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(biography, photo, video) Jorge Mario Bergoglio

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  • Name: Pope Francis ( Jorge Mario Bergoglio )
  • Date of birth: 17 December 1936
  • Age: 80 years
  • Place of birth: Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Activities: head of the Catholic Church, the Supreme ruler of the Holy see, the head of the Vatican
  • Marital status: Not married

    Pope Francis: a biography

    Pope Francis is the 266 th head of the Catholic Church, which became the first ever Pontiff from the New world and the Pope is a Jesuit. He is known worldwide as a multifaceted, but a very humble person, who in addition to their main duties on the throne makes a significant contribution to solving the world’s problems, and is a diplomat in the normalization of relations with the Orthodox clergy in different countries.

    Born Pope Francis (born Jorge Mario Bergoglio) on 17 December 1936 in the Argentinian capital Buenos Aires in a large family of Italian immigrants Regina Maria Sivori and Mario Bergoglio, Giuseppe. He was the fifth and last child of parents who raised children in love and care, but simply modest, as the only breadwinner in the family was a father who was an ordinary worker on the railroad. In a child, the future head of the Catholic Church was a generous, kind-hearted and generous boy, so tried to take out all valuable from the house and give to the needy, for what was repeatedly punished by parents.

    It was then that the mother of Jorge Mario Bergoglio realized that her son would be a child of God, because he was absolutely gentle with any person exercising their mellowness without feigned arrogance. Despite this, the first education he received in one of the universities of Buenos Aires, where he studied chemistry. Having received the diploma of chemical engineer, Pope Francis was admitted to the Seminary, and at age 22 entered the men’s religious orders of the Roman Catholic Church. The period of poslushnika (the novitiate took place in Chile, after which he returned to his hometown and enrolled in St. Joseph’s College, where I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in (academic) philosophy.

    Until 1969, Bergoglio was engaged in teaching in Catholic colleges of Buenos Aires. He taught the students of literature, philosophy and theology. In the words of the Pope, in his early youth until he had the desire and the ability to attract people to the Church, he had to work as a janitor, lab assistant and even as a bouncer in a nightclub in Argentina.


    33 Jorge Mario Bergoglio was ordained to the priesthood, after which he continued teaching he became a lecturer at the faculty of theology at the College of San Miguel. In 10 years conquered the leaders of the Jesuit society with their advanced knowledge, ruggedness and tenacity, the future Pope was promoted to the rector of the Seminary of St. Joseph, and 6 years later defended his doctoral dissertation in Germany and was appointed spiritual Director of the Archdiocese of córdoba.

    In 1992, the future head of the Catholic Church, he was ordained a Bishop, and in 1997 he was appointed coadjutor, that is, the heir of the diocese. Then he showed all his talent of a leader, revealed as the real father of the Church, and boundless modesty, and was elevated to Archbishop of Buenos Aires. In 2001, Archbishop Bergoglio received the title of Church. Robert Bellarmine and elevated to the cardinals, becoming the highest after the Pope, a clergyman of the Catholic Church.

    Reaching the so-called Church of Olympus, the future Pope Francis took several administrative positions in «the ministries» of the Vatican he received the membership of the Congregation for the divine worship and discipline of the sacraments became part of the Congregation for the clergy and Church property, and also became a member of the Pontifical Council for the family.

    In 2005, after the death of Pope John Paul II, cardinal Bergoglio was summoned to Vatican city as papabile, but the vote could not defeat his chief rival for the post of head of the Catholic Church Joseph Ratzinger. Thereafter, he was appointed Chairman of the Episcopal conference of Argentina than it has won international prestige and leadership among the cardinals. In 2013 after the abdication of Benedict XVI from the papal throne that was the first time in 600 years, cardinal Bergoglio left for the Conclave as a candidate and this time became the leader of voting.

    Pope Francis

    The enthronement of the new Pope took place on 19 March 2013. Cardinal Bergoglio took the first in the history of the papacy the name Francis and became the first head of the Catholic Church from the New World with the Jesuits. Catholics with great enthusiasm, received the news that their pastor was a humble cardinal Bergoglio from Latin America.

    Becoming «President» of the Vatican, Pope Francis remains humble and socially just person. It is very easy to communicate with people and adheres to the «correct», according to the company, the position of social and moral issues. The head of the Catholic Church strongly opposes abortion and euthanasia, against gay marriage supporting Catholic traditionalism.

    Pope Francis has conducted a large-scale reform in the management of the Vatican Bank, has anti-corruption direction. He became the only head of the Catholic Church, which after a year the Board presented a financial report of the Institute of religious Affairs, and at the end of 2015 and is appointed the external audit of the financial statements of the Vatican, whose budget is more than $ 300 million.

    Held the post Pope Francis shows a friendly attitude towards Russia, manifesting a deep interest in the Orthodox Church. In early 2016, he first met with the Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia Kirill, with whom he discussed the issue of persecution against Christians, relations between the Catholic and Orthodox churches and international policy.

    Personal life

    Personal life of Pope Francis is entirely in the clergy, and belief in God. He leads a very modest life, preaching compassion for all sick and poor people, often visits the slums and hospices. Impeccable biography of the Pope makes it one of the few senior officials who were not in my life «dark spots». Even as Archbishop he rode to the temple on the subway, abandoning him to put privileges, and in Rome, arrived with only one suitcase of personal belongings.

    The head of the Catholic Church has completely abandoned the television, what vowed in 1994 and adheres to the ideals of Evangelical poverty, he does not have luxury apartments, a popemobile and a personal chef. He is worldly and weaknesses. Pope Francis is a loyal fan of the Argentine soccer club «San Lorenzo» and in 2008 became a member of the booster club.

    In 2016, it became known that the Pope will play in the adventure film «the other side of the sun», in which the plot will be the New Testament, and the main characters will be the children, the roles of the twelve apostles. Sam Francis was asked to make a film like that to children all over the planet were able to understand the message of Jesus Christ.


    Pope Francis

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