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  • Name: Peter Hamukov ( Petr Hamukov )
  • Date of birth: 15 July 1991
  • Age: 25 years
  • Place of birth: Labinsk, Russia
  • Height: 172
  • Activity: the Russian boxer with the average and light heavyweight
  • Marital status: not married

    Peter Hamukov : biography

    Peter Hamukov, the only fighter of the Russian national team, which has Olympic places in two weight categories: to 75 and 81 kg. His previous victories have led the athlete to home: today Hamukov is a member of the national team on Boxing which will defend honour of Russia in Brazil.

    Peter Hamukov was born in city of Labinsk, in the Krasnodar region. In his family of athletes was not, but the father wanted to raise a real man. So he took Pete in karate. But the coach then was unable to approach them. But Hamalawy talked with coach Boxing section. He invited Peter to observe the lesson. 8-year-old boy was so pleased with the home, family-like atmosphere at practice that he decided to stop the choice on the box.

    The first coach Peter Khamukova was zhamharyan Khachatur. When Peter Khamukova turned 15, he went to enter the Nakhimov naval school in St. Petersburg. Pete fell in love with this amazing city, in which he immediately fell in love. To learn him too, but mostly remained in the box. First, the guy ran for training. He was replaced by several sections until he found one where he liked it.

    The following year, 16-year-old Peter Hamukov came home for the holidays. As always, he first came to his beloved coach transported to Karapetovicha. He invited the former student to act on superiority of Russia. Together with the guys he trained the guy for the tournament. Hamukov made for Krasnodar Krai and won. The competition was attended by the best trainers from all the cities of the country. Among them was the mentor of Peter Nikolai Malkov. Zhamharyan asked Malkova to take on his former pupil, and he agreed.

    The skill of Peter Amukowa has grown rapidly. His instructors from the Nakhimov turned a blind eye to the care of the cadet and permanent bruises on his face.

    Soon he realized that his student has grown to serious competition. So Peter got on the European championship. But it was here that he first experienced unfair officiating, after which I wanted to retire from the sport. Month, the athlete was in depression and even stopped the training. But then he called and he said that Hamukov grown to a serious fight. Just recruited a team of adult players. And Krasnodar boxer returned to the classroom.


    Soon replaced Malkova Ruslans Dudaev, under whose leadership the athlete continued to hone his skills.

    In 2012, the sports biography of Peter Khamukova went to a new level. The competition in Syktyvkar he boxed in the category of 75 kg. His opponents were the leaders, whose back bore many victories. Here Hamukov suddenly realized that could take a punch and fight on equal terms with the real masters of Boxing.

    To prove their professionalism Peter Hamukov could in 2015. He did great in that season the world series of Boxing (WSB) and was able to win a license to participate in the Olympic games 2016 in weight to 75 kg. But then the second time in his athletic career Hamukov met with injustice. As it turned out, the same license was won by Artem Chebotarev. To determine which of them will leave for the games in Brazil, Peter and Artem put against each other in the ring. With the devastating account 3:0 won Hamukov. But the Council of Federation of Amateur Boxing took a controversial decision in favor of lost Chebotarev.

    Hamukov second time in my life thinking about to quit sports. But then he was offered a way out: to fight for the right to participate at the Olympics in different weight category up to 81 kg At the time of contenders for this category was not. And Khamukova managed to achieve victory. He twice proved his right to travel to Rio de Janeiro.

    Personal life

    The career of a boxer is hard work. Peter Hamukov says that for her sake you have to sacrifice many things that allow themselves his peers. The athlete is seen with his parents no more often than every six months. He has no time for partying with friends and leisure activities. Personal life Peter Khamukova also pushed far into the background. Because for her, which is in short supply.

    But boxer has a hobby, which make a vivid diversity in his life. First of all, is fishing. Peter Hamukov recognizes that peace and quiet that accompany this occupation that bring him lots of pleasure. And recently, he tried skiing – downhill, cross country and snowboarding. I learned pretty quickly and decided that I will practice this holiday in the future.


    Petro Hamukov

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