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  • Name: Polina Kutsenko ( Polina Kutsenko )
  • Date of birth: 22 February 1996.
  • Age: 20 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 172
  • Activities: actress
  • Marital status: not married

    Polina Kutsenko: biography

    Very young Russian actress Polina Y. Kutsenko already known to fans of domestic serials on work in such projects as «Compensation» and «the Last COP». Although it is obvious to everyone that her best role is yet to come and will appear when the girl will get a theatrical education and gain experience in films.

    Polina Kutsenko Gosha Kutsenko
    Father Gosha Kutsenko | the Star online

    Polina was born in the family of the two brightest stars of the Russian screen. Her father is a famous actor Gosha Kutsenko and her mother is the beautiful actress Maria Poroshina. After five years of married life the parents Kutsenko broke up. As they officially, their relationship was not registered, but lived in a de facto marriage, and long legal delays in the divorce was not.

    Polina Kutsenko and Maria Poroshina
    With his mother Maria Poroshina | children of the stars

    Little Pauline continued to live with her mother, who remarried for the actor of theater «Contemporary» Ilya Drevnov. Subsequently, Maria Poroshina gave the eldest daughter of three little sisters – Seraphim, Agrippina and aid. Another sister Eugene was born in a new family of the father. Her mother was the second wife Kutsenko, actress Irina Skrinichenko. Biography Polina Kutsenko began when the girl was 11 years old. Successfully performed in a pair of feature films, she decided to follow in the footsteps of their parents and become an actress, although she tried to dissuade eldest daughter from such a choice.

    Polina Kutsenko Gosha Kutsenko
    Father Gosha Kutsenko at the ball «Tatler» | Woman.ru

    Kutsenko has passed the preparatory courses at the School-Studio of MKHAT, where he studied in the class-center for talented pedagogue Sergei Kazarnovskaja. Then there was the opening competitions in different Moscow theatre universities. Polina first wanted to get into GITIS, but has not passed the second round of tests. But the eldest daughter of Gosha Kutsenko began to study at the Theatre Institute of the Boris Shchukin in the workshop of Valentina Nikolayenko, well known to fans of cinema Comedy «Wedding in Malinovka». Pauline Yu is graduating high school in 2017.


    The first picture in the filmography of Polina Kutsenko became romance «On the way to the heart», which starred her mother, Maria Poroshina, and also Marat Basharov and Anatoly Bely. Then the girl was only 11 years old and she got a cameo and in the credits the name Kutsenko is not even indicated.

    Polina Kutsenko in the movie
    As Christine Maltseva in «Compensation» | Movie-theater

    In the second film Polina Kutsenko at all was almost accidental. In the family drama «Compensation» starred her father Gosha Kutsenko, Pauline came to the Studio just to visit the father. Director Vera Storozheva looked at the teenage girl, invited to audition, and then adopted the 14-year-old Pauline in the role of Cristina, the youngest daughter of the protagonist from his first marriage. We can say that in this romance the girl played herself, because on-screen father was her own dad.

    Polina Kutsenko in the movie
    In the role of Julia Terekhova in the movie «the Last COP» | Movie-theater

    Interestingly, in the third work of the criminal detective series «the Last COP», Pauline played the onscreen daughter of Gosha Kutsenko, which this time her name is Julia Terekhov. And «mother» in this serial film was the actress Vera Storozheva. Many viewers believe that the aspiring actress appears on the screen harmoniously, although most fans of the series waiting for when the girl will get way more different from her real life. As long as she appeared in front of the camera just as a child one of the real parents.

    Personal life

    Polina Kutsenko personal life is not built yet, though she has a boyfriend. Behalf of, the public does not know, but his father Gosha Kutsenko, mother Maria Poroshina and stepfather by Ilya Drevnov his favorite girl already introduced. And the family believes the young man is very worthy of his attention.

    Polina Kutsenko
    Photo of a young actress | VK

    I must say that Polina has long been committed to independence. She even some time together with her friends rented a private dwelling, but the father and mother managed to convince my daughter that while she should be thinking more about classes at the theatre Institute, when the process of laying a base of acting, not about entertainment, is inextricably linked with life separately from parents. His word said and Drevnov that to the eldest daughter of his wife is a great authority. In the end, Polina Kutsenko personal life aside and went back to the apartment of the parents.


    • 2007 — On the way to my heart
    • 2010 — Compensation
    • 2015-2016 — the Last COP


    Polina Kutsenko

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