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  • Name: Polina Griffis ( Paulina Lake )
  • Date of birth: 21 may 1975
  • Age: 41
  • Place of birth: Tomsk
  • Height: 167
  • Activity: singer, the former soloist of group «A-Studio»
  • Marital status: divorced

    Polina Griffis: biography

    Paulina Lake (after the first marriage Griffis) born on 21 may 1975 in Tomsk. The girl grew up in a creative family, where his mother was choreographer, and dad sang beautifully and played the guitar. For a while he was the head of the Tomsk musical group. Polina’s grandmother was an Opera singer, and my aunt used to run one of the music schools of the city.

    When her daughter was 6 years old, the family moved to Riga. There Paulina went to music school and learned piano. Also the girl had time to take singing lessons and attend dance school, where he studied ballroom, folk dance and classical ballet. Later, Polina toured with the jazz ballet, which was directed by her mother.

    When Pauline was 17 years old, the family Lake again changed residence, moved to Poland. In Warsaw Polina’s mother led the dance group.

    In Poland after received during the dance performances, injuries, the girl finally decided to concentrate on vocals. Sometimes Pauline appeared in the corps de ballet.

    Polina Griffis: «A-Studio»

    Biography Polina Griffis began in 1992, when the girl drew the attention of American film Director, pozyskiwanie actors in a musical «Metro». He saw Polina in one of the shows in Warsaw and invited to the casting. In a year of youth the musical «Metro» was held on Broadway. At the end of the tour Polina Griffis decided not to return to Poland. She started the music career continued to develop his vocal and recorded several songs with American producers. To earn money, she performed in night clubs and bars in new York.

    In 2001 Polina Griffis returned to Russia. The reason for the return becomes an invitation to work as a soloist in the music band «A-Studio», which left Batyrkhan Shukenov. The singer calls this period the most insane in my life. Changing the established rhythm of work in new York, she plunged into a totally crazy touring schedule.

    Along with «A-Studio» Pauline recorded the song «SOS», which brought her popularity in Russia and many European countries.

    Polina Griffis: music

    During this period, Griffith met with the leader of the Danish band «evergreen». Thomas Christensen, hearing one of the songs «A-Studio» performed by Polina asked her to sing a duet. So the Russian singer became the heroine of famous Russian clip Dane «Since you’ve Been Gone». Soon the soloist decides to leave the band and start a solo career. In duet with Christiansen she sang two more songs, one of which had a video.

    After parting ways with Thomas Pauline continues to record new tracks with European producers. It firmly occupies a niche in the club’s repertoire of many radio stations. And in 2005, Griffis recorded the hit «Justice Of Love», is designed to perform in the EUROVISION-2005. At the same time there was another hit that was immediately shot clip and the song «the Blizzard». She kept a long time in radio charts and brought Polina a new wave of popularity.

    In 2009, the Griffith enters new musical orbit world stage. Together with Joel Edwards, a member of the Duo «Deepest Blue» in one of the music studios in London the singer has recorded a fresh new single «Love is IndepenDead». In the same year, she filming in Kiev video for the song «borderline».

    Today Polina Griffis most of time in the United States, where he is actively working with Western musicians. She recorded joint tracks with Chris Montana, Joel Edwards, Eric Cooper, Jerry Barnes and others. All of their songs in English Pauline writes itself.

    Recently, the singer recalled his homeland, taking part in the third season of the TV show «Toch-V-Toch!».

    Polina Griffis: personal life

    The singer has been married twice. Her first husband bore the name Griffis that Pauline decided to leave. Moreover, mother’s maiden name Lake was very difficult to pronounce for Americans. About how long a couple has lived together and why you got divorced, unknown.

    Second husband singer was Thomas Christiansen. Brilliant creative collaboration resulted in marriage, but very short-lived. One and a half years, Pauline left her husband who not only abused alcohol and drugs, but in a drunken stupor, brawling and fighting.

    Now heart of the beauty freely. According to her, she is not looking for new relationships, as fears once again get burned.

    Polina Griffis: discography

    • SOS
    • Since you’ve Been Gone
    • Justice Of Love
    • Love is IndepenDead
    • Blizzard
    • If you can hear
    • Love is Independent
    • Vogue

    Polina Griffis: photo

    Polina Griffis

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