Polina Gagarina

photography Polina Gagarina

  • Name: Polina Gagarina ( Polina Gagarina )
  • Date of birth: 27 March 1987
  • Age: 29 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 164
  • Activity: Singer, actress
  • Marital status: Married to Dmitry Iskhakov

    Polina Gagarin: a biography

    Biography Polina Gagarina originates in Moscow. The mother was held as a ballet dancer, a successful Director and choreographer-mentor model Agency «Fashion-in-Action». Polina’s father was a doctor. When the girl was 4 years old, Catherine Mukachevo was invited to work in Greece, the ballet troupe of Athenian theater «Also». In 1993 came the news of the death of her husband. Sergei Gagarin died of a heart attack, and choreographer along with her daughter returned to Moscow.

    Staying at home was not long, and in September Polina Gagarina with her mother returned to Athens. The same girl went to the first class, but arriving for the summer to her grandmother, felt an irresistible desire to stay in Russia. Then the question was raised: will continue granddaughter studying abroad or stay in Saratov?

    Adamant she did not want to let go of her granddaughter, and the girl was left at home. Polina Gagarina identified in the music school, where as a demonstration of the talent the girl has performed the single Whitney Houston and was enrolled in the ranks of future musicians. Soon mission mother in Greece ended, and the whole family moved to Moscow.

    Secondary school Pauline has combined with the «muzykalku». Then at age 14 he was enlisted in GAADI. Being a second year student, Polina Gagarina followed the recommendations of the teacher N. Andrianova and went to look for luck on a casting «Factories of stars».

    Polina Gagarina songs

    Biography Polina Gagarina continued a bright start to the project

  • «Factory of stars-2». Contestant sang songs Maxim Fadeev. After winning the «Factory of stars» Polina Gagarina refused to contract with Fadeev and took up the career of a singer yourself. The next two years, the newly minted artist dedicated to advanced learning, creating songs, working with the arrangers.

    In 2005, Polina Gagarina ripe for a lucrative contract with the label «ARS Records» under the guidance. Steep, and soon found himself on stage in Jurmala «New wave-2005». The song «

  • Lullaby» Gagarin brought the contestant in third place and became the first hit in the singer’s discography. In early July 2007, went on sale debut album «Ask the clouds».

    In March 2010, Gagarina discography was replenished with the next album with the intriguing name «About me.» After recording and presenting the CD contract with V. I ended, to continue to cooperate Gagarin decided not to, citing exhaustion from obligations.

    By the time Pauline sing a duet with Irina Dubtsova. The Duo said in June of the same year the prestigious award «MUZ-TV» and «the Best duet». Song Gagarina and Dubtsova «

  • Who, what?» exploded the all the possible charts and ratings for weeks the song «Who, what?» was at the top of the charts.

    In completion of productive activities during the current year, Polina Gagarina graduated with honors from the School-Studio of MKHAT.

    In the spring of 2011 Pauline sang with Michael Dimov in the competition «people’s star-4» which took place in Ukraine. In April, MTV unveiled the serial film «Great expectations», which was headed by filmography Gagarina. In the scenario of the movie was included on the soundtrack of the heroine «I promise.» In August Gagarina song «I’ll never forgive,» was awarded the «Golden gramophone».

    Career unfolded against the backdrop of the operatic genre. Polina took part in the show production of «the phantom of the Opera». Despite the lack of experience of Gagarin to celebrate high ratings and good reviews, in particular, rave reviews followed from L. Kazarnovskaya and Out. Sotkilava.

    2012 was memorable for the merger of the Russian-Ukrainian format of «American idol». The focus of the television show was based on a live performance piece, which was a test of artists on talent and powerful voice. 4 stages Polina Gagarina was three – it was a personal victory and a great investment for the team of his native country.

    In the summer of 2012 Pauline sent as Ambassador to Kazan to the XXVII world summer Universiade. In August the public presents another hit «No» and before the start of the new season on TV is broadcast a staged clip.

    In September, the song Gagarina

  • «The play is over» is another hit. The song, as they say, from each iron. It is a success.

