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  • Name: Pyotr Fomenko ( Petr Fomenko )
  • Date of birth: 13 July 1932
  • Age: 80 years
  • Date of death: August 9, 2012
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Activity: film and theater Director, teacher, artistic Director
  • Marital status:

    Peter Fomenko: biography

    Pyotr Fomenko was born in Moscow on July 13, 1932. He grew versatile child. So, throughout his childhood, young Peter was fond of various sports: tennis, football, traditional ice hockey, ball hockey. In addition, Peter N. from an early age played the violin and has successfully passed training in musical-pedagogical Institute. Gnesin. As noted in various sources, for instilling in the child the love of art in the family Fomenko said the mother, she also introduced the son to the theater.

    Petro Fomenko
    Peter Fomenko | Unpictures

    Peter was deeply in love with theatrical stage and set out to become an actor. However, after graduation he continued to follow the path of receiving a musical education, graduating from the Musical College named Ippolitova-Ivanov on violin. But to continue in the same spirit, the future famous film Director did not want it, stronger with each passing year, particularly theatre.

    Petro Fomenko
    Peter Fomenko | ForumDaily

    Fomenko even entered the acting Department of the School-Studio of MKHAT, where he acquired a reputation as a «talented rogue». His progressive perspective on the art of theater was alien to conservative teachers, which often caused conflicts and disputes. And in the third year of Peter Naumovich did not with the wording for «hooliganism».

    Peter Fomenko in his youth
    Peter Fomenko in his youth

    Not desperate because of the failure at the Moscow art Theater, Fomenko entered GITIS on directing faculty. In parallel, he studied at the correspondence Department of the philological faculty of Moscow state pedagogical Institute im. Lenin. It is noteworthy that MGPI Peter N. met with such eminent artists as Yuri Vizbor, Yuri Koval, Julius Klim. Subsequently, it is with them Fomenko organized their first «cabbage» productions.

    Bad start to a career

    After graduating from GITIS, he received the job at the Mayakovsky theater. However, he did not expect the stunning success of the play Fomenko was also contrary to the generally accepted view on how we should organize theatrical performances in the Soviet Union. Performance Director called «the Death of Tarelkin» was banned after it had been shown only five times. A production of «a New Mystery-bouffe» and was not allowed to show the Soviet audience.

    Petro Fomenko
    Peter Fomenko | always Remember

    Gradually Peter N. received the unflattering nickname «Defiler of Russian classics» and for several years remained without serious work. Sometimes he acted as assistant Director on the TV, sometimes put small performances in provincial theatres. Within a short period of time Fomenko was even working on his second profession is a philologist.


    Desperate to find a job in their native lands, the Director decided to try his luck in Georgia. There he indeed found something to do: about two years Fomenko worked in the Tbilisi Griboedov theatre. In the early ‘ 70s, Peter N. back in the USSR and settled in Leningrad Comedy Theatre. Under his direction were set such plays as «Relatives», «Treason», «the Misanthrope» and others. That he’s a famous actress Olga Antonova partly owes its ability to embody very different, not similar.

    Petro Fomenko
    Peter Fomenko | Buro 24/7

    But this theater Fomenko, in fact, kicked out, citing ideological reasons. Some time later the Director returned to Moscow and again went to work in the Moscow academic theatre. Mayakovskogo, and then at the State academic theater im. Vakhtangov. «Guilty without guilt», «the Queen of spades» and other performances became the basis of his new work.

    Petro Fomenko
    Peter Fomenko | Alphoto

    No less important was the teaching that Peter N. engaged in GITIS. First, he had the status of one of the teachers working in the Studio of Oscar Remez, however, was soon awarded the title of Professor and was able to gain their own course charges. In total, the Director taught for about two decades. From under his wing were such artists as Marina Glukhovsky, Sergei Puskepalis, Galina Tyunina, Polina Agureeva, Ilya Lyubimov, Andrey Kazakov, Yevgeny Tsyganov and many others.

    Petro Fomenko
    Peter Fomenko | Russian reporter

    Gradually «accumulated» so many «fomenok» that these artists could put complete performances. In 1993, the capital was founded by the Moscow theater «Pyotr Fomenko Workshop», the basis of the troupe which was formed by the graduates of the University who studied under Peter naumovicha.

    To date, the theatre involved for several generations «fomenok» and quotes lessons of a gifted teacher for artists turned into a commandment. «Wolves and sheep», «Three sisters», «Family happiness», «Tanya-Tanya», «the tale of the Ardennes forest» are just some of the set for the theatre performances.

    Petro Fomenko
    Peter Fomenko | Online TV

    In 2000, the Director even worked as a teacher at the Paris Conservatory. For his enormous contribution to the development of theatre Peter Fomenko was awarded a large number of domestic and foreign awards: French order of arts and letters, a prize «the Seagull» and «Triumph» awards «crystal Turandot» and «Golden Mask», with the title of Honored worker of culture of Poland and people’s artist of Russia. And in 2015, was filmed ten serial documentary «Light breathing», dedicated to the creative ways the Director.

    Work in film

    Although the main business of life Pyotr Fomenko theatre, he left his mark in cinema history. So, together with Boris Vahtina he wrote the screenplay for the film «For life», which he directed and performed a song for him (the company Fomenko made Taisia Kalinchenko).

    Peter Fomenko in the film
    Peter Fomenko in the movie «Gentlemen of the Congress» | Movie-Theater

    He also directed the film «Trip to the old car», «Almost funny story». In addition, Peter N. he played a small role in the movie «Gentlemen of the Congress,» «the Black monk», «Trip to the old car.»

    Personal life

    Pyotr Fomenko was a man of creative and temperamental, and his women are the best proof. Their, loved ones, in the Director’s life were three: the first wife Lali Badridze, the second wife of a dead-end Maya and mistress Audrone Girdziusaite. By the way, this gave Peter Naumovich something which is unthinkable without family: son of Andrews.

    Maya Deadlock
    Maya deadlock, the widow of film Director | Film-Theatre

    Even though my parents were not officially married, Fomenko admitted his son and tried to help him and his mother. Other children Director destiny was not.

    Peter N. died in August 2012 in Moscow, cause of death – heart attack. The Director, whose photos forever in the annals of theatrical history, was buried in Moscow’s Vagankovskoye cemetery.


    Petro Fomenko

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