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  • Name: Peter Krasilov ( Petr Krasilov )
  • Date of birth: 3 June 1977
  • Age: 39 years
  • Place of birth: Balashikha
  • Activities: actor
  • Marital status: married to Irina Shebeko

    Peter Krasilov: biography

    Peter Krasilov was born in June 1977. His father died when he was 3 years old.

    The boy had visited the section of figure skating, fond of martial arts – these classes did not like him. Differently he treated of chemistry and biography, in considering the profession of a pharmacist.

    While in fifth grade, Peter played his first role in the school play «the Dragon,» which became crucial in his biography. After graduating from eighth grade boy went to drama class of capital school №123. He liked to study acting. In the course talented guy noticed Boris Golubovsky, who invited him to his 2-year Theatre College of RATI.

    In 1999, Peter Krasilov graduated from the Theatre school named after M. S. Shchepkin and became a certified actor.

    Peter Krasilov: theatre

    The theater of the Soviet army became the first place of work of Petr Krasilov, where he served, the theatre «Sphere» — the second. Working in the «Lenkom», the actor some time out in the crowd. Since 2001 he started to work in the Russian academic youth theater.

    For Sochi, the sign was the main role in the play «Erast Fandorin»: thanks to the excellent game he was awarded the prize «Seagull». His acting baggage includes work in productions of «the Cherry orchard», «Red and black», «Yin and Yang», «captain’s daughter» and «the Invitation to execution» .

    At the invitation of the theatre. K. S. Stanislavsky, Peter Krasilov has participated in performances of «Glass of water» and «Master and Margarita», in which she played the role of a Homeless man.

    Latest theatrical works of the actor became the role of Pierre in «Invitation to execution» Jan in «Rock’ n ‘roll», Truffaldino in «bride of light» and max in «Wife for two».

    Peter Krasilov movies

    Peter Krasilov a lot in films. The first series with his participation was «

  • Poor Nastya», where he played the role of Prince Mikhail Repnin. The project was quite popular and brought the novice actor a love of the audience. Then followed numerous but unsuccessful samples. Following the work of Peter were shooting in the series «
  • Not born beautiful», which later turned out to be a huge hit. There had Julia Takshina, Grigoriy Antipenko, Oleg Kukhta, Nelli Uvarova and others. In 2006 he, being already a TV star, starred in the sitcom «All mixed up in the house.» After a year Peter Krasilov starred in a great movie it was a Comedy detective «potato Pies». Absolutely in a new role (the role of the officer), the actor appeared in the drama «Second wind», written by Sergei Tumanishvili. Then came the Comedy «Flight of fancy» and «Where do babies come from» musical «Queen of ice»: he played a major role in all paintings.

    Another role – a businessman Vorontsov played in Krasyliv tragicomedy «cherry Jam» (2010). The actor also took part in the filming of the movie «Strong weak woman», «Hounds 4», «Notes forwarder Secret office 2» and «Surprise me».

    Recent works by Peter Krasilov of steel roles in the series «Live» and «my Mom».

    Peter Krasilov: personal life

    As a student at the Theatre school. M. S. Shchepkin, Peter Krasilov met classmate Ekaterina Klimova

  • but then their paths diverged. With his first wife
  • Natalia Selivanova, the actor met when he worked in the Theater of the Soviet army. Young people began to like each other upon first meeting. In a civil marriage they had a son Ivan. The child did not strengthen the relationship of the couple – they soon parted. Now father and son often call each other, but unfortunately, rare. Ivan enjoys figure skating.

    In 2005, Peter Krasilov married actress

  • Irina Shebeko. In a year a daughter was born to Alexander.

    Peter Krasilov: filmography

    • «Poor Nastya»
    • «Second wind»
    • «Queen of ice»
    • «Surprise me»
    • «Not born beautiful»
    • «Where are the children»
    • «My mummy»
    • «Cuties»
    • Moving on
    • «The perfect marriage»

    Peter Krasilov: photo

    Peter Krasilov

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