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  • Name: Polina Filonenko ( Polina Filonenko )
  • Date of birth: 10 August 1986.
  • Age: 30 years
  • Place of birth: Saint Petersburg
  • Height: 160
  • Activities: Russian actress
  • Marital status: not married

    Polina Filonenko : biography

    The family of Polina Filonenko artists was not. Mom and dad worked at a machine at the factory. The family lived in a residential area of St. Petersburg. There, the plant went to work and the older brother of Pauline.

    The Field itself has grown an artistic girl and rowdy. In primary school, often truant, for which she «flew» from their parents. To sit for lessons too lively and lively girl was bored. When Pauline was a little older, it began to disappear in discos and noisy companies. But eventually «got wise» and became sensible. And thinking about the future. Natural data and classes in the theater Department of the Okhta center of aesthetic education pushed Polina Filonenko to the decision to choose an artistic career.

    In high school she already knew that will go to drama College. Considered one of Moscow. But in the 11th grade at Pauline were in love. Not wanting to part with a young man, Filonenko remained in his native city and in 2003 he enrolled in the «School of Russian drama. V. A. Gorbachev».


    During the period of training in acting school Pauline realized that I had made the right choice. She went to the stage and played his first roles in productions of «Cruel intentions», «Light breathing» and «Gal Ghanaian». The young artist felt a strong inspiration from the game. And yet – the desire to improve.

    A cinematic biography of Polina Filonenko started when she switched to 4 year. In the files of «Lenfilm» found her picture, when picking an actress for the role Sony Marmeladova in the drama «Crime and punishment» and Linden in the picture «Yar». The appearance of the students approached these images perfectly. The fragile, blue-eyed and helpless heroine that life mercilessly breaks – that’s what image had to play the Field. She successfully passed the audition and was approved for both roles.

    On the set of «Crime and punishment» Filonenko was lucky to work with such masters of Russian cinema as Elena Yakovlev and Yury Kuznetsov. Watching their game, aspiring actress, as recognized herself, grew in her eyes.

    The experience opened Polina Filonenko door to the world of cinema. Trying to earn credibility first, the artist refused offers to act in serials, preferring «full meter».

    After graduation, she continued her career in the movies. It is with great joy accepted the proposal of the Director Valeria Gai-Germanicus to star in her new project «All will die, and I will remain.» After its release, Polina Filonenko has become the idol of the Russian teenagers. The film was shown at several European film festivals. In Munich, Brussels and Cannes, the project has collected several awards. Polina Filonenko and her two colleagues, and Olga Shuvalova Agniya Kuznetsova, Switzerland received the award for best female role.

    Soon the young actress has gained invaluable experience in military paintings. In a dramatic 12-serial film «I’ll be back» Filonenko played one of the three sisters Rostopchin that he was in a concentration camp by the Germans. The main role in the project went to Elizaveta Boyarskaya. Pauline played her best friend.

    The military drama «Olympus Inferno» about the events in South Ossetia Pauline suggested that the main role, which she played brilliantly. Filonenko reincarnated as a journalist Zhenya, and her partner was made by Israeli actor David Henry. A lot of risky stunts, proposed scenario, and Pauline Henry performed themselves.

    From the works of recent years, where most clearly manifested itself Filonenko, you can call the projects «I’ll show you Moscow», «Woman-winter», «Therapy of love» and «Classmates».

    Personal life

    As recognized actress, love in her life plays a huge role. She amorous man and does not represent the existence without romance. However, until that personal life for Polina Filonenko is not the main priority. The accumulated emotions and unspent love the actress «throws» on the stage or the set. She believes that this will help in future family life, which, after the storm of emotion left at work, will turn into a safe haven.

    In free time Field loves to go to sauna and to chat with friends, which it a huge amount.


    • Yar
    • «Crime and punishment»
    • «All will die, and I’ll stay»
    • «Olimpius Inferno»
    • «I will return»
    • «Europe-Asia»
    • «I’ll show you Moscow»
    • «Gromozeka»
    • «Hardcore»
    • «Classmate»


    Polina Filonenko

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