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  • Name: Peter Velyaminov ( Petr Veliyaminov )
  • Date of birth: 7 December 1926
  • Age: 82 years
  • Date of death: June 14, 2009
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 179
  • Activity: film and theater actor, people’s artist of the RSFSR
  • Marital status: married

    Pyotr Velyaminov: biography

    Velyaminov Novikov – the famous Russian and Soviet actor, people’s artist of the Chuvash Republic and the RSFSR. People with a difficult fate, famous paintings «Shadows disappear at noon» and «Eternal call», began acting at the age of forty-five years in this venerable artist for the ages, it has become one of the most popular actors of the Soviet Union.

    The history of the family

    The story of his dynasty began in the eleventh century, when a relative of the king of Norway Haakon II, along with his thousands wife came to serve Prince Yaroslav the Wise. It marked the beginning of the genus Veniaminovich.

    Peter Velyaminov
    Pyotr Velyaminov | Premium

    In addition, the name was widely known in the 19th century – it was worn a descendant of Haakon II Alexey Velyaminov, who was one of the military commanders during world war II (in honor of veteran late of the town of Tuapse was decided to rename the port vel’yaminovskiy by decree of the Emperor) and Governor-General of Irkutsk. The names of these people appear in the St. George hall of the Kremlin, and their portraits hang in the Gallery of heroes in the Hermitage.

    Another ancestor of the hero of the article, Nikolai Velyaminov was a famous military surgeon, who headed the Military medical Academy for five years before the First world war, during which he was identified as the head of the sanitary service of the Russian army.

    The Coat Of Arms Veniaminovich
    Coat kind Veniaminovich | Suffra

    The credibility of this man is the fact that after the revolution, despite the differences of hereditary nobleman with the Soviet ideas, the recognition of Nicholas Sonya of the Fatherland he was a monument in the Volkov cemetery.

    Peter Velyaminov was born on 7 Dec 1926 in Moscow in a military family the above mentioned kind. Later he remembered about his parents:

    «Dad could flare up out of the blue, and my mother, on the contrary, was very calm and sensitive person. They perfectly complement each other — mother was banished by parental irritation, stopping the argument in the Bud, and the house was always sincere, warm and cozy. We had a lovely family.

    Mom will forever remain in my memory – must be why I, growing up, always tried to make my own house looked like the spirit of your childhood home. We have experienced many troubles and difficulties I and my parents fought and were always happy with each other. Mother, father, sister and I – we were all together.»

    Peter Velyaminov family
    Peter Velyaminov family | Guides

    And in the years of repression the family really had to endure a lot. In early 1932, Sergei Petrovich Sonya – a titled officer of the Royal army was arrested and exiled for construction work for the construction of Belomorkanal. Went to the freedom he’s only four years.

    In 1941, in the midst of the great Patriotic war Sergey Petrovich went to the front he was ready to defend the Homeland as a simple soldier, after his arrest, he was stripped of the title officer. Despite his dedication, in 1944-so he was arrested immediately after returning from the front for ten years. His wife, DiNovo Tatiana Ermilova the Soviet government also was not spared – the woman had to go through a few of five references.


    Unfortunately, in the spring of 1943, they arrested another one of her husband this time the young Peter, a sixteen year old high school graduate who dreamt of receipt in Institute of architecture. He was charged under article 58 for «sympathy» non-existent anti-Soviet Association «Revival of Russia». He was exiled to Kotlas. In total, the camps he will spend almost ten years of life – almost my entire youth.

    Pyotr Velyaminov in his youth
    Pyotr Velyaminov in his youth

    In the harsh conditions Peter Sergeyevich, throughout 1944, the year did not receive absolutely no support from home (parents themselves at this time had already been arrested), quickly began to fade. He suffered from malnutrition and pellagra in the end, the future star of Soviet cinema was assigned to the infirmary.

    Superintendent of infirmary, whose daughter was his classmate, with difficulty, but managed to get out, after which he was transferred to Tomsk, where he was engaged in the construction of residential houses and first tried his hand in Amateur, listening to the advice of his companion in misfortune.

    Pyotr Velyaminov in his youth
    Pyotr Velyaminov in his youth

    When young Peter Sergeyevich came the news of the arrest of the mother, he cut his wrists. Sonya miraculously managed to survive thanks to the efforts of the same women from the infirmary.

    The first role

    In Krasnoturinsk was serving a sentence of professional musicians abroad, students who did not finish the Conservatory, and just fans of music in the camp, despite all the hardships, prisoners among the vital spirit of jazz.

    After another performance, during which Peter Velyaminov read excerpts from «Eugene Onegin», he was noticed by bandleader Victor Przezdiecki and invited me to read some more poems. In the end, Peter S. participated in the orchestra from 1948 to 1949, visiting more than one camp area.

    Peter Velyaminov
    Pyotr Velyaminov | History movie

    Staged on the works of Konstantin Simonov «Russian question» he got the role of McPherson. Peter Velyaminov was very good – even the administration of the camp appreciated his talent, reducing the period of detention for almost six months.


    At the end of 1950, Peter was sent to perform work in the Kuibyshev hydroelectric station. Two years later he was free – however, according to the functioning in those days the passport regime, living in Moscow he was not allowed. He went to Abakan, where he planned to get to the theater.

    First, he had to work felling trees to make ends meet. It lasted for three years, but thanks to the head of the Ministry of culture of the widow of her husband eventually adopted in the local drama theatre, closing his eyes for the rest of his «camp» biography.

