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  • Name: Poli Genova ( Genova Poli )
  • Date of birth: 10 February 1987.
  • Age: 29 years
  • Place of birth: Sofia, Bulgaria
  • Activity: singer, participant of «Eurovision 2016»
  • Marital status: not married

    Poli Genova: biography

    Poli Genova— Bulgarian pop singer, participant of Eurovision 2011, the year became a new representative of Bulgaria at the Eurovision song contest 2016 with the song «If Love Was A Crime». She was born and raised in the capital – Sofia. The girl began to sing since childhood, and in 4 years it has started to engage a professional teacher.

    Thanks to the efforts of the school Field in 8 years became part of a very prestigious children’s vocal group «Bon-Bon», led by producer and teacher rose Karaslavova. In parallel Genova studied clarinet at the music school Lyubomir Pipkov. Wind instrument it is recommended not only for the development of skills, but also for the development of the lungs and proper breathing control, for a singer is vital.

    After school she studied at the directing Department at the Academy of theatre and film arts. In addition to his musical career, Poli Genova, as an incredibly creative person, dabbled as an actress, the Capital of the puppet theater, and host of various programs, and a dancer on the television show, and a model, advertises fashion brands. She even voiced in the cartoons and was the face of a network «McDonald’s» in Bulgaria.

    TV show

    Poli Genova had already taken part in a large number of television projects. For example, she was a singer in a charity music show «the Magnificent six»; paired with a Tribute by Milevum performed in «Dancing Stars» — the Bulgarian equivalent of «dancing with the stars»; went on stage a parody of the project «As two drops of water».

    And in 2013 the singer got into the reality show «Music Academy», where he achieved great success. Almost in every weekly broadcast Field occupied a leading position, is gradually becoming the favourite of the project. In the end, she beat all competitors and became the winner.

    Also Poli Genova was not only a party. She was invited for the judging table in the first season of the Bulgarian version of international show «The X Factor», where the singer was mentor groups. And in 2015 she became the host of the Junior Eurovision, which took Sofia.


    At the age of 17 Poli Genova started a professional musical career, having joined the trio «Maydi», translated as «Melody». She was a soloist for three years, and then went to build his own career.

    Major successes of the Field associated with the Eurovision song contest. She wanted to get to this festival since 2005, almost every year, participating in the Bulgarian selection. But the national jury approved her candidacy only 6 years after the first attempt. In 2011 Genova with the song «inat», which means «Stubborn», went to represent Bulgaria in the German city of Dusseldorf, which hosted the final stages of Eurovision-2011.

    There the girl was disappointed her performance could not gain enough points to pass to the final phase, and the singer returned home. But in the beginning of 2016, it became known that Poli Genova intend to prove to the world that she is worthy to represent their country in this Grand musical performance. Her candidacy was approved by the local Council, and Genova will perform in Stockholm with a new song «If Love Was A Crime», which was written by Swedish composers, and the text includes English and Bulgarian languages.

    Personal life

    In the Field Genoway had a brief affair with British singer Simon, whom she met in 2011 at the Eurovision song contest. She also met briefly with reporters, Wagner and Nick by Kinchevym. But as a long-term relationship she formed, she decided to focus on his own career and public life. As she said in one interview: «men don’t have time».

    The singer takes active part in numerous charity events in Bulgaria. She is an Ambassador for UNICEF, and the organization «Children’s villages», which is supported by the President of the country helps creatively gifted children. In addition, Poli Genova with cosmetic company «AVON» is fighting against breast cancer.


    Poli Genova

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