2014» and kept a long time at the top of music charts with the new hit song «UDI UDI».

    In 2014, the year of Potapov and his colleague voiced Tusk and a Spring — German heroes of the cartoon «the Seventh dwarf», and he also created the cartoon two of the soundtrack. One of them is surprisingly positive single «Believe in yourself» – very much the audience for a long time and was play listed on radio stations in Russia.

    The Duo created Potapov, officially recognized as the most popular touring Duo in the country. The number of concerts and invitations to perform is that the singers are the envy of most famous artists. The project was set all new records for visits to concert halls.

    Potap: production

    In 2010 Potap opened his own production center «MOZGI Entertainment», which in addition to the duet «Potap and Nastya» group «Time and Glass», an eccentric artist Arkady Licina and dance music mens band «Mozgi».

    Potap is not just a producer. He also writes songs, scripts, acts as a Director of videos and is an inexhaustible source of creativity of the team «MOZGI Entertainment».

    As a performer Potap is not only with Kamensky, but is one of the participants of the project «Mozgi». And with «Time and Glass», he recorded a joint single, «Teardrop» and has starred in the same clip.

    The company creates videos not only for production projects Potapenko, but also for other popular artists, among which Zara, Diana Gurtskaya, group «30.02», Alex Kogan. Soon Potap along with Vadim Lisitsa founded the recording Studio «MOZGI/FOXX Studios». It generated over a hundred hits and maintained long-term cooperation with well-known artists.

    Potap: personal life

    Kiev artist and producer was not only a professional career, personal life Potap — too happy project. Alex is married. His wife

  • Irina Gorovaya by profession a financier and works as a commercial Director of the producer center «MOZGI Entertainment». For Irina this is the second marriage. From his first marriage she left a daughter Natalia, who they are now raising together. In 2008-m to year Irina Gorovaya gave birth to a son. In the family of the captain have the custom to name boys names Andrew, or Alex. The couple decided to name him Andrew.

    Often wired Potap at different events is Nastya Kamenskih, which leads to rumours about the alleged differences between them relationships that go beyond work. Nastya and Potap are rumors rejected.

    Potap: discography (albums)

    • On the wave or ANO kaneshno potomucho the what
    • Not a couple
    • We are richer…
    • Do not love me brains
    • All the beam

    Potap: photo


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