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  • Name: Pierre Richard ( Pierre Richard )
  • Date of birth: 16 August 1934
  • Age: 82 years
  • Place of birth: Valenciennes, Nord, France
  • Height: 178
  • Activities: actor, Director
  • Marital status: divorced

    Pierre Richard: the biography

    It is sometimes useful to do in spite of her parents, as if Pierre Richard had followed their advice and became an industrialist, the world has lost a talented actor and comedian.

    16 Aug 1934 in a major French industrialist son was born. A descendant of an aristocratic family had a complex name from the birth parents named him Pierre Richard Maurice Charles Leopold Defeet. Father Pierre had two passions in life – beautiful women and jumping. He quickly lost the vast fortune on the run and sent his wife and son in his father’s estate

    Pierre was still a child when his parents divorced. Boy sent to boarding school, where he taught the children of miners and peasants. Growing up, Richard remembered how on Mondays the driver brought it to school in a luxury limousine, it lasted eight years. All week the boy lived at the Guesthouse, forced to communicate with children from poor families. Classmates did not take an aristocrat, was kept away. To win their sympathy, Richard wore the mask of a clown, making faces and joking. In that period of his life, he learned the truth: if they laugh at you, then to hate and beat and will not. The teacher scolded Pierre for his antics often reminded of noble origin. The actor himself says that inside it is the chronic opposition of two persons — the aristocrat and the common man.

    With peers Pierre spoke only in school, outside playing with commoners he was banned. The actor said that youth was spent under house arrest. The only entertainment children Pets plays, on which Richard, Jr. quoted, «Cyrano de Bergerac».

    When Pierre was 12 years old, he died of his grandfather. Before his death he said that his grandson is the only one of their kind that you will achieve in life. He predicted the Pierre Richard’s career as an actor.

    To 18 years the guy knew exactly what was going to enroll in theater courses, but her father was against this idea. He insisted that the son became an industrialist. Then Pierre ran away from home, severing contact with their parents.

    The young man came to Paris and went to acting classes, but he was not accepted, referring to the unsightly appearance to the profession. Richard did not give up and have to write it down on drama courses Charles sit down. After the graduation he worked in cabarets, music halls, on stage. His career began 33 years.


    For the first time, Pierre Richard starred in the film «Blissful Alexander» in 1967. Meeting with the Director of this film Yves Robber was for the iconic actor. In 1972, he invited Richard for the lead role in the Comedy «Tall blond man with one black Shoe». This film has become a classic of cinema, but about the talent of Richard learned audience.

    In 1974 came the continuation of the Comedy «the Return of the tall blond», which enjoyed no less success. Two years later, Pierre Richard starred in the film «Toy», after which woke up the world famous.

    In 1981, the actor starred in the film «Unlucky» with Gerard Depardieu — this work was the beginning of their popular tandem. Later they starred in the popular Comedy «Dads» and «Fugitives». It was the «Golden age» of Pierre Richard.

    15 years later he again appeared on the screens in the film of the Georgian Director of «a Thousand and one recipe of the enamoured cook». Richard received the prize of the Karlovy vary film festival, and the film was nominated for the award «Oscar».

    One of the last works of the actor — picture «Agatha», filmed in 2015 in France. After almost three decades, he again played in a duet with Gerard Depardieu.

    Personal life

    Pierre Richard is keen to talk about themselves, but the women always makes the brackets. It is known that for a long time he was a model husband and father. His first wife Daniel Minazzoli ballerina, she bore him two sons.

    At some point Richard abruptly changed the life. After the divorce he met with several young ladies, and now he is credited with an affair with Brazilian model Saloi who is younger than his nearly 40 years.

    Pierre Richard says that lazy, and this is incompatible with the job. So to the acting profession he refers to as entertainment. Another hobby is winemaking, which he does at the estate in France.

    The actor doesn’t like new clothes, preferring things frayed and worn boots. He was not attracted to jewellery and other luxury items. But Pierre Richard loves travel, tennis, fishing and racing cars. He says that he was born with strong entrepreneurial, so always achieves its goals, even if you have to «go to them over the corpses.»


    • «Very Happy Alexander»
    • «The craziest reason»
    • «The castaways of Turtle island»
    • «Daddy»
    • «The fugitives»
    • «Get acquainted, Your widow»
    • Lucky
    • «Magni wing»
    • «Gomez and Tavares»
    • «Agafya»


    Pierre Richard

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