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  • Name: Peter Tolstoy ( Petr Tolstoy )
  • Date of birth: 20 June 1969.
  • Age: 47 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 194
  • Activity: TV presenter, journalist
  • Marital status: married to Daria Evenko

    Peter Tolstoy: a biography

    Known Russian TV presenter Peter Tolstoy comes from an ancient family of Russian aristocrats. The father of the future faces of the First channel, Oleg Tolstoy was a real count, a descendant of the great Russian writer Leo Tolstoy. Furthermore, the known TV presenter Fekla Tolstaya – second cousin Peter, and the popular writer Tatyana Tolstaya along with his son, the famous Russian blogger, designer and businessman by Artemy Lebedev, are his distant relatives.

    Journalist Peter Tolstoy dreamed of becoming since childhood. Received a certificate of secondary school, he joined the international Department of the faculty of journalism of Moscow state University. University. Teachers remember Tolstoy diligent student with an incredible career ambitions.

    Peter Tolstoy: TV

    The first steps to the heights of journalistic Olympus Tolstoy did in the French newspaper «Le Monde», in the Moscow edition. Peter worked at the same time, in practice, learned French, and two years later went to the Moscow division of the «France Press». Work in the French media gave a young journalist an opportunity to go to Paris to study there at the Higher school of training of journalists.

    The experience of foreign colleagues, Tolstoy was soon applied in the field of journalism. In 1996, a 27-seven-year-old journalist was the Deputy editor of one of the most progressive at the time of the Russian television «View». Colon led the service information produced by the program «Scandals of week» and also led a program on TV-6 «In the human world», which was leading a Vlad Leaves.

    In 2002, the head of the Moscow «Third channel» Andrey Pisarev, Tolstoy called to conduct information-analytical program «Insights,» and two years later, an ambitious journalist himself took the place of the General Director of «Treshki».

    In 2005, Konstantin Ernst, was personally invited Peter on «the First channel». The journalist took in support of the entire team of the program «Insights». In fact, the «Sunday times» became a continuation of the «First channel». However, the former leadership of Tolstoy was a journalist, not mad. Tolstoy even some time after the transition to the «First channel» continued to work in the «Troika» of the positions of Deputy General Director.

    «Sunday times» soon made Peter famous. In 2007, for his work as the host of «Sunday time» the journalist received «TEFI» – the main television award in Russia, which can be called journalistic «Oscar».

    Since 2007, Tolstoy is a member of the Russian television Academy and also received the award «Golden pen» journalism.

    July 8, 2012 «Sunday times» aired for the last time. Now Peter Tolstoy, along with Alexander Gordon leads on the «First channel» public-political talk show «Politics», and together with Catherine Strizhenovoj «Time will tell». In addition, an ambitious journalist on the same «channel» is a talk show with a great name, as it alludes to the relationship of the leader with a great writer «Thick. Sunday.»

    Peter Tolstoy: scandals

    Note that the love of viewers to presenter Peter Tolstoy a national one. It is often accused of bias, distortion and outright propaganda in favor of Russian authorities.

    For example, from the report of the speech of Vladimir Putin after the fight with Emelianenko Monson «Sunday times» cut the whistle. Commenting on the story, Peter Tolstoy rather harshly said that was booed defeated the American enemy, the Russian bear, and not the Russian Prime Minister, as many thought.

    Another scandal is regarding statements leading exploded after the participation of the actress and head of the charity Fund «give Life» Chulpan Khamatova in the election campaign of Vladimir Putin. It was rumored that the actress did this without much enthusiasm, but she Khamatova rumors did not comment. But they commented on Thick, calling one of the authors of such assumptions are a bitch and clearly hinting that such individuals are calling for revolution, never bring anything good to Russia.

    Peter Tolstoy denied entry in Ukraine for his statements about the annexation of Crimea by Russia and hostilities in the East of Ukraine.

    In February 2015, the attackers set fire to the country house of a famous TV host in the Volgograd region. It was not just a house, but a mansion, the arrangement of which is a descendant of Leo Tolstoy worked for ten years. According to investigators, the arsonist was a former driver and TV presenter, who thus took revenge on Peter for his release. The private house has flashed as a match, and burned to the ground. The loss from the fire was estimated at several million rubles.

    Peter Tolstoy: personal life

    Peter Tolstoy married

  • Daria Yevenko. The wedding was celebrated, once the journalist received the diploma about higher education on 3 October 1992. Now the couple live in Moscow, a daughter Alexander, who was born in 2000.

    Peter Tolstoy: photo

    Peter Tolstoy

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