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  • Name: Petr Elfimov ( Petr Elfimov )
  • Date of birth: 15 February 1980
  • Age: 36 years
  • Place of birth: Mogilev
  • Activity: Singer
  • Marital status: married to Tatiana Kosmacheva

    Peter Elfimov: biography

    Petr Elfimov, the famous Belarusian singer, born February 15, 1980 in Mogilev. Pyotr’s parents were musicians, so music from childhood has taken a key role in the life of the artist. Children’s music school Petr Elfimov was in a class of the pipe. Further professional education in the Mogilev College of music and dance, studying at the conductor-choral faculty.

    During this period, begin performances of Peter as the soloist of Studio «Take» under the leadership of Basil and Basil Sinkova Bujnitski. Numerous concerts in different cities of Belarus over the first notable success in the composition of this group, the Peter becomes the winner of the competition of young performers «Sorna rastani-96». Not stopping there, the young artist continues to improve its professional qualities, and graduated from music College in 1998, proceeds to further study at the vocal faculty of the Belarusian State Academy of Music in Minsk. After moving to the capital, the musician becomes the lead singer in the band «Egoist».

    Peter Elfimov: KVN

    Since 1999, Peter Elfimov gets a reputation as a player of the team of KVN «RUDN». First, speaking in the team of the Belarusian State University, then moved to the national team of the Russian University of Friendship of Peoples, young artist wins prestigious awards, among which «Big kivin in dark» (output 3) and «Small kivin in gold» (4 position).

    Today Peter is an absolute champion of the International KVN Union.

    Peter Elfimov: music

    In August 2003 Peter Elfimov receives an invitation to become a soloist of the legendary Belarusian ensemble «Pesnyary» under the direction of Vyacheslav Sharapov. The opportunity was due to the fact that the ensemble was looking for an actor able to replace a tragically deceased Vladimir Mulyavin, the founder of the ensemble. Part in the famous team brings the career of a young singer on a new level. Serious concerts in CIS countries, a special status within Belarus itself, experience in the current team of professionals — all this has become the steps that lead to the success of the artist.

    In 2004, Petr Elfimov leaves the composition of the ensemble for a solo career and becomes the winner of the Grand Prix for participation in the international festival of arts «Slavianski Bazaar in Vitebsk». In 2009, Peter obtained his master’s degree in the Belarusian State Academy of Music, thus concluding their education. In September 2011 artist remember the audience with his performance in «Minsk-Arena», an evening dedicated to the memory of the deceased in a plane crash hockey team «Lokomotiv».

    In 2009, Petr Elfimov won the national qualifying round of «Eurovision» and represents the country in the semi-finals of the competition. The team Elfimova had a very serious preparation. On his song «Eyes That Never Lie», represented the country at the festival, worked as a Finnish producer Tero Kinnunen, known for his collaboration with the band «Nightwish». Unfortunately, Petr Elfimov did not gain enough votes to reach the Eurovision final, finishing only 13th place. This failure has received considerable attention in the media, which, like the whole country was rooting for their candidate. Subsequently, the Polish Director and choreographer Janusz józefowicz, who was hired for the production of the show Elfimova, commented on this situation in an interview to First national TV channel, noting that it is very difficult to carry out the production numbers for the person, all actions administered by his wife.

    In July 2010, in Los Angeles Peter Elfimov takes part in the competition «World Championships of Performing Arts 2010», where he participated in five categories, showing such vocal performances as Lensky’s Aria from the Opera «Eugene Onegin», «Child in time» group «Deep Purple», Aria of Jesus from the rock Opera «Jesus Christ superstar» and the song «Enchanted» and «Somewhere in the night». Brilliant performance brings the artist five gold medals.

    In 2012 Peter first tried his hand as an actor, starring in the Belarusian mini-series directed by Nikolai Knyazev «to Steal Belmondo».

    In 2013 Elfimov participated in the main Russian vocal show «the Voice», where he performed in the team of Leonid Agutin, remembered by the audience a great performance of the song «Flew through the window«.

    2014 marked the first time the artist’s work with a group of «Epidemic» over the rock-Opera «the Treasure of Enya». Petr Elfimov performed in this setting, the role of elf Botar-El.

    Petr Elfimov refers to those artists who cannot exist within the narrow framework of one genre. A great musical education, desire to grow, to keep moving forward, tracking trends of domestic and world music, these qualities are a reliable key to the success of our hero.

    Peter Elfimov: personal life

    The first wife of Peter became Natalia Dementieva. Their marriage did not last long, and in 2004 they divorced. Second wife Tatiana Kosmacheva — producer and concert Director, artist. Despite the difference in age, which is 27 years, the marriage proved durable. Tatiana and Peter has a daughter Pauline.

    Peter Elfimov: discography

    • I want
    • Bell
    • Eyes That Never Lie
    • With the new birth
    • The book of revelation
    • Peter Elfimov: filmography
    • Steal Belmondo

    Peter Elfimov: photo

    Petr Elfimov

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