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  • Name: Polina Chernyshova ( Polina Chernyshova )
  • Date of birth: 11 October 1993
  • Age: 23 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 165
  • Activities: actress
  • Marital status: not married

    Polina Chernyshova: a biography

    Polina Chernyshova — a very young actress, about which little is known. Because of the age of the girl has not had time to get a lot of stage experience and show the audience a significant role.

    Pauline was born 11 October 1993. The aspiring actress since childhood, fond of creativity, for seven years he studied singing, was also involved in choreography and modern dance. When Polina Chernyshova graduated from school, enrolled in the Theatre Institute named Shchukin, where he began to study under the direction of honored artist of Russia Vladimir Ivanov.

    Polina Chernyshova: theatre

    At Institute the student showed exceptional dramatic talent, so when in 2013, the Shchukin school of the Vakhtangov Theatre have formed a joint experiment involving course Vladimir Ivanov, Pauline also invited to participate. Students of the fourth year played in the famous scene in the film of the musical for children «puss in boots», interpretation of the fairy tale by Charles Perrault. In this project, Pauline chernyshovoy got the role of the state and the ladies, hopelessly in love with his king, and after the premiere the young actress received favorable reviews from otetela. The staging was a great success and even won several awards, including the prestigious award «crystal Blue bird».

    In two performances Polina Chernyshova played at home University. The student embodies the image of Helena from Shakespeare’s play, «a Midsummer night’s Dream» the merry widow Varvara Kharitonova from the play Ostrovsky’s «Late love».

    In March 2015, in one interview, Pauline said enrolled member of the Vakhtangov theatre, but more precise information is not available. On the website of the Vakhtangov Theatre name Polina is not yet available.

    Polina Chernyshova movies

    While studying at the University, Pauline became friends with classmate Daria Ursulyak, the daughter of the film Director Sergei Ursulyak. Father interested in daughter’s success, often came to student performances and noted the talent of the young chernyshovoy. In 2014, the Director invited her to star in one of the main roles in the series «

  • Quiet flows the don», which should soon appear on the screens. Almost a year the cast picture was kept secret to avoid unnecessary noise. The Director was not afraid of nothing, that his work will begin to compare with the previous adaptations of the novel.

    In the TV series Pauline played with the already established actor Sergei Makovetsky, who plays one of the main male roles, and with a friend at the University by Daria Ursulyak, which got the role of Natasha.

    In an interview with Polina Chernyshova said that the work on camera has been a difficult and unusual task. Unlike theatre, where each play is rehearsed repeatedly on a film set no place was found for gradual integration into the image. It was necessary to quickly perceive all that is happening and to create the necessary emotions to play convincingly. Get comfortable in front of the camera helped her more experienced colleagues.

    Polina Chernyshova: personal life

    About love Affairs of a young actress is unknown. Even if Polina has a boyfriend, she is very secretive, preferring to communicate with the press exclusively on creative projects.

    Polina Chernyshova: filmography

    • Quiet Flows The Don

    Polina Chernyshova: photo

    Polina Chernyshova

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