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  • Name: Pierre Ducane ( Pierre Dukan )
  • Date of birth: 8 July 1941.
  • Age: 75 years
  • Place of birth: Algeria
  • Activity: physician, nutritionist, author of the famous diet
  • Marital status: married

    Pierre Dukan biography

    Pierre Dukan, a French dietitian who has developed a power supply system, which is among the five best diets, endorsed by the world medical organizations.

    He was born in Algeria, which at that time was a French colony. Parents of Pierre had his own small textile workshop. After the Second world war, the family moved to relatives in France. In this country, Duke has graduated from secondary school. The boy studied at the art Studio, since he had abilities in the visual arts.

    After high school Pierre Dukan went to art College to become an art historian, and, perhaps, an artist. But life has changed due to the death of his mother. The woman was diagnosed with cancer of the brain, and doctors initially confident of success, were unable to save her.

    The young Duke throws art and enters the Paris medical University, to help other people. In 1966, Pierre begins a therapeutic practice. Later a young man specialized in neurology and neuropathology. He studied the human brain, put lots of experiments which experts admit is very interesting. But suddenly, for himself, the Duke discovered the talent of a nutritionist and began to specialize in this field.

    Today, Pierre Dukan officially a doctor is not. The fact that in 2012, the Ministry of health of France decided that he had a medical practice on a commercial footing, and made of a nutritionist warning. The man asked to exclude yourself from the registry of doctors, and after two years the appeal was granted.

    Atkins Diet

    As mentioned above, Pierre Dukan had filed a great hope in the field of neurology, and a dietitian began quite by accident. Once approached by a patient who is suffering from depression because of the excess weight. Heavy the man’s condition was complicated by the fact that all the doctors forbade him to eat favorite foods. Dr. Dukan found a compromise: he proposed a system of power, where a person is eating favorite lean meat, and besides he only would drink water.

    The result exceeded all expectations. Not only the patient but also the doctor. The patient is not only improved psychological wellbeing, but less than a week has lost 5 pounds. Then Pierre Dukan began experimenting and research animal products and is developing a diet that is based on increased protein intake.

    The biggest plus of this technique is that it involves four stages through the latest of which removed the main problem of all dietary restrictions. Very often people after diet subsequently revert back to your original weight. But Duke turns the diet into an ideology of proper nutrition, which eventually becomes the norm.

    I must say that a huge boost in the popularity of this method of weight loss gave Carole Middleton, which used it to his daughter Katherine, and she has reduced clothing two sizes. Today the girl known around the world as the Duchess of Cambridge, wife of Britain’s Prince William. Rave reviews such high-ranking officials became the best advertising for the doctor.


    Early in his career Pierre Dukan published the book «the Cellulite under observation,» then a few years gave «Weight loss ‒ the ultimate weapon of victory» and «Men prefer full.» However, the main result of many years of hard work of a dietitian was other work, the bestseller «I can not lose weight» in which Duke described all the developments and principles of their research, give a phenomenal result.

    In these books, as with diet, there is an army of millions of fans, but, of course, there are opponents. Last first emphasize that the development of Pierre has limitations and contraindications for people suffering from certain diseases. For example, patients who complain of heart problems, are unable to use it.

    However, the Dukan diet has been called revolutionary and quickly spread around the world, especially after the book «I can not lose weight» in 2000. Now the specialist is working on a new book which will tell his opinion about the diet for pregnant women.

    Personal life

    Pierre Dukan spends a lot of time outside of his native France. He travels around the world and in many countries, organizes seminars, lectures, advises, and explains how best to use a diet.

    The doctor happily married. His wife gave birth to two children, son Alexander and daughter Maya. The children didn’t follow in the footsteps of his father, Alexander works as a financier, and Maya graduated from the Higher economic school.


    • Cellulite under the supervision
    • Weight loss ‒ the ultimate weapon of victory
    • Men prefer full
    • I can not lose weight


    Pierre Dukan

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