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  • Name: Pyotr Skvortsov ( Skvortsov Pyotr )
  • Date of birth: 12 June 1994
  • Age: 22 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Activities: Russian film and theater actor
  • Marital status: not married

    Peter starlings: a biography

    Peter starlings is a rising star of the Russian cinema. The young actor now boasts several key roles in the acclaimed films. He even managed to walk on the legendary red carpet at Cannes, presenting a film by Kirill Serebrennikov «the Apprentice.»

    Peter Skvortsov was born in Moscow in the summer of 1994 in a family where there were no actors that did not prevent him to dream about this profession. The artistry of the boy’s parents and school teachers noted earlier. Therefore the selection of the Petit – children’s Studio at the Moscow House of actors named after A. Yablochkina – all the greeting. Starlings happy doing, without missing any classes, and was soon recognized as one of the most talented students.

    Peter starlings in the film
    Peter starlings in the movie «Indigo» |

    At the age of 14, the young artist managed to prove that knowingly spends all his free time in the Studio. At this age started the cinematic biography of Peter Skvortsova. The teenager appeared in the famous painting «Indigo» by Roman Prygunov. His hero Tikhon, the representative of the amazing Indigo children, a kind of guest from the future. Starlings played the role so brilliantly that audiences and critics hardly believe what you see on the screen the film Moscow schoolboy.

    In the same happy 2008, Peter starlings appeared in an episode of adventure melodrama «Montana» by Alexander Atanesyan. And next year, viewers saw Pete in the film «Tender may».

    Peter starlings in the picture
    Peter starlings in the film «Tender may» |

    Perhaps it was then that the young actor made a final decision not to stay the course. Because in these projects he worked with such stars of Russian cinema, Mikhail Efremov, Artem Tkachenko, Maria Shukshina and Igor mirkurbanov. The meters didn’t look at young colleague down and admired his skill.

    After receiving a high school diploma, Peter starlings went to School the Moscow art theatre, graduating in 2015. He studied under the talented mentor Dmitry Brusnikina.


    In addition to these films, which starred starlings at 14 years of age at the time of admission to drama school in his piggy Bank were even a few paintings and series. And they, Peter did not appear in the episodes, and in the lead roles.

    Peter starlings in the picture
    Peter starlings in the film «just business» |

    At 16, he starred in the melodrama «220 volt of love» and two full-length dramatic films: «just business» and «How did I deal with death.» Role in the last two films demanded from the young actor not only skill but also depth dramatic. Peter starlings coped with the task brilliantly by the Directors.

    So at the age of 17 he was asked to play a character named Ivan Bastin-X in the movie «the Tale. There is a» young jap in the rating series «the Life and adventures of Mishka Yaponchik».

    Peter starlings in the film
    Peter starlings in the film «the Life and adventures of Teddy jap» |

    Students with such a track record Dmitry Brusnikina has happened quite a bit. The coach immediately recognized what was in his hands the diamond and made every effort to turn it into a diamond. Under the guidance Brusnikina Peter Skvortsov has played the most difficult roles in his productions of «the possessed» and «This is me».

    After graduation, the talented actor was accepted into the troupe of the theater-Studio «Man», and a year later, in 2016, became a resident of the Moscow experimental theatre Practice.

    Peter Skvortsov considers himself to be more theatrical than the actor. The game on the stage he sets is much higher games on the set. However, the actor continued acting. But those films in which he appeared, can not be called hack for the sake of easy money. In a fantastic picture of «Computer» he played with such masters as Eugene Mironov and Kirill Kozakov. And talented underground project of Vladimir Beck «Without skin» Director entrusted him with a major role.

    Peter starlings in the film
    Peter starlings in the movie «Without skin» |

    In 2015, Beck said Skvortsova in his new film «Bird». And again entrusted to Peter the key image. The painting was warmly received at the festival «2morrow». Later in one of his interviews, the Director admitted that «inside this young actor – abyss». And the script for his project «the Bird» Vladimir Beck wrote it «under Skvortsova».

    But the real fame came to the artist with the painting «the Pupil» by Kirill Serebrennikov. Hero Skvortsova, student Benjamin Ugine, quotes the Bible and skillfully manipulates peers for the sake of self-assertion and lust for power.

    Peter Starlings
    Peter Starlings «Student» |

    The film was well received by critics and went to Cannes. While it was filmed in just 19 days. At the Cannes film festival, the audience loved the picture, and appreciated the skill of Peter Skvortsova.

    Recently «the Apprentice,» was published in domestic rentals and became an event of the year.

    Personal life

    Yet the personal life of Peter Skvortsov completed the main work in the theatre and filming. He wants to work with such stars as Viktor Sukhorukov and Sergey Makovetsky, in which there is a lot to learn. And the actor calls the young colleagues, which has already managed to appear on stage and in film and wants to work again. Is Danil Steklov, Gorchilin, Sasha and Rita Tolstoganova.

    Peter starlings and Victoria Isakov, Kirill Serebrennikov and Alexander Gorchilin in Cannes
    Peter starlings and Victoria Isakov, Kirill Serebrennikov and Alexander Gorchilin in Cannes |

    It is noteworthy that 22-year-old actor philosophically looks at fame and money. He believes that neither the first nor the second is not worth it to put them on the altar of life.


    • Indigo
    • Laskovyy may
    • «220 volts of love»
    • «Just business»
    • «As I did with death»
    • «Fairy tale. There»
    • «The life and adventures of Teddy jap»
    • The calculator
    • «Without skin»
    • «The apprentice»


    Peter starlings in the film

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