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  • Name: Andrey Bednyakov ( Andrey Bednyakov )
  • Date of birth: 21 March 1987
  • Age: 29 years
  • Place of birth: Mariupol, Ukraine
  • Height: 175
  • Activities: Actor, impersonator, broadcaster
  • Marital status: Married Anastasia Short

    Andrey Bednyakov: biography

    The biography of this charismatic and smiley guy is not very rich in great sporting events, but this does not make it any less interesting. Andrey Bednyakov has gained its popularity thanks to participation in several high-profile TV projects in Russia and Ukraine. The most popular of them — «the eagle and Reshka».

    Andrew was born and raised in an ordinary family, in the city of Zhdanov. His father worked at a local factory, the mother in the hospital. Could anyone assume that soon the Poor kid become a famous actor and will Shine in the television? Moreover, after school, he received the profession of electrician and went to work at the plant.

    Andrey Bednyakov
    Andrey Bednyakov |

    So would a simple guy Andrew Poor people to work in the metallurgical field, in his small Ukrainian town, if not his ability it is beautiful and easy to joke. A great sense of humor brought a young man in a team of KVN «And here we are», with which he performed for several years, delighting audiences with colorful performances and sparkling jokes. Thanks to the natural charm and ability to win over the audience with Andrey Bednyakov has become one of the most popular and famous players of the higher League of KVN of Ukraine.

    However, to leave the job at the factory just does not work: nothing happens by magic, and some years Andrey worked in the steel industry to secure a stable income. Performances in KVN had to combine work and study. But he did not somewhere, and in Kharkov University at MIA! After graduation, the young man went to Kiev and got a job at a radio station.

    Soon he passed the test casting in the Ukrainian TV show «Big difference», where he became a leading. The project has been momentous in the life of the until then little-known leading radio station. In terms of selection, each artist had to perform a few skits. After you complete the basic tasks Bednyakov was asked to improvise several parodies. Despite the excitement and stress, he honorably fulfilled all the tasks and came out with casting the winner!

    Andrey Bednyakov
    Andrey Bednyakov | Movie-Theater.RU

    From that moment began a new milestone in the artistic career Bednyakov. While working on the show, he showed a remarkable ability to parody votes, and other necessary skills have captured literally on the fly, listening to the advice of more experienced colleagues and developed rapidly in the role of facilitator.

    «Heads and Tails»

    However, the real popularity brought Andrew participated in the show «heads and Tails». The casting was really difficult, had to commit. But the reward is worth it — after all, it was not just a project, and quite interesting program about travel! Charisma and talent Bednyakov helped him become one of the favorites of the viewers. The «bearded» image was made to transfer some zest, refreshed the audience’s attention. With the emergence of a new leading the rating of the channel took off instantly, with a sinking heart waited for new releases.

    Andrey Bednyakov
    Andrey Bednyakov | VKontakte

    Thanks to the «heads and tails» Andrey Bedniakov visited more than sixty countries and has carried out his dream of travel. In South America he did spent almost a month together with the crew. Standing behind the plumbing machine in the factory, a simple guy from the province could not and dream that is to travel around the world, giving smiles and joy to thousands of viewers love it, but still get a good fee.

    In 2013, the year our favorite of destiny to suddenly left the project «heads and Tails» (unfortunately for fans) and almost immediately appeared in another gear — «star Date». There he spent a short time: the longing for the thrill brought host another show about travel «As chip will fall.» However, the success of the program and have not seen after their first and only release of it got canceled.

    2014-the year was marked by the participation Bednyakov in a new transmission — «Rich-Poor». Before anything like this on TV was not. Now any viewer was able to meet your favorite leading directly into the street of our city! And besides, anyone could win from one to twenty five thousand rubles, answering questions. The correct answers had to give passersby who chooses a major party. The audience had three interesting features: chat with Andrey Bednyakov, to win money and finally see themselves and their friends on the channel Friday.

    Andrey Bednyakov in the show
    Andrew Poor people in «Rich-poor» | HELLO!

    Audience transmission grew rapidly, among the viewers were people of completely different social and age categories. Bednyakov compared with Ivan Urgant, from standard designs poured in from all sides.

    One of the most exciting projects Bednyakov became buds. In it the presenter explores the most hidden corners of the planet, revealing centuries-old secrets and conducting exclusive guided tours to places where no one ever was. On each site host tells five stories, one of which is a lie. What would have to guess the audience. Intriguing, isn’t it?

    Andrey Bednyakov
    Andrey Bednyakov | Correspondent

    In 2016, the year the producers of the «eagle and Tails» pleased the fans of the show news: Andrey Bednyakov and Nastya Korotkaya wife back for the 10th season! The pilot edition will be released on the 9th of February. Intriguing bonus: to explore countries and cities will lead to new tandems. In addition to the star couple, the program will return Zhanna badoeva, Lesya Nikityuk.

    Personal life

    Speaking about the biography of Andrey Bednyakov, it is necessary to dwell on his personal life. From the above-mentioned Nasty Short lead met during the KVN games. Re-met future spouses on the show «Big difference», where they had to work. Even then, their hearts began liking each other, but soon the show was over, their paths diverged.

    Nastya is Short and Andrey Bednyakov
    Nastya is Short and Andrey Bednyakov

    Strange to say, but soon the pair met again — show «heads and Tails». Together they have traveled to many countries. Offer hands and hearts of the beloved Andrew did in new York. The wedding took place on 1 September 2014, and in 2015 a young family has announced a joyful event — was born the daughter. On the website of the channel «Friday» then came the congratulations, where colleagues leading admitted that along with the fans of the show have long followed their Instagram, waiting for replenishment. Well, we can only wish the young family prosperity and new career highs!

    The wedding of Andrew and Nastya
    The wedding of Andrew and Nastya |

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    Andrey Bednyakov

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