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  • Name: Peter Dranga ( Peter Dranga )
  • Date of birth: 8 March 1984
  • Age: 32 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 180
  • Activity: the Russian accordion player and singer
  • Marital status: not married

    Peter Dranga : biography

    Peter Y. Dranga was born in women’s day – 8 March. It happened in 1984 in Moscow in a family of musicians, Yuri and Helen Dranga. Peter was a long-awaited son, as the family grew and two daughters.

    The family of the Greek origin of Yuri Petrovich Dranga was creative. The house always was filled with music. The head of the family reached a solid musical career heights. He is known for the accordion, people’s artist of Russia.

    Yuri Dranga immediately followed in the footsteps of his father, the Professor of the Russian Academy of music Gnesin. In 5 years the boy had done it with some simple melodies. Taught by his dad. In 6 years, Yuri enrolled in the Metropolitan school of music of Richter. Success was not long in coming. Dranga Jr. became a permanent participant of various music competitions and festivals.

    At the age of 12 Peter Dranga won his first considerable height, he is the winner of the Metropolitan competition of accordion players. He was sent on a similar competition in Italy, where he also won the victory.

    The young accordion virtuoso played his instrument not only classics, but also art-rock, grunge and even punk rock, surprising all of his listeners a surprise this choice and craftsmanship. Besides Petr Dranga independently learned to play the bass guitar. The teenager considered a one-man band, able to replace a small musical group. He created arrangements of classical music, what attracted to the world of «not fashionable» youth classics such as teenagers, like myself. He’s one of the first musicians who did classical pieces popular and quite modern-executed.

    The victory of a young virtuoso followed one after another. Dranga at first, conquered the jury of national competitions and festivals, and then it was the turn of foreign. China, Italy, Spain applauded the Russian accordion. But money and material wealth all these victories did not bring. The young musician has already performed at concerts of the Fund of culture of Russia, took a job as a cleaner in the salon aquarium of the cinema «Orbita».

    Peter Dranga: music

    Biography of Peter Dranga started very early. After graduating from secondary school, the musician started his own band «the Torre». In the evenings the boys practiced and played, and the day Peter ran to class Gnessin music College, where he studied at the Department of folk instruments and conducting. After graduation, he enrolled in the Gnessin Academy, where my father worked.

    Established in 2000 the staff of «Torr» was soon transformed from instrumental to instrumental. But no matter how hard the young musicians with its head Petr Dranga nor desired the resounding success nor the money they had received. The band soon ceased to exist.

    In 2002, Peter Dranga, after wandering around the restaurants, clubs and bars, where he entertained the audience by playing the accordion and guitar, decided to throw jaded the capital and moved to the Caucasus. The calculation was correct. The audience in the North Caucasus was much more grateful than in the major cities of Russia. A musician could earn a decent capital, which on arrival in the capital was immediately invested in the case, creating his own music Studio and gathered a new band «Overdrive». In September 2002, the first tour of musical-instrumental band, was a success.

    Fortune finally smiled at the musician, when his play heard the famous parodist Alexander Peskov. He immediately invited Dranga to perform in his show. Along with touring concerts Peskov Peter toured all the major cities of the former Soviet Union, visited the United States and Italy. His name became known, first appear fans. This contributes not only talented but so bright appearance and artistry of this young musician. Peter Dranga now regularly invited to speak between rooms in the concerts of such stars as Oleg Gazmanov, Dmitry Kogan and Patricia Kaas.

    In the early 2000s Dranga performs her solo programs. Now he is a famous actor who does not need to «warm up» the audience at other people’s concerts. In 2008 came the debut album of Peter Dranga «23». The album was compiled of the most popular hits of the musician, most of them written music. It has everything: incendiary latina, tango, rock and French chanson. The musician is an exciting theatrical performance, a mix of rock and world music.

    In the autumn of 2009 Peter Dranga gave his first recital in the main hall Concerto of the country – concert hall «Russia». Now, as invited to the famous musician performed the guests, among whom were Nadezhda Babkina, Joseph Kobzon, Nikolai Baskov, Valeria and many others.

    Today Peter Dranga is not only a musician but also a producer. The company «Dranga-music» actively «spins» of young singers and musicians.

    2011 accordion player fans second album, «Perspective», and gave large concerts in the largest cities of Russia. I wonder what their concerts Dranga not only played but also sang. Some songs, such as «Make me wanna stay», and even become hits. The reputation of the artist working and his bright appearance: often Peter Dranga stands as a model.

    Peter Dranga: personal life

    Popular musician often seen in the company of beautiful women. But he still remains the most eligible bachelor and lead a bachelor lifestyle. Personal life Peter Dranga closed from the press. He’s not talking about it at all, preferring «not to give their girls». Journalists only managed to find out that from 2010 Dranga meets a girl named Nastya.

    For a long time there were rumors about the novel of a musician a TV presenter and former athlete Laysan Utyasheva. But Peter himself does not refute or confirm this.

    Peter Dranga: discography

    • «23»
    • «Perspective»
    • Make me wanna stay (single)

    Peter Dranga: photo

    Peter Dranga

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