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  • Name: Polina Maksimova ( Polina Maksimova )
  • Date of birth: 12 July 1989
  • Age: 27 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Activities: actress
  • Marital status: not married

    Polina Maksimova: biography

    Polina Maksimova is a Russian actress who became popular after the release of the TV series «Deffchonki». She was born in the summer of 1989 in a family of actors Vladimir and Svetlana Maksimovic. Since childhood the girl was distinguished by a lively and vivid character, the path in the footsteps of parents has been determined.

    Teaching acting Polina started in the circle, who visited after school. She participated in various competitions and events. Recruited during this time experience came in handy when entering the Higher theatre school im. Schepkin (course Nicholas Afonin).

    One of the facets of talent Polina Maksimova have a melodramatic role. The proof of this is her diploma work in the play «the bride», where she played the role of Larisa Ogudalova. After some time the young actress flashed in the play, staged the play «Blaise» by Claude Manet.

    By 2010, the end of «Chips», the girl was more popular in the movies. In parallel with studies of Maksimova starred in a few TV projects. In her biography acting career began with performances of roles of the second plan and develops gradually.

    Polina Maksimova movies

    In 2008 Polina Maksimova was cast and tried his first role in a movie — in the series «Take me with you». Aspiring actress in a small role, but the blonde did not go unnoticed. Soon she was showered with offers to participate in movies.

    In 2009, the girl finally comes the invitation to a role of first plan in the series «the Last Cardon». Then Pauline was the work of «Love in the manger», «Bomb», «angel Wings», «Promotion» «Two stories about love», «Remember – I do not remember», «Bet on love», «8 Nova. During the shot she was lucky to work with the Russian movie stars.

    Exceptional talent has enabled Polina Maksimova become a master of the episode.

    Polina Maksimova: the series «Deffchonki»

    To date, the role in the TV show «Deffchonki» was the most striking of the works of Polina Maksimova. In the TV series Pauline plays the glamorous Olga Rzhevskaya (Lola), who with his friends is coming to Moscow to arrange his life. Girls happen different unexpected twists and turns, often in search of happiness they find themselves in a difficult situation.

    In the story «Devchonok», Lola recently broke up with a boyfriend, and is now looking for a rich guy. Eccentric blonde looks stunning, living large.

    The actress says that her character no need to compare with such characters as Alia or Masha Belova from the TV series «Univer», as Olga Rzhevskaya, as she said, differed significantly from those of serial models.

    On the screen Polina Maksimova shows the audience the life of a representative of «Golden youth», which in the end will be a normal girl who tries to hide behind glamour and luxury.

    Polina Maksimova: personal life

    Beloved husband of Polina Maksimova is also an outstanding personality. We are talking about the deserved master of sports

  • Nikita Lobintsev, which repeatedly became the prize-winner of Olympic games in swimming. They met in London in 2012 and since then not breaking up, although living apart. Young people admit that it was love at first sight. Athlete loves Maximov and her feelings for him does not hide. The couple spends all their free time together, visiting museums and theatres, walking in beautiful places of the city.

    «My Nikita respects my work, not jealous of the fans, considering all adequately. This is he, of whom I could only dream of before!», — says the actress.

    Nikita Lobintsev and Polina Maksimova – public people, the timetable is very tight. The first spends a lot of time in the United States, and the second is shot in Russia. According to Pauline, at the meeting they can look at each other and silently admire.

    Polina Maksimova: filmography

    • «Adventures in the fairy Kingdom»
    • «Angel wings»
    • «Two Of Anton»
    • «Deffchonki»
    • «The night visitor»
    • «The final frontier»
    • «Not they,»
    • «Bet on love»
    • «8 new visits»
    • «Bombed»

    Polina Maksimova: photo

    Polina Maksimova

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