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  • Name: Pyotr Fyodorov ( Pyotr Fyodorov )
  • Date of birth: 21 April 1982
  • Age: 34 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 181
  • Activities: actor, Director
  • Marital status: not married

    Pyotr Fyodorov: biography

    Apparently, the other way, in addition to acting, he was not. Although the artist himself is the star of the acclaimed project «the Inhabited island», «Stalingrad» «breaker» and «Scrapper,» in early youth were not going on stage. But at some point they took their genes. Today Pyotr Fyodorov is a rising star of the national cinema. His name is known to everybody who closely follow the latest in movies. Fans called the actor’s new sex-symbol of Russian show-business.

    Peter Fedorov
    A photo of actor |

    Pyotr Fyodorov was born in the capital in the spring of 1982. He was lucky to be born into a family that was famous for two generations of artists. Grandfather – Evgeny Fedorov, the Honored artist of Russia. His half-brother, Alexander Zbruev is also a star of the Russian cinema. The actor was the father of the boy – Peter Fedorov. Viewers remember him for the film directed by Igor Talankin «Starfall». Later he led a popular children’s shows and became the organizer of the first in the capital of the Roerich society.

    After his parents ‘ divorce Pyotr Fyodorov, along with his mother went to the Altai, where he grew up to 14 years in one of the villages scenic uymon steppe. Peter was a rowdy guy and with pleasure were you out Stripping the neighbor’s gardens with peers. But when he turned 14, mom went back to the capital, where the son went to the 8th grade of a Moscow school. He was an excellent painter and even thought about joining the Academy named by C. G. Stroganov.

    Pyotr Fyodorov art of youth
    An early photo of the artist |

    All changed my father’s death in March 1999. Peter E. died of cancer at the age of 40. This sad event prompted the son to follow in the footsteps of the Pope. In the summer of that same year, Pyotr Fyodorov entered the Theatrical Institute named after Boris Shchukin. Not to say that the exams he passed brilliantly, because the guy was never prepared to become an artist. Fortunately, in the admissions office at the time was Paul Favorites, the President saw modest applicant’s potential and flashes of talent. Young Peter Fedorov is enrolled in the course by Rodion Ovchinnikov. In 2003, a struggling artist was awarded the diploma of higher theatrical education.


    A cinematic biography of Peter Fedorov started in his student years. Even in the first year «Pike» young artist adopted the role in the film «the 101st kilometer». This is his first feature film, moreover, is quite successful. With the debut role of a boy Lyonka that lives in «reservations» of misfits and criminals, the actor managed perfectly.

    Theater scene, too, «received the boy with open arms. Graduation performance of «Beautiful people» with the participation of Peter Fedorov according to «Moskovsky Komsomolets» was the best in the category «Beginners».

    The main role of Peter Fedorov in the series
    First starring role in the TV series «the Club» |

    A promising graduate of the «Pike» was accepted into the troupe of the Theatre named after K. Stanislavsky, the scene of which the young actor repeatedly disrupted the applause for the beautiful game.

    Brilliant debut in «the 101st kilometer», was opened by Peter Fedorov, Directors and spectators. Soon, he starred in the films «Count Krestovsky», «Cut bait» and «Male season. Velvet revolution». First starring role came in 2006, when the screens out youth series «Club» is recognized as the most popular project MTV Russia for all history of existence of the channel.

    Pyotr Fyodorov felt the first taste of fame. There were 8 seasons of the series, which featured many rising stars of the Russian cinema. In cameo-roles appeared Dima Bilan, Anna Semenovich, Sergey Lazarev, Natalia Podolskaya and many other famous artists. Fedorov got the image of a Metropolitan playboy, the «Golden boy» Daniel, son of the Director of one of the most popular night clubs of Moscow.

    Peter Fedorov in the title role in the film
    Starring in the film «Inhabited island» | Oksford

    Pyotr Fyodorov starred in three seasons of «the Club». In the 4th only appeared in a few episodes, because I was busy in another successful project – the TV series by Fyodor Bondarchuk «Inhabited island». The Director offered the young actor one of the main roles – corporal Gai Gaal

    The series was released in 2008 and became one of the most popular. The following year, Bondarchuk did the sequel, calling it «the Inhabited island: fight», where he appeared again with Pyotr Fyodorov.

    2009 brought the actor a new wave of success, somewhat overshadowed by the scandal. The artist first tried his hand as writer and composer, what really surprised his fans. The film «Russia 88» which Pyotr Fyodorov, told the audience the story of a gang of skinheads, not everyone liked and received mixed reviews. The artist himself took one of the key roles of the leader of the gang, nicknamed the Bayonet.

    Peter Fedorov
    At the premiere of the film «Stalingrad» | woman’s day

    The film premiered at the end of 2009, and in 2010 the Samara Prosecutor filed a lawsuit against the creators of the film, considering it extremist. Later, Pyotr Fyodorov admitted that he was shocked by this development. He didn’t expect that part of the audience so react to it. Has lasted for three years of litigation and trial, a lot of nerves plagued the filmmakers.

    But all is not reacted negatively to the picture. For example, at the Berlinale she had collected a lot of good reviews. On the National award film critics «White elephant» project of the «Russia 88» has received a special prize «event of the year». Guild of film critics also gave the filmmakers an incentive award.

