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  • Name: Pink ( Alecia Beth Moore )
  • Date of birth: 8 September 1979
  • Age: 37 years
  • Place of birth: Abington, PA, USA
  • Height: 163
  • Activity: American singer, songwriter and actress
  • Marital status: married

    Pink: biography

    Alecia Beth Moore, known to most of us under the pseudonym Pink, born in Abington American in September 1979. Here in Pennsylvania, were the first childhood of the future star. She grew up and went to school in Doylestown, Wisconsin.

    The ancestors of Alicia’s mother were Jewish immigrants from Lithuania, Germany and Ireland. Father is a veteran of the Vietnam war. Children – Alicia and Jason brought up in the Catholic tradition.

    Musical ability Pink, so called because of his incredible shyness, which she always blushed, emerged very early.

    In elementary school the girl decided to become a rock singer. Most likely this contributed to a father who played the guitar and often accompanied by the little daughter.

    When the Mixture is a little older, she has been musical preferences and authorities. She grew up on the songs of Janis Joplin, Whitney Houston, Billy Joel and Madonna. The last girl is so loved that one time I was sure that Louise Ciccone is her real mom.

    In his youth, Pink not only sang well, but also wrote poetry. First on the scene the girl got in 14 years. It was one of the clubs of Philadelphia.


    At 16 years young singer with two colleagues, Sharon Flanagan, and Chrissy Conway, formed a music group «Choice». The girls sang in the style of R&B. One of his compositions called «Key to My Heart» they recognized quite well, and was sent to the record label «LaFace Records». There is a song highly appraised and concluded with the girls contract.

    Soon came the debut album «Choice». But 3 years the band broke up. Alicia decided to start a solo career. The school took the nickname of «Pink» and turning it into his stage name, the singer has continued his career. At first she sang to the stars, but soon they recorded their first single called «There You Go», made in the same R&B.

    In 2000 he recorded a solo album, which included the named composition.

    A year was recorded the second album Pink, but not in the usual R&B and pop-rock. The third CD, called «Try This» and released in 2003, was less successful from a commercial point of view than the first two. However, for one of the singles, which included him Pink handed a Grammy.

    The next 2 albums had appeared in the interval between 2006 and 2008. The Billboard called the singer the most famous pop-artist from 2000 to 2010. Her 5th album was mega-popular. In the US it sold 2 million copies. 7 million sold copies worldwide.

    A cinematic biography of Pink is also developing rapidly. In 2000, her debut in the film «Ski To The Max». She appeared in the role-a cameo. But after 2 years she played a rock singer in the movie «Rollerball». After another year in the 2nd season of «Charlie’s Angels».

    Pink-vegetarian diet and on this basis she has created many conflicts with well-known personalities. The artist has publicly criticized Fox hunting, which admires Prince William. And sent an angry letter to the Queen of England. She urged him to cancel the traditional bear Chivery guards Honourable artillery company. For the love of natural furs Pink and rebuked his colleague Beyonce.

    Personal life

    With her husband Carey HART Pink met on the racing. The love of motorcycles was mutual. Alicia was the first time riding on this vehicle in 2 years. Later, becoming the star of Pink, she appeared on «Harley Davidson» even at the award ceremonies.

    In 2005, the singer appeared at motocross races where they were supposed to compete, Carey HART, and she made him an offer. This was quite an extravagant way: alisha was holding a sign, on one side of which she asked the beloved, with him marrying her, and the second confirmed that he was not joking.

    The flamboyant couple were married in 2006 in Costa Rica. But the personal life of Pink turned out to be not so cloudless. After 3 years, the couple broke up, but official divorce was not. In 2009, fans of the singer welcomed the news that Pink back together with HART. In the summer of 2011 the couple shared their joy: they had a girl they named willow sage HART.

    In 2015, the pendulum returned. In the media again, talking about the separation of the couple. Rumor has it that Alicia and Cary have sold a total house in Malibu. The singer said that she is not going to have children from HART, because he is a child.

    However, the official statement on their parting no.


    • 2000 – can’t Take Me Home
    • 2001 – Missundaztood
    • 2003 – Try This
    • 2006 – I’m Not Dead
    • 2008 – Funhouse
    • 2012 – The Truth About Love



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