    In addition to filling the discography of Gagarin managed in the summer to voice a cartoon character in the animation «Monsters on vacation», which is already in the middle of October were released on the territory of Russia.

    In the early winter of 2012 Polina Gagarina has won numerous awards at «Song of the year». After a few days, hit the «Play is over» hit the top 20 in the «red Star». Here and began a fruitful collaboration with Konstantin Meladze. The composer wrote to his ward such songs that better fit her inner world and reflect her experiences.

    In 2013, together with Alexander Zhulin Gagarin acted in the TV project «Two stars». In may, Polina Gagarina once again won the prestigious award RU.TV for «Best performer». In July awarded the «Breakthrough of the year» by the organizers of the channel MUZ-TV. Month named the most stylish singer on «Fashion People Awards-2013». But after a few days, fans enjoyed the new single, «Forever.»

    At the end of November 2013, Pauline takes the second time the award «Golden gramophone» for the performance of the author’s text by K. Meladze – No. At the awarding ceremony in the Kremlin Palace insurance Agency «Rosgosstrakh» presented to the winner a certificate, where life and voice Gagarina estimated at $ 1 million.

    From 2005 to 2013, Gagarina discography was replenished with numerous singles, most of which have received the most meritorious award.

    In 2015, the screens out the most anticipated movie «

  • Battle for Sevastopol» — a joint Russian-Ukrainian project of Sergey cavalry mokritskiy. The plot of a historical film is the fate of the famous sniper, Hero of the Soviet Union Lyudmila Pavlichenko, which killed 309 enemy soldiers and officers. She became the first citizen of the USSR, who had the honor of receiving the White House. It was after her impassioned speech before Congress in 1943, the United States announced the opening of a second front. In the movie «Battle for Sevastopol» Polina Gagarin became the performer of the main soundtrack of the legendary songs of Viktor Tsoi «
  • Zozulya». Almost immediately «Cuckoo» performed by Gagarin took the leading position in the domestic music charts.

    In 2015, Gagarin became part of the mentors of the 4th season of the popular music show «the Voice.»

    Polina Gagarina: «Eurovision-2015», 2 place

    Recently it became known that the contest «Eurovision 2015» in Vienna, will represent Russia’s Polina Gagarina. On 15 March on the official YouTube channel of the participant of «Eurovision 2015» from Russia appeared full-length video for the song «

  • A Million Voices». According to Gagarina, «this song unites everyone: the elderly, pregnant women, and children»as the song «A Million Voices» about love. The singer is sure that this feeling is the companion of life, for which the cost to breathe and create».

    The final of the vocal competition was held in the Austrian capital may 23. During the performance, the naked eye could see the excitement Polina, however, Gagarin had done it. Almost all 40 countries gave Russia the points, most of which voted higher grades — 8, 10 and 12. In the end Polina Gagarina took second place, leaving behind the main favorites of the group «Il volo» from Italy. First place went to the Swede Mons Zelmerlow.

    Polina Gagarina: personal life

    Personal life Polina Gagarina – ideal for the press. Juicy headlines, accompanied by compromising photos drew the name of the performer of numerous novels, however, the truth was far. First husband of Pauline was the actor Pyotr Kislov. When it came to the formalization of relations, Polina was already on 7-m month of pregnancy. 14 Oct 2007 the couple had a son Andrew. The couple together was short-lived and soon divorced. Gagarin says that does not preclude the meeting of father and son and even occasionally keeping them company.

    In 2013, the press leaked the information that Polina Gagarina engaged to photographer Dmitry Isakov. The young people got engaged in 2014, the man did Pauline offer at the bridge of lovers in Paris. Wedding Gagarina and Iskhakov took place on 9 September in Moscow. The ceremony was attended by the son of the singer and the people closest to the newly-made family.

    Polina Gagarina: discography

    • «Ask the clouds»
    • «About me»

    Polina Gagarina: filmography

    • «Mothers and daughters»
    • «Katina love»
    • «Monsters on vacation»
    • «Oz: the Return to emerald city»
    • «One hand – Sophie»
    • «Sasha White»

    Polina Gagarin: photo

    Polina Gagarina

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