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  • Name: Pierre Edel ( Pierre Edel )
  • Date of birth: 23 December 1987
  • Age: 29 years
  • Place of birth: Paris
  • Activity: Singer, member of season 3 of the show «the Voice»
  • Marital status: Married

    Pierre Edel biography

    An experienced musician, member of the famous French show «Voice of France» and season 3 of the show «the Voice» Pierre Edel was born in Paris on 23 December 1987. His mother is an ethnic Russian and his father a Frenchman. After Pierre graduated from high school, he for some time went to live in London. In London a young performer honors went to music school and got a proper education.

    During his studies Pierre Edel did not sit idly by, and used various means to earn some money and to adequately hone their skills. He taught singing, was engaged in musical composition, and in the evening he performed in clubs as a performer. In addition, Edel taught French lessons. It is worth noting that the young artist perfectly speaks three languages: native French, English and Russian, which I learned from her mom.

    Pierre’s parents divorced a long time ago, when the boy was little. The greater part of his life he lived with his father in France. Constantly visiting his mother, who went back to Russia, Pierre Edel has perfectly learned the Russian language. Therefore, the singer has no barriers to participation in Russian projects.

    In 2010, the artist lives in Moscow. The decision was made by Pierre that in the Russian capital, he sees more possibilities for creative growth and development. According to him, in Paris, people are more materialistic, so to get the young performer on stage in this city is very, very difficult. Although Pierre can easily be called a very experienced musician, since before moving to Moscow, he performed in famous European clubs.

    At the moment Pierre Edel is actively working with his group «Yovo». Kids play in the famous Moscow clubs. It should be noted that in the Russian capital, the young artist has a lot of fans and admirers who are trying to attend all his performances.

    Personal life of Pierre Edel

    In his 27 years Pierre Edel has managed not only to prove himself as a talented performer of musical compositions but also to create a happy family. His wife Maria was born in a Russian woman. She and her parents moved to live and study in France from Togliatti.

    Met Pierre with Maria in Paris, and after some time the lovers had a daughter who was named Ratha. The girl’s name is Sanskrit and means «joyful». This unusual choice of name was due to the fact that Pierre, together with his wife Maria profess Vaishnavism. The young couple does not drink alcoholic beverages, do not smoke and not eat meat products. Together they lead a healthy lifestyle and feel great.

    Pierre Edel in French «Voice» («The Voice France»)

    In 2013 and 2014 Pierre Edel decided to test their strength and has applied for participation in the French contest will offer talented singers of the country, «The Voice France». His application was accepted and the guy was sharing the stage with such renowned mentors as Kylie Minogue, Garou and Mika.

    In French the Voice Pierre Edel showed quite high results and managed to reach the semi-finals.

    Pierre Edel in season 3 of the show «the Voice»

    Pierre decided not to stop and after some time, he filed an application to participate in season 3 of the show «the Voice» in Russia. It should be noted that the contractor on this idea was prompted by friends, and he at first reacted to this idea very skeptical. Although, after some time, he radically changed his opinion and tried to show itself in all its glory.

    Before you get on the show «the Voice», he had to go through blind auditions. As a musical composition, the Pierre Edel chose «house of the rising sun». The sounds of this song turned to Pelagia and Leonid Agutin. It Pelageya later became the mentor of Pierre on the show.

    After listening to Pierre commented on his choice of teacher. He very much liked the flow of Pelagia, and exactly how she invited a young singer. Of course, Pierre could not resist such charisma and chose her.

    According to music critics, it was the performance of Pierre Edel 3 issue 3 season of the show «the Voice» can be called the most vivid and memorable.

    In the second stage «Fights» Pierre Edel came on stage in a duet with Estonian Sofia Rubina-hunter. The pair performed the song «Total Eclipse of The Heart» Bonnie Tyler. Pelagia listened to them with great experience on the face, but the City beginning their performances clearly did not like. «Both parties great potential and it is very difficult to choose someone,» said Bilan. Agutin like the voice of Sofia and the self-confidence of Pierre.

    Pelagia decided to leave Pierre Edel in his team. «One of these votes I’ve waited all these seasons. And here it is materialized. And that pier,» explained her choice. Note that the real hero of the evening was Leonid Agutin, who saved the Estonian singer, taking her in his team. As a result, Sophia and Pierre Edel passed the stage of «Knockout».

    At the stage of «Knockouts» in the 11th edition of the «Voice» of the Pierre Edel came on the scene against Anastasia glavatskih and albert Musaelyan.

    The leader of the trio was Edel, who accurately performed the song «Le Temps des Cathedrales» Bruno Pelletier. A little startled in the beginning, then the vocalist got together and sang a big song flawlessly. He didn’t leave chances to rivals and with glavatskih in the quarterfinals.

    Journalists invited Pierre Edel to comment on and identify the main differences between the Russian and the French «Voice», which gives young talents the opportunity to Express themselves to the world. According to Pierre, the differences between the projects of the «face». In French «The Voice France», according to Pierre, the emphasis is on the material aspect of the work. All production processes are debugged to the last detail. As for the Russian version of the show «the Voice», here, according to Pierre, a sense of the spirituality, triggered the human factor. In the organization of this large-scale project involved many talented, diverse and interesting people who are pleasant to talk to. As stated by Pierre, in Russia he was able to find many of his close-minded people that is planning to tie lasting friendships.

    Pierre Edel: photo

    Pierre Edel

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