    Pyotr Fyodorov art film
    In the film «GOP-stop» |

    Rich for the actor turned out to be the next two years. In 2010 came the movies with Peter Fedorov «GOP-stop», «right» and «Phobos. The club of fear.» The last tape was filmed in Estonia, where the artist suddenly found some of their relatives.

    And in 2011 released film «Pirammmida» where Peter Fedorov played the main character – a child Prodigy Anton. The plot is based on the work of Sergei Mavrodi. Liked the painting and the critics and audience and received a high rating.

    Starred a Muscovite and a foreign project. American Director Chris Gorak invited him to the role in his project «Phantom». At the same time screens out adventure film «the Runaways» is loosely based on the novel by the Siberian writer Gleb Pakulov «Witch key». Here Pyotr Fyodorov acted in tandem with Elizaveta Boyarskaya. The shooting took place in the taiga and the Altai mountains, where there was no mobile phone, and many creature comforts.

    Pyotr Fyodorov and Liza Boyarskaya
    Elizabeth Boyar |

    Remember fans of Peter Fedorov and his work in the Christmas Comedy «Yolki-2», the film-almanac «Mom», the painting «Man with a guarantee» and the TV series «Odessa-Mama».

    New wave of glory covered the» Moskvich after the release of the war drama «Stalingrad». Fyodor Bondarchuk invited a young colleague in the role of captain Gromov. This is the first Russian project, which was filmed on the technology IMAX 3D. Drama in 11 days of the rental earned more than a million rubles and was the highest grossing project of 2013. And was nominated for the award «Oscar» as «Best foreign language film».

    This year has been particularly successful and generous to the actor. Pyotr Fyodorov starred in the Thriller-drama Yegor Baranov «Priest-San», the author of the script of which was Ivan Okhlobystin. The genre picture, its creators defined as «Japanese Orthodox Western.»

    Pyotr Fyodorov in the film
    In the movie «Locusts» Paulina Andreeva |

    But more successful and resonant was the other two projects released on the big screens in 2013. This film Renata Davletyarova «the Pure art» in which the artist got the key image artist Andrew stil’s’ko, and Thriller «Locusts», where Peter Fedorov and Paulina Andreeva many explicit scenes. The actor admitted that he «hooked» a movie script. Reading it, he understood that there were a lot of things to play he’d never had. Critics have called the project «the first Russian erotic Thriller.»

    In 2015 the name «Petr Fedorov» a few times sounded very loud. The actor played Sergeant Vaskov in the new film adaptation of the military drama «the dawns here are quiet…». And even starred in a drama by famous Director Pyotr Buslov’s «homeland.» The shooting of the popular project held at Goa.

    Actor Pyotr Fyodorov in the film
    The actor in the movie «Duelist» | HELLO!

    But the peak of the popularity of the new stars of the national cinema came in 2016, when the artist’s fans saw him in the domestic blockbuster «the Duelist» and disaster movie «Icebreaker». In these two high-profile projects Peter Fedorov got the main role, cemented his star status.

    Pyotr Fyodorov pleases the army of his fans not only with the vivid images in the film, but also music. Since 2010 he performs with the group «Race to Space» as a musician-keyboardist. The soloist of the band is a well – known actress Miriam Sahana, which many audiophiles know the speeches of retro team VIA «Tatiana».

    Personal life

    The actor seems in no hurry to be bound by family responsibilities. But this does not mean that the personal life of Peter Fedorov is missing. The favorite of girls long been a favorite. This beautiful model Anastasia Ivanova. They started Dating in 2003 and are still together.

    Pyotr Fyodorov and Anastasiya Ivanova
    Anastasia Ivanova | The most

    Some claim that Anastasia is a civil wife of Peter Fedorov, because they close for several years. If you believe the rumors from the social networks and tabloids, the parents Ivanova – people are respectable and wealthy, not a very happy choice of his daughter. In any case, it was in 2003, when the name Peter Fedorov was little known to the viewer.

    For the first time about relationship with Ivanova, Fedorova spoke after the appearance of the scandalous photo of a naked couple on the cover of the tabloid «the Dog.Ki».

    Nude Peter Fedorov and Anastasia Ivanova
    Nude couple for «the Dog.GI» |

    Since then, I often see the lovers together. They appear in public at premieres of films with the actor. Children have not yet, although mother Peter Fedorov has long dreamed of grandchildren.

    It is known that Pyotr Fyodorov loves his family very much. He’s anxious relationship with her mother, grandfather and grandmother. The actor always finds time for the family, although in recent years his schedule is busy constantly. Not so long ago, when 89-year-old grandmother of the actor broke his hip, the grandson with his own hands equipped with her bed so that the woman could feel comfortable.


    • 2001 – «101-y kilometr»
    • 2004 – «Count Krestovsky»
    • 2006 – «the Club»
    • 2008 – «Inhabited island»
    • 2009 – «the Inhabited island: fight»
    • 2009 – «Russia-88»
    • 2011 – «Pirammmida»
    • 2013 – «Stalingrad»
    • 2015 – «Locusts»
    • 2016 – «Icebreaker»
    • 2016 – «Duelist»


    Peter Fedorov

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