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  • Name: Peter Jacobson ( Peter S. Jacobson )
  • Date of birth: 24 March 1965
  • Age: 51 years
  • Place of birth: Chicago, USA
  • Height: 168
  • Activities: actor
  • Family: married to Whitney Scott

    Peter Jacobson biography

    Peter Jacobson was born on 24 Mar 1965 in Chicago (Illinois, USA). Despite the fact that the name of the actor is of Jewish origin, in his family tradition of Judaism not adhered to. Father Peter – presenter of the news, Walter Jacobson.

    From childhood, Peter Jacobson thought about a career as a professional actor, he wanted to become famous and to have fans.

    In 1987, the future actor graduated from brown University in Providence, and then entered the prestigious Juilliard school of acting, graduating in 1991.


    Due to the peculiar appearance to Peter Jacobson long got the role of an ordinary man» ordinary man you meet on the street every day. Some of the characters of Peter don’t even have a name, and is marked in the credits as «man in a telephone booth» («Great expectations»), «reporter» («NYPD»), «the guy from the Studio boat» («Love and other troubles»), «surveillance operator» («conspiracy Theory»).

    The Jacobson had to go to the main roles for a long time. The actor seen in such TV series as «Hospital», «CSI: crime scene investigation Miami», «the Lost room», «criminal minds».

    In 1997, Peter Jacobson starred in the movie «never Better» with Lisa Edelstein, a future main heroine of the series «Dr. house». In the story, they played a couple that in one of the episodes, having dinner in the restaurant, is forced to appeal to anti-Semitic attacks the character of Jack Nicholson. Peter Jacobson notes that after this role on the streets he often had to hear: «Hey, you the Jewish guy at the table».

    Next were roles in the films «a Civil action» (1998), «Third watch» (2001), «Path to war» (2002), «Good night and good luck» (2005), «Divorce in Hollywood» (2007).

    Many viewers Peter Jacobson is most remembered for the role of Dr. Chris Taub on the TV series «Dr. house». In subsequent years, filmography actor replenished with roles in the blockbuster «transformers» (2007), the horror film «Midnight Express» (2008), the TV series «ray Donovan» (2013), the Thriller «storming the White house» (2013). Jacobson also played in the TV series «the Colony».

    Personal life

    In the early 80-ies of the future actor moved to new York, where he was to meet and later married Whitney Scott (real name Sakovets). Although the family of the spouses was not religious, almost all the members were seriously involved in Jewish culture. His modest knowledge of Yiddish and traditions of Judaism Jacobson owes his wife and mother-in-law.

    Peter and Whitney is the son of Emanuel Jacobson. Despite the fact that each spouse grew up in a secular atmosphere, they both want their boy was a bar mitzvah (the Jewish child’s transition into adulthood) and lived in the Jewish part of the city.


    • «Dr. House»
    • «The third shift»
    • «Storm the White house»
    • «Love and other troubles»
    • «CSI: crime scene investigation Miami
    • «Criminal minds»
    • «Divorce in Hollywood»
    • «Never better»
    • «Ray Donovan»
    • «Transformers»


    Peter Jacobson

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