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  • Name: Polina Strelnikova ( Polina Strelnikova )
  • Date of birth: 20 June 1986
  • Age: 30 years
  • Place of birth: Minsk
  • Height: 167
  • Activities: Russian actress with Belarusian roots
  • Marital status: Divorced

    Polina Strelnikova: biography

    Today Polina Strelnikova already many well known and many favorite actress. To its credit rating such projects as «Detective Agency «Ivan da Marya»», «Monogamous», «Call» and «dudes».

    Polina Strelnikova (maiden name*) was born in June 1986 in Belarus. In Minsk passed her childhood and teenage years. She thought about the acting profession. The girl was in school with physics and mathematics and was preparing for University admission. It is not known what happened to her in high school, but she suddenly decided to choose the path of an actor.

    The first attempt Strelnikov entered the Belarusian state Academy of arts, where he was enrolled in a course known teacher Vladimir Misanchuk. In 2008 got the diploma of high school theater and continued to develop his career, which started in his student years.


    The debut of Polina Strelnikova in the movie took place in his student years. She starred in the melodrama «the General’s Daughter» is a modern story of Romeo and Juliet. Director Dmitri Orlov was entrusted to the student’s main role, which she did well. This film opened to a young actress the door in the cinema.

    In 2008, immediately after graduating high school theater, Polina appeared in two ranking projects – the popular TV series «Call» and the cult film «Stilyagi». And let Valery Todorovsky was entrusted to the Belarusian artist is only a small episode, but the experience of such a venerable Director in the company of actors, whose names are known to all, did the trick: Polina Strelnikova started to receive regular offers from the Directors.

    The young actress has proven his skill not only on the set: Strelnikova love to play on the stage of the Drama theatre of the Belarusian army, having to play multiple roles while still a student. Then she delighted the audience in the Theatre-Studio of film actor, where he appeared in productions of «Very simple story» and «Forget Herostratus!», in Minsk’s Modern art theatre. In the past Directors have entrusted Strelnikova starring in productions of «native» and «Minsk, I love you.»

    A cinematic biography of Polina Strelnikova also developed successfully. The popularity of the woman came after the release of the film by Vitaly Dudin «Cadet». Here the actress got the lead role. This work brought the first of the prestigious awards – diplomas of two international festivals «Constellation» and the «Golden knight».

    In 2012, viewers saw Pauline Strelnikova in the image of the heroine of the series «Monogamous», loved by millions of fans for domestic melodramas. And to surprise their fans, the artist has managed his work in the film Michael Weinberg, «the price paid for love.» Her character is not similar to all previous games played earlier. Critics noted the increased skill Strelnikova, which, under the effect of deep psychological images.

    In recent years, released several high-profile projects in which the Belarusian artist played the Central characters. The best of them «Dad for rent», the Comedy «What men want», «Zemsky doctor. Return» and «Beloved women Casanova».

    Personal life

    Work in the melodrama «at noon on the pier» brought the young artist not only bright role, but love. Pauline sarcina met with his colleague Konstantin Strelnikov. Broke out on the set of «office romance» I noticed everyone who was involved in the film, although the pair carefully hid their feelings.

    Soon in the credits of all subsequent films involving a woman, her name was listed as «Polina Strelnikova».

    The couple quietly got married, trying not to attract to this event too much attention. It is known that Constantine over Polina for 10 years.

    In early 2016, the actress admitted that she and her husband filed for divorce. According to Pauline, they Constantine was different, but this did not prevent the ex-spouses to remain friends.


    • «The General’s daughter»
    • «Call»
    • «Stilyagi»
    • «Cadet»
    • «Monogamous»
    • «Payback for love»
    • «Dad for rent»
    • «What men want»
    • «Zemsky doctor. Return»
    • «Beloved women Casanova»


    Polina Strelnikova

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