    Peter Velyaminov at the theater
    Pyotr Velyaminov and Olga Antonova in the play «the old Fashioned Comedy» | Movie-theater

    His debut role at the new place of work was the Maxim Koshkin from the play by Konstantin trenyov «Spring Love». Here he worked for three years, after which he accepted an invitation to the drama theatre in Tyumen region.

    At the same time, three years after Stalin’s death, the father a novice actor, Sergey p. Velyaminov, was restored to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel in the army. He often visited in Tyumen, to see my son (who was rehabilitated only many years later – for Leonid Brezhnev, 1983). Together with his wife Tatiana, Sergei Petrovich will live another 19 years of a happy life.

    In 1959, Pyotr Velyaminov was able to visit Moscow and for the first time in sixteen years, saw elder sister, Irina.

    Career in the theatre

    After the experience in Tyumen, the actor began to travel to different theaters of the Soviet Union. In the 1960s, he has worked in theatres Novocherkassk, Cheboksary, Dzerzhinsk, Ivanovo.

    Its charming appearance gave him the role of hero-lover — and career everything was going very well, even though he was constantly changing provincial theatres.

    Pyotr Velyaminov in the role of Zakhar Bolshakov
    Pyotr Velyaminov in the film «Shadows at noon» | Movie-Theater

    Peter, in an interview for the documentary «Under the veil of secrecy,» he recalled:

    «I was absolutely independent person, and when I thought it was time to move on, I moved on. Especially because at work I was called many theatres. At first I thought that the Director with whom I work are very pleasant and interesting, but after serious creative differences I quickly released».

    Place of work of Petr Sergeevich ten years:

    • 1959-1962 year — Dzerzhinsky city theatre;
    • 1962-1963 Drama theatre of Novocherkassk;
    • 1963-1966 years — Republican Russian drama theatre of the Chuvash Republic in Cheboksary;
    • 1966-1967 year of Big drama theatre in Novgorod;
    • 1967-1969 year — Drama theatre, Perm;
    • 1969-1970 — drama Theatre of Sverdlovsk.

    In the theater of Sverdlovsk during participation in the play «party Candidate» Sonya drew the attention of Vladimir Krasnopolsky Valery Uskov and invited him to star in a serial film «Shadows at noon» in a role of the Chairman of the collective farm named Zakhar Bolshakov.

    Pyotr Velyaminov in the film
    Pyotr Velyaminov in the film «Shadows at noon» | Movie-theater

    At this point, the conviction has Peter already removed. After painting on the screens of the country in 1979, the filmmakers went to Paris with the premiere show. Allowed travel Valery Uskov Vladimir Krasnopolska and Peter of her husband only after the order from the KGB.

    On returning to Moscow in 1972, Peter was accepted into the troupe of the theater «Contemporary». At the same time, he got the main role in the film «the Commander of Happy Pike», and then began shooting «the Eternal call», and Velyaminov chose to give up the theater and devoted himself completely to cinema.

    Work in film

    In 1974 he joined the Moscow Theater-Studio movie actor. This is his first job where he had worked for so long – twenty-one.

    In 1976, Sonya was awarded the title of Honored artist of the RSFSR. Later it was submitted for the title of National artist, but he has not yet been fully rehabilitated, so «popular» it was only in 1985, several years after complete recovery.

    Pyotr Velyaminov in the film
    Pyotr Velyaminov in the film «Eternal call» | full Movie

    Since 1995, the actor had lived in St. Petersburg. Here he worked in the academic theatre of Comedy, and also took part in productions of the theatre «Shelter comedian».

    In honor of the next anniversary of creative activity of her husband, the rector of the Theatre Academy gave him a student ticket, because Peter Sergeyevich, there was no vocational education, despite more than 300 roles.

    Personal life

    Women loved Peter – no wonder he’s been married five times.

    The first wife of her husband Omsk actress Lyudmila Nikolova, who bore him a daughter, Catherine. The marriage was over a couple of years.

    In the second marriage, he joined with Galina Grishina in 1963. They had a son Sergei (1964) and daughter Irene (1968). The divorce was finalized in 1971.

    Sergei Velyaminov
    Sergei Velyaminov was the son of Petr Sergeevich | Cinemania

    Third marriage with Galina Dobrovolskaya was caused by the unexpected stormy affair, which ended unexpectedly in divorce.

    With fourth wife, Yelena Manevich, the actor has been married for about ten years, having had to adopt her son Michael.

    Peter Velyaminov with his wife Tatiana Tankovoy
    Peter Velyaminov with his wife Tatiana Tankovoy | tvnz

    Last, the fifth wife of her husband Tatiana Manakova – was an employee of the Bank. After marriage in 1988, she became a housewife.

    Children of Peter went in his father’s footsteps and became a theatre actor.

    Illness and death

    In the spring of 2009 Velyaminov ill with the flu, which turned into severe pneumonia. People’s artist was taken to the hospital in critical condition. Unfortunately, even the best doctors failed to cure him. The disease was in a very advanced stage.

    Pyotr Velyaminov died 14 June 2009. The official cause of death – a severe form of pneumonia.

    The Tomb Of Peter Sonya
    The tomb of Peter Sonya | Virtual necropolis

    The funeral took place on 17 June 2009 in St. Petersburg, at the Volkov cemetery. To say goodbye to actor received a lot of fans, colleagues and relatives.


    The most striking movies of actor:

    • Shadows disappear at noon (1971);
    • The commander of happy «Pike» (1972);
    • The tale of the human heart (1974);
    • Sunday night (1977);
    • Dove (1978);
    • A poem about the wings (1979);
    • Against the current (1980);
    • 55 degrees below zero (1986);
    • The glass maze (1989);
    • Ermak (1996);
    • The moon is at the Zenith (2007).


    Peter Velyaminov

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