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  • Name: Pippa Middleton Philippa Charlotte Middleton )
  • Date of birth: 6 September 1983
  • Age: 33 years
  • Place of birth: reading, UK
  • Growth: 166
  • Activity: socialite
  • Marital status: not married

    Pippa Middleton: a biography

    Pippa Middleton — the younger sister of the Duchess of Cambridge. Her entire life, she predicted the unenviable fate, because it was believed that she was always in the shadow of his older sister. But Pippa on the role of the second plan did not agree and did everything to ensure that she knew and remembered.

    Pippa Middleton
    Pippa Middleton | VK

    Every day in the news for different reasons remember her name: she released a new book, do charity, then broke up with her boyfriend and was seen with a new. Her whole life is boiling, bubbling and throwing up fresh news to talk about.

    Early years

    Born Philippa Charlotte Middleton (real name Pippa) 6 September 1983, in a simple family that did not belong to the British nobility. Growth 166 cm, weight — 53 kg. Pippa Gillespie Have a sister known to all the Duchess Catherine Middleton and brother James Middleton. Pippa’s father came from a middle-class mother from an old family of coal miners.

    Pippa Middleton and Kate Middleton
    Pippa and Kate Middleton | VK

    They worked in civil aviation: the father — an air traffic controller and her mother is a flight attendant. When Pippa was 4 years old, her parents founded a mail order firm called «Party Pieces». On the British market, the company has successfully developed and brought to a family of unprecedented wealth, while making millionaires.

    Pippa Middleton
    Pippa Middleton | VK

    After some time, the Middleton family have allowed yourself to buy a big house in the district of HaShem stead and to move there. In a new place the girls went to a special school for girls, where she received an athletic scholarship. After graduation, Pippa went to College, Marlborough, where he studied for a short time, he moved closer to her sister in Scotland.

    Pippa Middleton
    Pippa Middleton | VK

    Here Pippa chose the study of literature and after graduation worked for a short period in a small company which was engaged in the promotion of luxury items. After leaving this company, Pippa has worked for a company that organized parties and events. It is known that she was organizing the party, held after the wedding of her sister. Later, Pippa has left the organisation and got a job in the parent business.


    We all know that Pippa is famous, first and foremost, thanks to my sister — Kate Middleton. In one moment about this family found all over the world. And although they are not in poverty, such conditions, as it is now out of the question.

    Pippa Middleton
    Pippa Middleton | VK

    It was after the wedding of Kate Middleton and Prince William are Pregnant drew the attention of the whole world. Thanks to its graceful figure, slender legs and well-matched dresses Pippa has become the object of attention and surpassed even his sister, who that day was the bride.

    As you know, Pippa loves to conduct various events and engaged in this activity and at the present time. In addition, the girl is engaged in charity, is editor of the journal, writes cookbooks, has been in business and sports. How all this time a young girl — is unclear. Pippa also actively engaged in sports produces exclusive bags and clothing line. It seems that she embraced all classes, which only can be.

    Pippa Middleton
    Pippa Middleton | VK

    For quite some time Pippa is an Ambassador for the Heart Foundation, where he helps to raise money for people who need expensive operations. She presented her cookbook, with all proceeds from its sale went to help sick children. It also puts your stuff at charity auctions.

    About all your events Pippa daily reports on Instagram. After reviewing her photos, you can see that she leads an active lifestyle, eats right, plays sports and has a refined taste.

    Pippa Middleton
    Pippa Middleton | VK

    Pippa often becomes the object of attention because of the scandalous deeds. Why are only her scandalous photos where she takes off her swimsuit, dancing half-naked in the company of her husband or removes dress, while wrapping in paper. By the way, her last trick was the final boiling point of her unfortunate fiancé Alex Louden.

    Personal life

    The private lives of Pippa Middleton is very rich and diverse. As a student she had an affair with George Percy, who is the son of the Duke of Northumberland. The guy has the title and at one point inherits no less 500 000 million pounds from his father. This is one of the most popular and desirable suitors. Their romance was stormy, but fleeting. But for Pippa it has neglected relations with his previous lover with whom he spent three years.

    Pippa Middleton and Charlie Gilks
    Pippa Middleton and Charlie Gilks | The epochtimes

    In 2008, Pippa has an affair with Billy Moore Nesbitt is a native of the Scottish aristocracy. But very soon broke up with him. After him was the heir to the diamond Empire — Simon Langman. This candidate is quite satisfied with the girl, but the heir was not ready for a serious relationship. At the same time girl to choose between such candidates as Alexander Spencer-Churchill and Charlie Gilks. The first is the nephew of the Duke of Marlborough and a relative known to all of Winston Churchill, the second is a real playboy, nightclub owner.

    Girl chose a companion, if one day fell in love with a simple guy Alex Louden.

    Pippa Middleton and Alex Louden
    Pippa Middleton and Alex Louden | Celebitchy

    He was from a simple family, and nothing extraordinary to offer his companion could not. But Pippa didn’t pay any attention to it. All friends and relatives in the voice insisted that this pair will not last long, but after a half year relationship Pippa led a young man to your sister’s wedding as my date.

    Pippa Middleton and James Matthews
    Pippa Middleton and James Matthews | Glamurchik

    Rumor has it that the guy was preparing to make an offer to girl bride Kate they fell out so badly that the proposal he never made. The occasion was too blatant of Pippa flirting with Prince Harry. After a break from emotions, she wanted to reconcile with her beloved, but he was a man of his word. Among the favorite of Pippa is also listed So Kingston, Nico Jackson, Chace Crawford.

    At the moment it is known that Pippa Middleton is getting married. Her partner, financier James Matthews. He’s handsome, and unbearably rich that readily demonstrates. The groom gave his beloved a diamond ring worth 250 thousand pounds. The wedding is scheduled for may 20, 2017.

    Pippa Middleton
    Pippa Middleton | VK

    A has divided into two camps: someone imitates Pippa Middleton, and someone does not understand why she was so popular. Her fans are eagerly watching all the changes in her life, copy her outfits, hairstyle, hair color, even turning to plastic surgeons to make «ass like Pippa’s». Opponents notice how sometimes a girl looks sloppy, she has problems with taste and style.


    Pippa Middleton

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